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This idea came from the Simpsons. Homer has lost his baby Maggie, so he calls a hot line for missing children. The song being played while he is on hold is "Baby Come Back" by Player. That's what I am looking for here, bad music to be used for "hold" music on the phone.

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Latest Entries

Song Name
Performer Name
Product Name
Submitted by:
Ode to Billie Joe Bobbie Gentry Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center Bob
Ke$ha Die Young Children's Hospital Sabrina Flowe
We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister Anti-tobacco organization Yello Jello
To Hell With The Devil Stryper The Church of Satan MC Blargenfedibblenohip
Ha Ha, Your Wife Left You Anal C*** Divorce counseling Yello Jello
Addicted To Spuds "Weird Al" Yankovic Mark Mothersbaugh's car phone Yello Jello
Aquarius Cast of 'Hair' New England Aquarium Yello Jello
Sing Me a Picture Ned Miller Art Gallery Belinda Trucklisle
Sing Me a Picture Ned Miller Art Gallery Belinda Trucklisle
Potato Girl Our Lady Peace Supermarket Frieda Evans
Sing Me A Picture Ned Miller Staples Inc. Frieda Evans
My Man is a Two-Timer Marcia Ball Marriage Divorce Counselling Frieda Evans
Motherless Child Sweetwater Adoption Center Frieda Evans
The Four Seasons Concertos Antonio Vivaldi National Weather Service Yello Jello
Shut Your Mouth Garbage Dump the Chump Trumputin NOW's answering machine Yello Jello
Sugar, Sugar The Archies National Action Against Obesity Yello Jello
Ruthless People Mick Jagger Trump Administration Dump the Chump Trumputin NOW
Blanket Song Linus' Blanket Babies R Us Cotton Lorraine
Baby Doll Devo Complaint Department of Toys "R" Us Yello Jello
Can't Stop Rockin' ZZ Top Rocking chair factory Yello Jello

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