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This is a list of names of the nicknames music performers, are known by. Not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with R

Real Name
Submitted by:
Rage Against The Machine RATM  Sooper Trouper
Rage Against the Machine Rage  Rock'n'roll Rebel
Rage Against The Machine RAM Pronounced like the male sheep. Rocky
Rammstein Feuerball (Fireball) Due to the German AB air show collision Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Rammstein "Flugschau" Rammstein is a German AB that had an infamous "Air Show" that ended in disaster Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Ramones Neuveaux Bubblegum Band with Guts Joey Ramone referred to the band as this. He was referring to the fact that while pundits labeled the Ramones as a punk band, the Ramones were inspired by 60s "bubblegum" and added a modern, tougher, ballsier element to the mix.  I Saw the Ramones Live 4X!
Randy Travis DUI Bareass When Randy recently had an auto accident he was found drunk, combative, and naked in front of police! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Ray Charles Brother Ray  Martha Hankins
Ray Charles The Genius of Soul Nothing further, Your Honor. Martha Hankins
The Red Hot Chili Peppers The Red Hots Give It Away!!!! Mickey D.
Reginald Arvizu [Korn's bassist] Fieldy Reginald had a big cheeks so others called him Garfield. And from that came Fieldy. Hushabye
REO Speedwagon REO Fagwagon Some persnickety, ignorant and snobby people in my high school class used this stupid name for the group because they "thought" Kevin Cronin's higher pitched voice made him "gay". He is straight but what difference would it make? I've seen REO Speedwagon live and they play good time bar boogie rock'n'roll music.  Time 2 Grow Up
REO Speedwagon REO  rocky
The Replacements The Placemats Popular nickname among their fans Archie C.
Resurection Band REZ There is no difference from Rez to REZ but i guess those are both different ways of spelling or saying Resurection Band. Travis
Resurection Band Rez  Travis
Resurection Band Rez Band  Travis
RFS Ice Fox Band member Deb Dawkins (aka Deb Morgan once married) was nicknamed the "Ice Fox" for teasing the guys. leading them on. Hot as hell, but could be cold as ice!  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
RFS Deb's Guys All the guys in the band were attracted to Deb- Debbie Dawkins who tried to become a Playboy Playmate but who was rejected. She personally caused the demise of the band. Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Richie Sambora The King Of Swing  JoviChick
Rick Springfield The Rock Doc While he had a slew of hits in the 80s he was also starring on the TV soap "General Hospital" as Dr. Noah Drake. I've seen this nickname in the papers and heard it on radio station Q-FM-96. Jesse James
Rick Springfield God of the Rick Chicks Female fans were the Rick Chicks Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Rihanna The Barbados Babe She originates from Barbados Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Rihanna The New Princess of Pop Black Community- her success. Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Rihanna Caribbean Queen  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Rihanna RiRi  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Rob Halford The Metal God  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Rob Preuss(Spoons) Precious I don't know how he earned this nick name? I'm wondering if Sandy Horne gave him that nickname because he was a kid? Celeste
Rob Zombie Thunderlord Jesus  Colt J. Ledford
Robbie Williams Rancid Willy UK nickname Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Robert Goodwin TheWraith517 He's the parody artist that started the "Kirby La La" Sock Robbing Myth wich became an urban legend. He also did many uk based CB Radio songs  Ben Thomas
Robert Plant Percy A euphenism for the male appendage, of which His Robertness is reputed to be particularly well furnished. Danny Jones
Robert Plant Planty, Percy Percy refers to an English gardening show. Kimi
Rocky Burnette The Son of Rock and Roll His first album had that name Christian
Roland Orzabal Orzie The first three letters of his first name coupled with ie at the end. :) Celeste
Roland Orzabal Orzie Most of T4F's fans refer to Roland as Orzie. Celeste
Roland Orzabal Raoul Jaime Orzabal de la Qunita Roland's name was Raoul for exactly 2 weeks before his mother changed his name. Celeste
Rolling Stones The Stones I'm surprised that this wasn't posted up yet. Get Stoned
The Rolling Stones The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World A name given by themselves. dxman
Rolling Stones Rock'n' Rolling Stones I heard it used by FM radio deejays when I was a teenager. Get Stoned
Roxy Music The Roxies Just a simple nickname for the group. I Love Roxy
Roxy Music Roxy The band was originally called just "Roxy" but there already was a band with that name so "Music" was added to make them stand out. Also, people at a Roxy Music concert often shout "Roxy!" as a chant. I Love Roxy
Roxy Music The Roxies Just a simple nickname for the group. I Love Roxy
Roxy Music Bry & the Boys As in Bryan Ferry and the Boys. I saw this nickname in a review on the Amazon site. I Love Roxy
Roy Acuff The King of Country Music Country music pioneer and Grand Master of the Grand Ole Opry. Martha Hankins
Roy Orbison Roy O Obvious Wilbury 1988
Roy Orbison The Big 'O'  RogerL
Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys  Martha Hankins
RUSH Sonic Adrenaline Rocker nickname Robert D. Arndt Jr.
RUSH Rebels Under Satan's Help Fundies don't like RUSH and this is yet another excuse, like the abbreviation they invented for KISS. Sympathy For Rock-n-Roll
Rush The Holy Trinity of Rock Fans favorite nickname Robert D. Arndt Jr.
RUSH The Thinking Man's Hard Rock Band Drummer Neil Peart writes most of the lyrics and they reflect his reading of philosophical, science, science fiction, fantasy, history, religious writings, and more. Also, the band RUSH is a PROGRESSIVE / HARD ROCK band, which makes them stand out anyway. I've Seen Rush 4X!
Ryan Hale Slenderman Given the nickname after a small obsession with a vlog known as Marble Hornets Optimus Lime
Ryan Ross Ryro  Tessa C

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