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These are randomly arranged.

November 1, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Hidey-Hole," William Tong "Hi-De-Ho," Blood, Sweat & Tears
"He's a Stupid, Stupid Man," William Tong "I'm Your Hoochie Koochie Man," Muddy Waters
"Lord Lakito Loco," Mark Clutter "Livin Lavida Loca," Ricky Martin
"Texas Swing," Bo 'Ice' Bielefeldt "Midwest Swing," St. Lunatics
"New Jersey, New Jersey," Groundhog Druggies "New York, New York," Frank Sinatra
"Retch," Phil Alexander "Reach," S-Club 7
"Rumsfeld," William Tong "Roxanne," The Police
"Georgy Bush's Smarmy Jerks Club Band," Bo 'Ice' Bielefeldt "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," Beatles
"Smells Like Teen Dope Patch," Groundhog Druggies "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"Ninja Turtle," J. B. "Teenage Dirtbag," Weatus
"You Won't Dictate To Us Your Orders," William Tong "The Border," America
"There is no Noonan Syndrome," Katie Ford "There is no Arizona," Jamie O'Neil
"Brothel Girl," Groundhog Druggies "Uptown Girl," Billy Joel
"Islamic Raghead," Bob Malone "Yankee Doodle Dandy," Traditional

November 4, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"We Become Stoned," ~~alice~~ "2 Become 1," Spice Girls
"The video rental parody," Tomski "All in the family," Korn
"Bad Cold," Rice Cube and Watt Daddy "All the Small Things," Blink182
"Drink Like That," AKA "Be Like That," Three Doors Down
"Can We Drink It?," Sim "Can We Fix It?," Bob the Builder
"Change the Throne," Bo 'Ice' Bielefeldt "Change the World," Eric Clapton
"Dick," Alvin Dover & Bill Tong "Clair," Gilbert O' Sullivan
"Down with the Candy," Codeman "Down with the Sickness," Disturbed
"Evil Dewar's," Alvin Dover "Evil Woman," Electric Light Orchestra
"Falling Asleep Again," (Sleepy-Eye) Omer Ran "Falling in Love Again," Eagle-Eye Cherry
"I'm A Jew," Judaism Style "I Love You," Barney The Dinosaur
"I Will Cheat For You," Lawrence Shah "I'll Be There For You," Bon Jovi
"Independent Widows (the reunion, 2065)," Chestna TM "Independent Women Part I," Destiny's Child
"Losing His Religion (Dirty Man's theme)," Clarkie "Losing My Religion," REM
"O' Bin Laden," S.T.G. "Millenium," Robbie Williams
"Dubya Bash," William Tong "Monster Mash," Bobby
"My System's Gone," Omer Ran "My Lover's Gone," Dido
"Ride, Airborne Ride," Gerald Hawkins "Ride, Captain Ride," Blues Image
"Sitting in the Dock in the Hague," Phil Alexander "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay," Otis Redding
"The Taliban," Michael Flynn "Theme from 'The Brady Bunch'," Theme Song

November 6, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Fight Bin Laden," Michael Flynn "Fight the Power," Public Enemy
"Fire and Pain.," Bruce B. "Fire and Rain," James Taylor
"Try the Spinach," DJ-JohnnyRka & Lars "Go the Distance," Michael Bolton
"I've Lost All My Hair," DJ-JohnnyRka "I'm Already There," Lonestar
"It's My Weed," Lawrence Shah "It's My Life," Bon Jovi
"The Robert Downey Jr. Theme," My name is Kenny "Lit Up," Buckcherry
"Yankees This Year Lost Their Magic," Norm Johnson "Magic," Olivia Newton-John
"Gonna Bomb Afghanistan," crazydon "Mercury Blues," Alan Jackson
"Pretty Fly(For Fidel Castro)," Tomski "Pretty Fly(For a White Guy)," Offspring
"The Anthrax Song," DarkJon64 "The Messenger," The Tea Party
"Sworn Between Two Brothers," William Tong "Torn Between Two Lovers," Mary MacGregor
"Where's McDonalds again?," Tomski "Whats My Age Again?," Blink 182

November 8, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"All These Blonde Chicks," blinkboy182 "All The Small Things," Blink 182
"Armadillos are Boring," Kelly Marsh "Amarillo By Morning," George Straight
"Bagels," DJ-JohnnyRka "Angels," Robbie Williams
"Breakfast at Denny's," Charlene Lipkus "Breakfast at Tiffany's," Deep Blue Something
"Change The Weave," Shortee Dun "Change The Game," Jay-Z, Memph Bleek, Beanie Sigel
"Rogaine (The drug of the 90s)," Lotus Bass "Cocaine," Eric Clapton
"You've Got a Crush On Me," !CrAzYcHicK! "Crush," Mandy Moore
"Do (the Hokey Pokey)," DJ-JohnnyRka "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," Aerosmith
"Tree Crawlin," Charlene Lipkus "Free Fallin'," Tom Petty
"Fast Food Paradise," S.T.G. "Gangsta's Paradise," Coolio
"Osamabusters," crazydon "Ghostbusters," Ray Parker, Jr.
"Here’s to the Light (The Anorexic Celebrity Song)," Mari "Here’s to the Night," Eve 6
"I Believe She's a Guy," Rhea Jones-Price "I Believe I Can Fly," R Kelly
"I Want You to Dump Me," Joni Robin "I Want You to Want Me," Cheap Trick
"I'm the Grinch," DJ-JohnnyRka "I'm a Bitch," Merideth Brooks
"Drunk Driver In Your Way," Charlene Lipkus "Jump, Jive and Wail," Brian Setzer Orchestra
"Neanderthal," DJ-JohnnyRka "My All," Mariah Carey
"Oops, Acquitted Again!," Charlene Lipkus "Oops, I Did It Again!," Britney Spears
"Smokemon (Gotta Smoke 'em All!)," Tweek "Pokemon (Gotta Catch 'em All!)," Pokemon
"Osama the Huge Nosed Terr'ist," Rachel Doyle "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," Traditional
"Detroit," Codeman "Santa Monica," Everclear
"Shake Your Talibon-bon," John Acevedo "Shake Your Bon-bon," Ricky Martin
"Anthrax Up My Nose," Valerie F. de Daulles "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Otto Harbach and Jerome Kern
"Springtime for Osama," Valerie F. de Daulles "Springtime for Hitler," Mel Brooks
"You Can't Stop a Fat Girl (With One Cinnamon Roll)," Kelly Marsh "You Can't Stop a Woman (When She's Out of Control)," Rodney Crowell

November 9, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Pokemon," lebeiW15 "Everywhere," Michelle Branch
"Eat Your Peas," lebeiW15 "Follow Me," Uncle Kracker
"Bush Is Managed," William Tong "Magic," Olivia Newton-John
"Movies (Back To The Future Part II)," Bryan O'Connor "Movies," Alien Ant Farm
"O Osama," TF Meg "O Canada," National Anthem (Canada)
"Once in a Terrorist Attack," Codeman "Once in a Lifetime," Talking Heads
"So We Can Blow You Up," Marizza "The Next Big Thing," MxPx

November 12, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"He's Too Dumb To Lead," William Tong "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," Temptations
"'cuz I'm gay!," Jess & Lea Lea "Because I Got High," Afroman
"Taliban Soldier," Snsanty "Buffalo Soldier," Bob Marley
"Bawling (The Colts Home Blues)," Jonathan C. "Crawling," Linkin Park
"Every Other Crime," Molly (LinkinParkm18241) "Every Other Time," LFO
"Crawlin' - The Osama Song," dki "Fallin'," Alicia Keys
"Girl From Galilee," J.J. Reed "Girl On TV," LFO
"Doofus," William Tong "Goofus," The Carpenters
"I Love Bustin' Ghosts," Bryan O'Connor "I Love Rock And Roll," Britney Spears
"I Have Hay Fever," LebeiW15 "I'm A Believer," Smashmouth
"In A Cave 4 U," m.p.m. "I'm A Slave 4 U," Britney Spears
"If I Had A Rocket Launcher," Miles "If I Had A Rocket Launcher," Bruce Cockburn
"It Was My Life," Voxxer "It's My Life," Bon Jovi
"Osama (bin Laden)," C.whit "Izzo (Hova)," Jay-z
"Like a Turd," the yellow pages "Like a Bird," Nelly Furtato
"My Bonnie Lies," Doug Montgomery "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean," Traditional
"Terrorists," Cammie Stewart "Pop Goes The Weasel," Traditonal
"Bin-a-laden (Gonna Get Him)," John Paul Bottel "Rock and Roll," Led Zepplin
"Jiggly Butt," the yellow pages "The Bad Touch," Bloodhound Gang
"Taliban Woman," LR1962 "Woman," John Lennon
"WonderBra," DJ StephieC "Wonderwall," Oasis

November 13, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Gotta Get Mac," S.T.G. "Baby Got Back," Sir-Mix-Alot
"Dirty Socks," Brittany and Rachel "Dirty Pop," Nsync
"Just Give Me a Loan Now," Ian Bowden "I Think I'm a Clone Now," Weird Al Yankovich
"Ice Cream," Brittanie "Izzo," Jay Z
"Dubya Georgievich," ParodyKeet "La Bamba," Richie Valens
"He's A Dunce," William Tong "Shall We Dance," Deborah Kerr & Yul Brynner

November 15, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Courthouse-2000," David Groves "19-2000," Gorillaz
"Because This Song Sucks," Two-Faced Goblin "Because I Got High," Afroman
"I Ain't Hungry," CrazyBrad "Clint Eastwood," Gorillaz
"Dubya's People," Alvin Dover & Bill Tong "Everyday People," Sly & The Family Stone
"Allah Diss Afghanistan," SteveL "God Bless America," Kate Smith
"Tired," Fr33BirD "Higher," Creed
"Tweenagers," Tom McEvoy "I AmThe Walrus," The Beatles
"I'm A Reliever," Fr33BirD "I'm A Believer," Smash Mouth
"Not Safe to Fly," My name is Kenny "Learn to Fly," Foo Fighters
"Osama, the Islamic Extremist," Crazy Mofo "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer," Gene Autry
"Smooth Fireball," David Groves "Smooth Criminal," Alien Ant Farm
"Someway To Hide It From My Lover," RissaRae "Someone To Call My Lover," Janet Jackson
"Turkeyman," Chris Gray "Superman," Five for Fighting
"My Name Is Bin Laden," Adam Henderson "Surviver," Destiny's Child
"The Boy Of Poppy," Alvin Dover "The Girl From Ipanema," Antonio Carlos Jobim
"New Black Tuesday," ParodyKeet "White Room," Eric Clapton/Creem

November 16, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Pop Billy," Chris Gray "Chop Suey," System of a Down
"Now I Have to Hurl," LebeiW15 "Crazy For This Girl," Evan and Jaron
"Last Download," Super Dragoon 2 "Last Resort," Papa Roach
"Renegade [Osama]," Triggered "Renegade," Styx
"Bin Laden," S.T.G. "Who's Johnny," El DeBarge

November 18, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"This Song's All About Us, Slick," S.T.G., DarkJon64, Junior, Xander999, Jen, Len, and featuring Bish "Ain't Nuttin' but Music," D12
"All for Gloves," Laura "All for Love," O-Town
"Football or Nothing," Laura "All or Nothing," O-Town
"Plywood is Good," Laura "Baby I Would," O-Town
"Chop Curry," Giul "Chop Suey," System of a Down
"Hit by the Cane," Xander999 "Eternal Flame," Bangles
"Every Sick Herring," Laura "Every Six Seconds," O-Town
"Thanksgiving," S.T.G. "Fade," Staind
"Hurl," Laura "Girl," O-Town
"Secret's the Word," Lydia Theys "Grease is the Word," Company of the movie, Grease
"Al Qaeda Radio," Michael Flynn "Guerilla Radio," Rage Against the Machine
"Half Pipe," Benjamin Schwartz "Hash Pipe," Weezer
"He Stopped Loathing Her Today," Nancy Cassidy "He Stopped Loving Her Today," George Jones
"Bush's Folly Is Still With Us," William Tong "Holly Jolly Christmas," Burl Ives
"It Was Bin Laden," Jamie T "I'm a Believer," Smash Mouth
"Instant Coffee," Rice Cube and Watt Daddy "Instant Karma," John Lennon
"Merle," DJ Kaito "Kate," Ben Folds Five
"Lady Marlboro," LUKE "Lady Marmalade," C. Aguilara, Mya, Pink, Lil Kim
"Knitted Dreams," Laura "Liquid Dreams," O-Town
"Gloves Should Be A Crime," Laura "Love Should Be A Crime," O-Town
"Genitive," Laura "Sensitive," O-Town
"Tipsiest Woman Alive," Laura "Sexiest Woman Alive," O-Town
"Shy Girl," Laura "Spy Girl," O-Town
"Stilla not a Hindu," Giul "Still not a Playa," Big Pun
"Muffler," S.T.G. "Suffer," Staind
"Stupid Guy," William Tong "Superfly," Curtis Mayfield
"Looks Like Thunder," Laura "Take Me Under," O-Town
"The Fainter," Laura "The Painter," O-Town
"We Spit Together," Laura "We Fit Together," O-Town
"Republican Taliban," William Tong "We're An American Band," Grand Funk Railroad

November 29, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Do You Believe (That I'm 85)," Emily Doggendorf "Believe," Cher
"Sensations," Hunter "Emotion," Destiny's Child
"Velvet Fades," Ghetto John "Fade," Staind
"Turn off the AC," DJ-JohnnyRka "Flavor of the Week," American Hi-Fi
"I Follow You," luja "Follow Me," Uncle Kracker
"I Follow You," luja "Follow Me," Uncle Kracker
"Osamas Paradise," Jimmy Saville "Gangsta's Paradise," Coolio
"Cheaters," Hunter "Girls," D-12
"Thanksgiving Is...," Fatboy "Giving In," Adema
"Hi...My name is....!," HeTalkinCrazy "Hi...My name is....," Eminem
"I'll Never Shake That Anthrax Feelin'," HeTalkinCrazy "I'll Never be an Ole Man River," TISM
"I'm A Cadaver," Jonathan C. "I'm A Believer," The Monkees
"Allah Believer," HeTalkinCrazy "I'm a Believer," SmashMouth
"A Man With a Big.......Brain!," Liz Grenier "Mercedes Benz," Janis Joplin
"Mentally Correct," Michael Quinn "Politically Correct," SR-71
"Afghan Hills," The Gopher "Purple Hills," D-12
"Reach," Lil Devil "Reach," S Club 7
"Ship of Fools," HeTalkinCrazy "Ship of Fools," World Party
"Neighborhood 99," Bryan O'Connor "Smooth Criminal," Alien Ant Farm
"Song For The Banned," DJ Kaito "Song For The Dumped," Ben Folds Five
"Stay Up," Worldwidewocky (nickname) "Stay On," Sugar Ray
"Dumb Liberals," Rice Cube and Watt Daddy "Subliminal," They Might Be Giants
"Time With My With," Michael Quinn "Time of Your Life," Green Day
"Osama," The Great Satan "Timothy," The Buoys
"My Name is Christopher Skase," HeTalkinCrazy "Totally Addicted to Bass," Josh Abrahams and Amiel Daemion
"Vote Today!," HeTalkinCrazy "Walk this way!," Run DMC and Aerosmith
"Your Bong," Stokely Leanne "Your Song," Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge)
"Football Shame," HeTalkinCrazy "Your'e so Vain," Carly Simons


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