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If you took two songs, by two different performers, and combined the titles, what new and interesting song title could you make for a duet with those two performers?

For example: Amy Grant's "It These Walls Could Speak" and Sheena Easton's "Sugar Walls" would combine to make "If These Sugar Walls Could Speak"

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 11561 Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet entries on the site.

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
Submitted by:
"The Saga Begins," Weird Al Yankovic "Right Now," Van Halen The Saga Begins Right Now! Quyjibo
"Only The Lonely," The Motels "Lonely Bull," Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Only The Lonely Bull Peter
"One Tin Soldier," Coven "The Unknown Soldier," The Doors One Tin Unknown Soldier Peter
"One Tin Soldier," Coven "Universal Soldier," Donovan One Tin Universal Soldier Peter
 editors note: I won't accept agrammatical entries
"Buddy Holly," Weezer "Holly Holy," Neil Diamond Buddy Holly Holy Frank Hotdog
"I'll Get You," The Beatles "Back Home Again," John Denver I'll Get You Back Home Again Serafina
"A Casual Look," The Six Teens "The Look Of Love," ABC The Casual Look Of Love Edward
"Sugar Sugar," The Archies "Sugar Walls," Sheena Easton Sugar Sugar Walls Sheila Oh
 Note: second title is 2 words, not 1.
"My Oh My," Slade "Oh My Lady," Xavier Naidoo My, Oh My Lady Bob Oldhart
"A Man Like That," Gin Wigmore "Ass Like That," Eminem A Man With An Ass Like That Tarzan
"Blinded By The Light," Manfred Mann's Earth Band "One Headlight," The Wallflowers Blinded By One Headlight Peter
"Oh True Love," The Everly Brothers "True Love Ways," Peter & Gordon Oh True Love Ways Peter
"Oh My Papa," Eddie Fisher "Papa Can You Hear Me?," Barbra Streisand Oh My Papa Can You Hear Me? Peter
"Oh My Lady," Xavier Naidoo "Lady, You Bring Me Up," The Commodores Oh My Lady, You Bring Me Up Peter
"Let Me Down Easy," Billy Currington "In A Week Or Two," Diamond Rio Let Me Down Easy In A Week Or Two Edward
"The Saga Begins," Weird Al Yankovic "In The Year 2525," Zager And Evans The Saga Begins In The Year 2525 Edward
"The Saga Begins," Weird Al Yankovic "In A Week Or Two," Diamond Rio The Saga Begins In A Week Or Two Edward
 Could you narrow that down?
"Hello Walls," Faron Young "Sugar Walls," Sheena Easton Hello Sugar Walls Tarzan
"Bridge Of Sighs," Robin Trower "Signs," Five Man Electrical Band Bridge Of Signs Rock Maninoff
"U Can't Touch This," MC Hammer "This Boy," The Beatles U Can't Touch This Boy Peter

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