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This is a page to mock current pop songs, by coming up with better names for existing songs.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 11154 New Song Names entries on the site.

New Song Name
Original Name
Original Band Name
Submitted by:
You've Never Bent This Far Before You've Never Been This Far Before Conway Twitty Roy R. Pryor
Driven Bayou Driven By You Brian May Adlai Alda
Tidied Up Tied Up Olivia Newton-John Evil Olive
Slow Commotion Slow Motion Color Me Badd D. Melody Dole, MD
When Love Is Skew When Love Is New Arthur Prysock Nicole Velocin
Poetry Clan Poetry Man Phoebe Snow Marge Pegram
Fussed Or Rolled Rust Or Gold Jill Andrews Tiffany Llewellyn-Affit
Winding Lights Blinding Lights Weeknd Lori Tirol
Words Are Hot 'N' Tough Words Are Not Enough Steps Allison O'Silla
Cold Mush Kid Gold Rush Kid George Ezra Sonya Raynos
Hocus Focus Heavy Focus Adrianne Lenker Nell Allen
Troublehead Bubblehead Feeder Nell Allen
Stubblehead Bubblehead Feeder Nell Allen
Good at Love  Bad at Love Halsey JohnHowarth
Pee Is Flowing Like A River Peace Is Flowing Like A River Carey Landry Toni Minot
Too Much Thyme On My Hands Too Much Time On My Hands Styx Blake DeKalb
Stairway To The Quasars Stairway To The Stars Glenn Miller Ron N. O'Connor
Stairway to the Pulsars Stairway to the Stars Glenn Miller Ron N. O'Connor
Be A Clone Be A Clown Gene Kelly Your Grandpa
Lady Tapenade Lady Marmalade  Labelle Reggie Pillbox

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