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This is a list of names of the nicknames music performers, are known by. Not actors or other famous people.

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Latest Entries

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Tove Lo The Saddest Girl In Sweden Her grim and autobiographical lyrical content have led pundits to dub her as this. Tove Hi
Jane Wiedlin (of the Go-Gos) Reverend Sister Go-Go She is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and officiates weddings - for a fee. And she states that she is an atheist too! Go Go Figure
Jane Wiedlin (of the Go-Gos) Jane Drano When the Go-Gos started out this was her stage name.  Let's Go to the Go Go
Nick Lowe Jesus of Cool It's the UK title of his debut solo album. In the US it was released as 'Pure Pop For Now People' with a different set list. Nick was heralded with NICKname because most pop music in the mid and late 70s was so vapid, banal, formulaic, derivative, bland, stupid and UNCOOL (kind of like the past 20 years). Because of Nick's working with 'New Wave' and punk rock artists and to promote his album, he got the NICKname. The US + UK debuts were combined with all the tracks together and released as 'Jesus of Cool' in the US around 2014.  I Saw Nick This Year - Finally!
Electric Light Orchestra Ee-Low It's officially 'E.L.O.' but this pronunciation was popular when I was growing up.  I Smoked Two Joints in Ottawa
Nick Lowe Nick The Knife Maybe because he's got such a CUTTING EDGE wit in his songwriting! I Saw Nick This Year - Finally!
John (Cougar) Mellencamp John (Hoosier) Mellencamp He is a Hoosier, he's from Indiana. Buckeye Scott
Billy Gibbons Top Top He's the frontman for ZZ Top. Eliminator Jeff
Alicia Keys Lellow  What her family and friends call her sometimes Stan Z.
Bryan Ferry The Voice This legendary front man of Roxy Music has a distinctive croon, he has one of the smoothest singing voices in rock history. It's unmistakable. On a Roxy record or a solo record of his - once you've heard him sing you just KNOW who it is. One of the best. I Love Foxy Roxy Music!
Nile Rodgers  The Hitmaker  Made so many hits from Chic to Madonna to Daft Punk  David James
Merle Haggard The Hag Merle got it from an old woman from Hansel and Gretel. Darius Whitehead
Michael Weikath Weiki  Chan
Ryan Ross Ryro  Tessa C
David Byrne Head Head He was the frontman for the Talking Heads Psycho Killer
Kid Rock Kid Pebble Tommy Lee of Motley Crue referred to him by this name. Kosmic Kid
Dean Reed The Elvis Presley of Russia He also dubbed himself the 'Frank Sinatra of Russia'. He was a resident of East Germany. Totalitarian Communism Is A Sham
Dean Reed Red Elvis  Christian
Anni-Frid Lyngstad Norway's Gift to Sweden She was born in Norway, but moved to Sweden at a very young age to escape ridicule (her father was a German soldier stationed in Norway during WWII and children produced to Norwegian women by German soldiers were looked down upon). Christian
Anni-Frid Lyngstad Princess Frida She has been known as Frida dating back to the very beginning of ABBA. However, she is a legitimate princess by marriage. Christian

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