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Song Parodies -> "He's Got Nukes, Trump"

Original Song Title:

"I Got You Babe"

Original Performer:

Sonny & Cher

Parody Song Title:

"He's Got Nukes, Trump"

Parody Written by:

Robert D. Arndt Jr.

The Lyrics

I openly advocate the nuking of N Korea now that they have successfully fired at test missile with a 6000 mile range. The US is now within striking range.
Kim Jong Un is a God you know
He was born under double rainbows
Believe it 'cause it's all true
He doesn't even pee nor go Number 2!

He's got nukes, Trump
Aimed at us, Trump

North Korea is all hell-bent
To be more than just a regional threat
Nuclear tests, missile shots
Trying to prove an ICBM he's got

He's got nukes, Trump
Aimed at us, Trump

Got the Chinese seething
They can't reign in his posturing
Nothing done can calm him down
He hates the US and won't come around

Sanctions been around far too long
Obama's policies were all wrong
Trump Administration it is time
To nuke Pyongyang and thus remind:

Mess with best, die like the rest!

He's got nukes, Trump
Aimed at us, Trump

Three Carrier Battle Groups at hand
Got the THAADs on land
Bomber forces overflying
Tactical nukes for dropping
It's time to end this fight
Kim thinks might makes right
I guess we'll have to show
All the things he does not know
About US armed forces

End his tirades
Nuke his missile base
Pyongyang erase
Put him in his place
Take out this disgrace

In a day...
Bombs away!

[300Kt should do it]

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Cool Head - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Discounting your inbred love for total annihilation of antagonists, one of many reasons not to upset the 70-year successful doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction and overwhelming military superiority and economic/cultural dominance is that the current third-world strategy of asymmetrical warfare would go nuclear. Any current restraints and agreements on the proliferation of fissile materials and technology would be lifted; terrorism would be expressed as a suitcase bomb planted outside, say, a certain house in Sacramento.
God Damn You All to Hell - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
You may be wrong in thinking that it's still 1945 and that we can normalize and contain the use of the weapon from hell in a pinpoint tactical way, unopposed by other nuclear powers. It's a Pandora's Box you don't want to open unless a nuclear attack on us is imminent. Peddle your dreams of Armageddon elsewhere.
Rob Arndt - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
First of all MAD died when asymmetrical warfare arrived with the ultimate goal of a terror nation providing nukes to terrorists. Indeed, backpack nukes would be ideal for Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, the Palis, etc... anyone who hates Israel and the Western presence in the ME. Second, nukes are proliferating anyway. America has no right to tell the world which nations can and cannot possess nuclear weapons. Russia, China, India, Pakistan, S Africa, and N Korea all got them. South Africa got rid of theirs and Sweden decided not to build any. Israel was approved by the US along with Britain and France. Germany, Italy, and Japan are nuclear standby nations which can make weapons within a year or so. You'd have to be a fool to think that nukes won't be used again and that N Korea and Iran will stop their weapon development programs (ie: their nuclear agenda). Why do you think in recent months the US conducted missile tests and brought out the old free fall nukes? Bomber crews are trained to use them. As I said, a simple 300Kt weapon dropped on Pyongyang will do. If they threaten to use their bombs at this time, they would be forced to try an IRBM or ground transport one into South Korea because the warhead is way too large and they don't have any real bombers! They would be hit by hundreds of missiles coming in from the sea and air. We could take them out if we want to. Diplomacy is for fools. Obama has depleted our military and made us a laughing stock. We appear impotent. Time to change that perception and get back to real warfare. Nuclear apocalypse theory is unproven as well. In fact, the Bible refutes that. At the Second Coming the world is in bad shape but still exists along with approximately 3.5 billion people (half the world is killed by the Antichrist's WW3 and God's judgement on the world).
Jonathan - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
da bomb! ...may need to be dropped. 455
God Damn You All to Hell - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
"... a simple 300 Kt weapon dropped on Pyongyang will do." Will do what? That's 15 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Dropped on school kids. Have you seen newsreels of the Hiroshima aftermath? Radiation poisoning. Skin peeling away from innocent civilians. At least then, we had an official declaration of war against Japan. They posed a continuous deadly threat. What is the imminent threat from N. Korea? They're going to wipe out our eggnog facilities? The Adult Swim studios? I propose a strong-arm economic response and the dropping of 300Kt of U.S. food on the rural areas outside of Pyongyang.
Rob Arndt - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Gotta love liberals. North Korea is working day and night to build a 3-stage missile with nuke to hit the entire west coast of the US and including Alaska and Hawaii. This would also enable Kim Jong Un to hit China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Guam. So, you want to put the lives of everyone in these areas at risk, but if dropped on you would be the first person to attack President Trump and Republicans for not preventing something worse than 9/11!!! STFU you stupid MFs! Btw, his missile last launched proved he could reach the US. North Korea is a clear and present danger to the US as well as the other nations listed above. Pull your head out of your ass!
God Damn You All to Hell - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
If you were alive at the time, you would have cursed Truman for not atomizing the USSR while we were the only one to have the bomb. Also, you would have approved MacArthur nuking China during the Korean War. You would have called JFK a wuss for his naval blockade in 1962. Sanity prevailed. We're alive to tell the tale. History is against you. Big time. Your solution to everything is all-out genocide. "Go down to the vile dust from whence you sprung." Maniac!!!
Rob Arndt - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
No, history is on my side. Nukes will be used again. I'm just not a coward afraid to use them as a proportional, tactical, or strategic response to threats. Israel was condemned historically for preemptive military strikes and now that is adopted by the West just as Blitzkrieg (combined arms) was. Sorry that you don't know what you're talking about. Even YHWH ordered the Israelites to kill every man, woman, child, and even the animals of the idol worshippers who offered up human sacrifice. Read your Bible.
Watch this - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Concerned - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Mr. President, we must not allow... a mine shaft gap!
God Damn You All to Hell - July 05, 2017 - Report this comment
What the hell is proportional, tactical or strategic about dropping a 300 kiloton A-bomb on a population center? The Robster, the Brave Man, the Armchair Expert at Blitzkrieg and the Bible – sitting on his ass all day, gleefully contemplating the incineration of hundreds of thousands, while absolutely nobody in government or just outside of an insane asylum has broached the topic of even conventional war, with Seoul in artillery range of the 38th Parallel and 800,000 North Korean troops massed there. For God's sake, people, and at long last – this murderous, foul-mouthed, cowardly miscreant Rob is a raving lunatic! His written opinions are the worst obscenity possible. He should be banned from this site!
Magnus Magnussen - July 09, 2017 - Report this comment
Mr. Arndt, I have to say you are either a fool or a liberal stooge. Why drop a mere 300 Kt nuke on Pyongyang when you could make a maximum and final statement to the world with a 100 megaton H Bomb? In the same day we can do likewise in spades to Africa which has always been the White Man's burden. The whole Muslim world of course has to go also. The Southern Hemisphere, especially Latin America, we can do the next day. If we didn't have wussie righties like you this could be a white world ruled by the U.S., Russia, and Scandinavia. We could spare a few thousand Chinks only because they're good at math.
? - July 09, 2017 - Report this comment
You have a good point, Magnus. But wouldn't dropping all those bombs cause nuclear winter?
Magnus Magnussen - July 09, 2017 - Report this comment
Nuclear winter was a myth cooked up by Carl Sagan and his fellow commie scientists to promote their agenda of one world socialism and diversity. They wanted to rob us of our fighting spirit. This is the same crowd that promotes global warming. If nuclear detonations cause a cloud to block off the sun's rays and cool the Earth, doesn't that balance out global warming? Of course. So it's a good thing. Simple logic. A nuclear holocaust is a win-win situation.
Holy Harry - July 09, 2017 - Report this comment
Nuclear Winter is just a theory, folks. It's just a random idea like evolution and relativity. Some of these half-ass ideas have fancy, pseudo-intellectual, Ivy League names like "heliocentric," which claims that the Earth revolves around the Sun, instead of vice-versa. It's all designed to drive us away from the eternal words of the Bible.
Rob Arndt - July 09, 2017 - Report this comment
MM, thanks for your input, but I am neither. I am a historical realist. If we wanted to play by the rules on warfare, then Kim Jong Un's threat to develop a third stage missile to carry nukes aimed at the US would validate a military response. President Trump can declare war on N Korea and use nuclear counter force on them since they now possess both the missile and have about 30 warheads. The two don't have to be mated or launched to justify using tactical free fall nukes in war. N Korea is an empirical threat to US safety. More so than Russia or China right now. Only a fool would wait for KJU to launch a nuke against Alaska, Hawaii, or the west coast of the US. Seattle has Boeing and Microsoft for example. Only a left-wing liberal stooge with idiotic PC ideology would think it's ok to allow N Korea to develop WMDs against us and our Allies in the region like Japan and S Korea. If we got it, let's use it. The Korean War never really ended. It's time to finish off the Commie North and to secure a W instead of a stalemate!!!
Magnus Magnussen - July 09, 2017 - Report this comment
Well, exactly, Mr. Arndt. I simply am opposed to your timidity, which will NOT get the job done. You can't pull your punches with medium-size nukes. Also, there are other mortal empirical threats which do not involve an enemy potentially mating a nuclear warhead with an ICBM. There are the threats of a terrorist, barbaric religion numbering 1.5 billion and a whole continent of inferior races who threaten to overrun us and pollute our essence. I also advocate the use of tactical nukes against insurrectionists in our own cities, like Chicago!!! Strike opportunistically while the iron is hot.
Uiop - July 10, 2017 - Report this comment
I wouldnt send any more right wing straw men out there, fellas. These leftwing snipers got talent
The Great Carnac - August 02, 2017 - Report this comment
I predict that on Aug. 2, Rob will double-down on his psychotic Doomsday threats and block comments.
USAF Vet - August 03, 2017 - Report this comment
Hey, Carnac, I just read Rob's Aug. 2 "parody." He's not only a hysterical nut case, but he doesn't know history. Truman was a great reader of history, a farmer, and a captain in WW1 who, as president, had the balls to fire the American Caesar MacArthur for battlefield insubordination. He should be Rob's favorite president; he was the only one to order the dropping of A-bombs on the enemy. I know exactly how Trump will "handle" Kim Jong Un: he'll get his lawyers to sue him!
CML - August 03, 2017 - Report this comment
MacArthur couldn't "follow thru' with anything because America didn't have any armed forces. We had demobilized completely from WWII. Moreover Mac let the combat readiness and discipline of the occupation forces in the Far East deteriorate drastically, a situation which revealed itself in the early days of the Korean War. Then after Mac routed the North Koreans from the South with the help of the only serious fighting force left in America, the US Marines, he allowed the UN forces advancing in North Korea to be split into 2 groups. He also ignored warnings of massive numbers of Chinese infiltrating into Korea, with catastrophic results ........ By the time the front had been stabilized and by the time the US had started into full mobilization, the Chinese and NOKs had mobilized a defensive line of 800,000 troops in the perfect defensive terrain of North Korea. So, how many Americans would have died trying to break this stupendous defensive line. These troops weren't armed with crap weapons like the Japanese, they would have had an unlimited supply of ammo from the Soviet Union. This would have been Okinawa x 10. A negotiated settlement was the only option here.
Rob Arndt - August 03, 2017 - Report this comment
Our entire military complex was announcing their plans to drop the bomb, but MacArthur, with the same idea, was criticized for planning the same thing. A state of affairs was rapidly going from bad to disastrous. In the war room Vandenberg dismissed the idea of further reprimands to MacArthur. "What good would it do? He won't obey the orders". General Ridgway exploded. "You can relieve any commander who won't obey orders, can't you?" Thus the idea of relieving MacArthur was on the table. He again requested that the Pentagon grant him a field commander's discretion to employ nuclear weapons as necessary. He wanted them stockpiled in Okinawa, which they were finally stored ready for use after MacArthur's request was denied. His plan was to drop between 30 and 50 atomic bombs-strung across the neck of Manchuria, and spread behind us, from the Sea of Japan to the Yellow Sea- a belt of radioactive cobalt for at least 60 years there would be no invasion of Korea from the North. The Russians, he claimed, would be intimidated by this and do nothing. He continued to strongly seek authority to deploy the bomb. ~ U.S. PLANNED TO A-BOMB N. KOREA IN 1950 WAR - Page 2 Nuclear Weapons And Aircraft Waited For Orders
Rob Arndt - August 03, 2017 - Report this comment
MacArthur also would have had a strategic total of 300+ MK4 nuclear free-fall weapons at his disposal. The USSR tested their first bomb in 1949 and had minimal nuclear IOC by 1951. The Chinese had no nukes. We should have wiped them out while we had the chance. The US public majority and the majority at the Pentagon thought so. MacArthur only said it out loud and challenged Truman's authority. Hence, the firing which will forever be a disgrace. Truman was a coward in my book. So when N Korea, China, or resurgent Russia hit us with nukes in WW3, I'd like to see you stand up for Truman then. Btw, the use of nuclear weapons I never link to a Doomsday or Apocalypse as it is pure speculation. The Bible actually refutes the idea. The earth and nations are still around at the Second Coming. One third of the earth is destroyed, one third of the sea destroyed, and half of humanity killed. But life goes on... Read Revelation again.
T.K. Lee - August 03, 2017 - Report this comment
We should have wiped out the USSR and China before they got the bomb? What the hell does that even mean, physically? Crazy talk out of a classic right-wing lunatic-fringe screed. The immediate retaliation by the USSR would have been the destruction of Western Europe's governments and infrastructures, by whatever weapons available, to say nothing of hundreds of thousands of human beings. You write, "When N Korea, China, or resurgent Russia hit us with nukes in WW3, I'd like to see you stand up for Truman then." Here's a revelation – neither you or I would ever have been born to stand up for anyone.
Rob Arndt - August 03, 2017 - Report this comment
You're obviously an idiot. The US had a monopoly on nukes in 1950 and a sizeable stockpile listed above. The Chinese and Russians couldn't do anything about it. It took Russia until the 1960s to have any real competition with the US and China didn't even test a bomb until 1964- the year I was born. The US military wanted to end the Cold War and Soviet world threat by nuking them in the 1950s when SAC had air superiority. As stated above, MacArthur only SAID OUT LOUD what the Pentagon said in private. Truman was pissed about the challenge of MacArthur to his authority- period. So he sacked him. A national disgrace.
T.K. Lee - August 03, 2017 - Report this comment
Judging by the year you were allegedly born, you're obviously a mutant. Many unfortunate creatures like you were the result of above-ground nuclear testing. Chances are you are microcephalic, with extremely limited powers of reasoning. Your body is, of course, that of a giant ant, and the human flesh required to sustain it makes you evil incarnate. Notable mutants include Godzilla, Jeff Goldblum, and Donald Trump. FYI.
Steven - August 04, 2017 - Report this comment
^ this guy is a mental midget that lacks the cranial capacity to form a suitable response!
T.K. Lee - August 04, 2017 - Report this comment
To Steven, aka Rob: I do not argue seriously with the insane. I saw your submission for today. Over and out.
Teacher - August 04, 2017 - Report this comment
My God, it's true- MAD magazine really DOES rot the brain!
alphabet - August 04, 2017 - Report this comment
Anyone notice Arndt's latest inflated vote total Twenty 5x5 on a pedestrian parody that advocates killing 2 million civilians in the city of Pyongyang. This at a time when The Conqueror of Parodies gets an average of 5 thumbs up and Peter Andersson gets at most three. So this either means Arndt is grossly inflating his total or this website is a right wing lunatic asylum of homicidal maniacs. Which do you think it is?
T.K. Lee - August 04, 2017 - Report this comment
Alphabet: Yes, I noticed the score. This is a recurring phenomenon with Arndt, noted many times before. Of course, your choices are not mutually exclusive; they are both correct. Thank you for your expression of sanity.
Teacher: MAD magazine was founded in October, 1952, at the height of the Korean Conflict. My theory is that the publishers acted on behalf of the PRC to undermine American intellect, morality, and strategic thinking. In its time, it was the epitome of fake news. Alfred E. Neuman was the spiritual father of Roger Ailes.
Cool Head - August 04, 2017 - Report this comment
I think it's both because anyone who dares to point out anything good the Democrats or Obama has done gets twenty X 1s or more! No social progression. If anything, more Republican warmongering regression, racism, and White privilege run amok. Yeah, I know, that CML guy will probably show up now for a rebuttal and tell us people how great our lives are under Trump. How Obama did us wrong. The blame game on this site is so predictable...
T.K. Lee - August 04, 2017 - Report this comment
Why is this site so prissy about using the full F-word (which The New Yorker uses freely and fully in appropriate context), while it allows Arndt to submit on this day, without satire, sarcasm or irony, a "parody" which begins

Ha ha ha Ha ha ha
We love war We love war
Ha ha ha Ha ha ha
Using free-fall nuclear bombs...

Arndt's usual murderous rant which, as previously noted, calls for the annihilation of 2 million Pyongyang civilians by nuclear holocaust, is inarguably far more obscene. And that's a politically bipartisan statement.
Rob Arndt - August 05, 2017 - Report this comment
So you think it's perfectly ok to allow N Korea to develop a three-stage ICBM to hit S Korea, Japan, Guam, and now almost all of the US including Alaska and Hawaii? Cities like Seattle, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, and as far as DC, possibly NYC next? How many millions per on our side and allies, you pinko, liberal, socialist wacko? Go join the Palestinians, Iranians, ISIS, and N Koreans that call for the destruction of the US by any means. It's so fun to watch the N Koreans cheering on Kim Jong Un with his propaganda machine threatening to burn America to ash. And btw, 300kt is nothing. Most strategic ICBMs are 1Mt or more! Stop whining over old free-fall nuclear bombs which are considered tactical. In addition, history is on my side. SAC, the Pentagon, MacArthur, and the American public favored destroying Communism with nukes when we held the advantage in nuke stockpiling until the mid-'60s. Fact. We're we all insane?
The Final Word - August 05, 2017 - Report this comment
You accuse the Dems of throwing money at every problem. You want to throw nukes at every problem, thinking that will keep you safe. I choose debt over death.
Rob Arndt - August 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Appeasement, right? Look how well that worked with Hitler. "Peace in our time." NOT! Diplomacy doesn't work. I have a poster in my home that sums it up best: Diplomacy in Action (Shows a B-52 carpet bombing). :-))
Diplomat - August 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Here are some diplomatic initiatives that worked brilliantly: The Marshall Plan, the Non-Proliferation Treaty, The Opening to China (1972), and German Reunification.
What do all of these successes have in common? Answer: they were all primarily diplomatic initiatives, where the use of force played little or no direct role. This stands in sharp contrast to U.S. foreign policy today, where the preferred response to many problems tends to be some form of "kinetic action" (in the form of drone strikes, special operations, covert action, large-scale bombing raids, or in a few cases, all-out invasions). And notice that those cases where we turn to military force don’t seem to be working out all that well. It failed in Indochina and in Iraq, it is failing in Afghanistan, and it is by no means clear that trying to kill our way to victory against al Qaeda and ISIS is going to work out either.
The apparent futility of military power is partly due to selection effects: governments tend to use force when other approaches have failed (and one is therefore dealing with highly resolved opponents and situations where success may be elusive). But our poor track record in recent years is also due to a tendency to shoot first and talk later, and to use military force to solve problems for which it is ill-suited. Just look at the recurring debate over whether the United States should even talk to Iran, and you get an idea of how much we have devalued diplomacy and privileged military power.
To be sure, military power can be a key to diplomatic success. As George Kennan once remarked, "you have no idea how much it contributes to the general politeness and pleasantness of diplomacy when you have a little quiet force in the background." But the key word there is "quiet," and the focus is still on diplomacy, not simply on blowing things up.
Bottom line: it is worth remembering that America’s greatest foreign policy successes were mostly the result of skillful diplomacy, not military prowess. Having a big stick is nice, but speaking softly is usually more effective. And if a country finds itself using that stick over and over and over, that’s a very good sign that its foreign policy has lost its way.
Rob Arndt - August 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Ever hear of Operations Paperclip and Lusty for starters? Germany owes nothing to the West for rebuilding as the Allies stole every scrap of advanced technology the Nazis produced. It was the fastest and greatest braindrain in history with endless civilian spinoffs. As for reunification, well... that will be a historical mistake that sees an emerging Fourth Reich (seeded by the Third) that will fulfill the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Angela Merkel has got the ball rolling with the refugee crisis, plans to rebuild the Bundeswehr, the framework army to opt out of NATO, a future DEXIT (Deutsch Exit), and return of the DM over the Euro. The New Deutschmark (aka Phonix). All laid out in Nov 1944 by the SS and German industrialists (See The Red House Report). The Non-Proliferation Treaty is a joke with almost 50 years of failure. Countries that got the bomb afterwards: India, Israel, Pakistan, N Korea with Iran continuing development. Sweden gave up it's program and S Africa gave up it's nukes voluntarily. Reductions in the US and Russian arsenals don't mean much because they both cheated and have more than 7500 nukes each. The Russians are the worst cheaters that outnumber the US 1.5:1 to estimated 2:1 in nuke warheads. The delivery system numbers don't count. NPT is nothing and not only failed but never had any teeth to enforce. Any sovereign state has the right to develop nuclear weapons. And China was a mistake as well. We should have left them to their backward status instead of trying to bring them into the world economy. With such a giant population and resources, they are on their way to surpassing Russia as the world's number one threat and in capitalist terms has the ability to surpassing the US as world economic leader with all the tech it has acquired over the decades since WW2. They used to be slave labor. So I see no accomplishments on your short list. People don't change. War is coming no matter your idiotic views. Pacifists and liberals are weak.
Diplomat - August 05, 2017 - Report this comment
You think the North Korea situation is dangerous? Try this scenario: It's Oct. 1962. President Arndt has just been presented with photographic evidence of Russian nuclear missiles on Cuban soil, 90 miles away from the U.S. What does Pres. Arndt do? He immediately nukes Havana, followed by the all-out nuclear WW3. What really happened? Diplomacy! Backed by naval power, the U.S. quarantines Russian ships from nearing Cuba. We give up some intermediate range missiles in Turkey. Another Arndt can be born two years later and be free to make a fool of himself to this day.
On Site - August 06, 2017 - Report this comment
Why this idea of nuking Pyongyang? A liberal wet dream of Trump doing something they can rally against. Plain stupid. Unless NK actually nukes someone else first it will not happen. What the USA can and should do is to carpet bomb (with really big conventional bombs) their missile sites on the coast and their research facilities in the deserts and mountains, and maybe a cruise missile or ten against the dear leaders private palace.
Rob Arndt - August 06, 2017 - Report this comment
Cuba was a military trade-off, Khrushchev blinked. So what? On site, not a bad initial step, but as soon as we attack KJU promises to fire nukes at S Korea, Japan, and US assets using IRBMs. Seoul would be pounded by 16,000 artillery pieces (122mm to 170mm) and rocket launchers (107mm to 240mm) firing thousands of projectiles per minute. No air defense in the world can defeat that. Btw, the USN can fire hundreds of cruise missiles from the Carrier Groups as well as submarines in the area. The B-2, B-1, and 20 upgraded B-52s can launch more cruise missiles on rotary launchers or use conventional bombs to flatten any city or area. All are ready to drop W61 free fall nukes @ 300kt or more. Tests have been going on using dummy warheads. Update your military knowledge. Too bad the B-21 Raider is not available.
CML - August 06, 2017 - Report this comment
The American military was in a blind panic in the early fifties. We had just finished a war to stop fascism which cost the lives of 408,000 Americans, and the next thing you know we seemed to be handing back everything we gained to an even stronger foe -- Communism. First Stalin swallows up six Eastern European nations into an empire and then we lose China a nation of 400 million people .......... So now we appeared to be facing an opponent that was far stronger than the Axis, with unlimited natural resources and unlimited manpower. And you cant underestimate the Americans' shock of the early months of the Korean war, especially during the Chinese intervention. What the US generals thought they were seeing was an opponent with unlimited war materiel (Soviet Union) and unlimited manpower (China) that had no problem pissing away the lives of hundreds of thousands of its troops. And so the US generals for a time thought the only way they could beat this invincible combination was with nukes. But then the situation in Korea stabilized and cooler heads prevailed, and I'm not just talking about Truman; Ike declined to use nukes as well And with in a few years after the end of the Korean War a rift appeared between Mao and the USSR, which greatly alleviated the menace of the invincible, unstoppable foe.
Happy Deathday - August 06, 2017 - Report this comment
In case anyone has forgotten, today is the 72nd anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Have a good look at what the cosseted armchair generals, above, are really talking about.
CML - August 06, 2017 - Report this comment
^^^I personally am not advocating anything of the sort, you lying, insinuating, steaming of reprocessed Alpo. I was explaining the mindset of the generals at the time. Did you fail to note my use of the phrase "cooler heads prevailed?" .......Of course you didn't, but never let a fact get in the way of a good smear, right?
CML - August 06, 2017 - Report this comment
^^^ Oops, left out the word "pile" immediately following "steaming" in my previous post ... It's important to note this as reprocessed Alpo frequently takes this form when found in the freshly pinched, steaming phase
Happy Deathday - August 06, 2017 - Report this comment
CML: I was not including you in the description "armchair generals." That would have been unwarranted. I was hoping that you are a careful enough reader to see that I was clearly not referring to ALL of the above, but only to Rob and On Site. There has been nothing in your comments today that I object to, except your extraordinarily short fuse.
@Happy Death - August 07, 2017 - Report this comment
^ mouse warrior (aka armchair idiot). No common sense. Mental masturbator.
CML - August 07, 2017 - Report this comment
@Happy Death -- one drawback to using a one-time pseudonym is that you might get confused with someone else (Cool Head) who did make a false, sh*thy insinuation about me on this same thread. But, I'll take your word that you meant nothing and I apologize. I'm sorry I went nuclear on you ;-D. ..... And to Cool Head, I've never said anything pro or con about Trump in the comments thread, and I've posted exactly two parodies about him. And in my first one, posted in March 2016, I state in the top comments that I was not at all thrilled with him as a candidate. Which means that what CH said about me was a lie, just like everything else he and his sock puppet battalion have ever said about me
Holy Harry - August 13, 2017 - Report this comment
Anyone catch the latest vote tally for this, um, effort. It's now up to 31 555's. Which means that this song which we all hate is also one of the most loved songs of the entire year. Because 31 Fives is a really really high score. So this means this website has to be totally shizophrenic. or it might mean Arndt is going off the deep end
Claude Prez - August 13, 2017 - Report this comment
Shhhhh.....we're all pretending to not notice.....ixnay on the ealityray
Anagram Man - August 14, 2017 - Report this comment
Claude Prez= Crazed Pule (crybaby). How appropriate!
Crazed Pule - August 14, 2017 - Report this comment
Hey, that's pretty clever! Maybe you should give up writing countless mediocre parodies and pursue this anagram thing

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