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Song Parodies for Sonny & Cher

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"And The Beat Goes On" "And The Beat Goes On (2002)" "Tim Hall"
"Baby Don't Go" "Snowflakes Won't Go" "Randy Hearn"
"Got You Babe" "They Shot You, Bubi" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"Gypsies Tramps And Thieves" "Herpes, Crabs And Fleas" "Malcolm Higgins"
"I Got You Babe" "Bill Used Quaaludes" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"I Got You Babe" "Can’t Stand You Babe" "Merry & Pippin"
"I Got You Babe" "Chic's a Dude, Dave!" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"I Got You Babe" "He's Got Nukes, Trump" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"I Got You Babe" "Hugh was a Porn Pig" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"I Got You Babe" "I Can't Spy Babe" "CryHavoc"
"I Got You Babe" "I Got Balls Babe" "Mark Scotti"
"I Got You Babe" "I Got Bruised Legs" "Christie Marie M"
"I Got You Babe" "I Got Ebay" "Graham Lester"
"I Got You, Babe" "I Got Flu, Babe" "Bookworm"
"I Got You Babe" "I Got Kool-Aid" "Jared Lerner"
"I Got You Babe" "I Got New Chains" "Joebeastyg78"
"I Got You Babe" "I Got Ukraine" "Adam Bernstein"
"I Got you Babe" "I Got you, Abe" "Klarissa"
"I Got You Babe" "I Got You Bill" "Malcolm Higgins"
"I Got You Babe" "I Got Your Aids" "LucidLupin LeeBee"
"I Got You Babe" "I Hate You Abe" "William Tong"
"I Got You Babe" "I Hide You Babe" "Jim Wrenn"
"I Got You, Babe" "I'm Bob Eubanks" "Alvin Rhodes"
"I Got You Babe" "I'm On Youtube" "Matthias"
"I Got You Babe" "I'm Tom Cruise, Babe" "Kristof Robertson"
"I Got You Babe" "I Need You babe" "Glynn Leaney"
"I Got You, Babe" "I Shot You, Abe" "Alvin Rhodes"
"I Got You, Babe" "I've Got Two Babes" "Alvin Rhodes"
"I Got You Babe" "Look Out, An Ape" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"I Got You Babe" "They Caught You Craig" "Lionel Mertens"
"I Got You, Babe" "We Got Oboe" "Mari Aranoff"
"I Got You, Babe" "We Got Ruth, Babe" "Michael Pacholek"
"I Got You Babe" "We Got You Saddam." "Jeff Wilder"
"I Got You Babe" "Where Were You, Babe?" "Dee Range"
"I Got You Babe" "You're the Dad, Babe" "Carol DeLuca"
"I Got You, Babe" "You're The Real Babe" "Airfarcewon"
"I Got You Babe" "You Smell Like Babe" "Dumb Ass Kid feat Saz"
"I've Got You, Babe" "I've Got Shoes, Babe" "Patrick McWilliams"
"I've Got You Babe" "I've Got Tooth Ache" "YouKnowItsJoe"
"The Beat Goes On" "Cher's Farewell Tour" "Martha Irvin"
"The Beat Goes on" "Kobe Lives On" "Lionel Mertens"
"The Beat Goes On" "Libido's Gone" "Alvin Rhodes"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Beast Moves On" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"The Beat Goes On" "The Beat Goes On" "Alvin Rhodes"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Beef Goes On" "Malcolm Higgins"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Beets Go In" "Callmelennie"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Beets Rained Down" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"The Beat Goes On" "The Heat Goes On" "Ten Second Braeden"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Heat Is On" "Michael Pacholek"
"The Beat Goes On" "Their Defeat Goes On" "William Tong"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Meat Goes On" "Jonathan"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Meat Goes On" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"The Beat Goes On" "The Tweets Go On" "John A. Barry"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Veep's Slow Pawn" "John A. Barry"
"The Beat Goes On" "The Wrath of Khan" "Chris Bodily TM"


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