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If two existing groups combined members, what could they call their new resulting group.

A real example: "L.A. Guns" and "Hollywood Roses" combined to form "Guns 'n' Roses". I'm asking for fake examples, but if you have a real one, mention it's real in your comment and submit it anyways.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 6889 If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be... entries on the site.

John Cafferty And The Zac Beaver Brown Band
Submitted By: Lance Crackers
Damn Monkees
Essentially changes a pair of letters in the first band's name.
Submitted By: Gus
Cyndi Greccosmith
Cyndi Grecco combined with Echosmith
Together they would perform "Making Cool Kids' Dreams Come True"
Submitted By: Gus
Cyndi Grecco Lauper
Both singers just happen to spell their first names the same way.
Submitted By: Gus
Dark Thrown Across The Universe
Submitted By: Stephanie Craddock
Two Nice Indigo Girls
Submitted By: Laura Wilkins
Cry Beyond Dawn
Submitted By: Lefty Lucy
Deborah Harry Styles
Submitted By: Thessaly Danes
Fashawn Colvin
Fashawn combined with Shawn Colvin
Submitted By: Russ
Martika Hackman
Martika combined with Marika Hackman
Submitted By: Jennifer
Juicy Jessie J
Juicy J combined with Jessie J
The performers' names only differ by the one vowel sound!
Submitted By: Calop
Juicy J. Cole
Juicy J combined with J. Cole
Submitted By: Muhammad Firza
54 Nude Honeyz
54 Nude Honeys combined with Honeyz
Submitted By: Junior
Miniature Glass Tigers
Submitted By: Ryan
Lil Jon Wayne
Lil Jon combined with Lil Wayne
also known as : Lil John Wayne or Little John Wayne
Submitted By: Muhammad Firza
Max Romeo Void
Max Romeo combined with Romeo Void
Submitted By: Joey
INXS combined with IV Xample
Pronounced: in example
Submitted By: Joey
Cause And The Full Effect
Submitted By: Calop
Eve Six Feet Under
Eve 6 combined with Six Feet Under
Submitted By: Donna Gelpigi
All About Eve 6
All About Eve combined with Eve 6
Submitted By: Russ

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