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A spoonerism occurs when the first letters or syllables of two or more words get swapped. The term spoonerism is named in honor of the Reverend William Archibald Spooner whose students used to write down all the instances of spoonerisms that he made. This page focuses on spoonerisms made with band names.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 2083 entries in this section.

BLAZYgunsRISKY originally LAZYgunsBRISKY
More sensible than original!
Roxanne Drake
Slow Neaves originally No Sleeves
Winter Pepper
Sooner Lee originally Luna Sea
Winter Pepper
Porn From Bane originally Born From Pain
Cotton Lorraine
Stack Blown Cherry originally Black Stone Cherry
Hilary Nevis
My and Heighty Colour originally High and Mighty Colour
Regina Grant
Ox Ret originally Roxette
Cotton Lorraine
Launder Wussed originally Wanderlust
Lefty Lucy
Yacht Net originally Not Yet
Lefty Lucy
Lolly Cop Lust Pill originally Lollipop Lust Kill
Might make more sense then original!
Regina Haniger
Pack Blink originally Black Pink
Lefty Lucy
Fur Pume originally Perfume
Cotton Lorraine
Plights Over Eris originally Lights Over Paris
Eris=most massive dwarf planet in our Solar System
Emily Lime
Quill Baitman originally Bill Quateman
Pandy Satty originally Sandi Patti
Riff Bows originally Biff Rose
Bows as in hairbow
Sweet Anne
Billing Coy originally Killing Boy
Lefty Lucy
Lamb Caboose originally Clam Abuse
Daphne Fairhope
Lehigh Those originally The High-Lows
Harriet Henderson
GLAZYbunsRISKY originally LAZYgunsBRISKY
Also an anagram
Harriet Henderson

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