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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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Entries Beginning with Z, Page 1

Submitted by:
The Z Holes Because it is at end away from A. Ted Stone
Z Lasers It sounds science fiction like and also weird. G
Z' Bistro Named after a French restaurant in Zionsville, Indiana that went out of business recently.  indyhick
Z3RO > HER0 I think its pretty cool, because it's not normal lettering. My friend was thinking of a band. I just thought it was a boy's dream to be a hero. So it's a boy rock bandish.  lily
Zamboni Down Syndromacolitis It took the longest time to get this one. I was hanging out one day, and a zamboni was on the TV screen. I swear the next commercial fused with it, so it said, "Hey, Bob, the zamboni is down (colitis and other syndromes)" (other comercial fusing.) s1cks66
Zamenhof's Language A nod at the man who invented Esperanto a make believe lanuage that he tried to make a universal world language in the 1800's. Would be a cool name for a pretentious college band that writes songs about socialism or Quantum physics or somethin'. Another variation: "the Esperanto seven", but you would have to have seven people to pull this one off. yo qiero muffins
Zanalicious Well my best friend once told me that her mom almost named her Zana-lee and I was watching a advert where a sexy girl walks by these 2 scateboard dudes and they say:"Damn she's bubbalicious" so I connected the two words and you have my band's name.  Chantelle
Zaragoza Frenchmen it's an oxymoron zaragoza is in spain. hamp
Zarina Jyotika this name is cool because it means "golden flame". and also, it is really hard to pronounce. to me, it is an eye catcher. i saw these names for babies on some website, so i slapped the two together, and suprise, you got a really cool band name! Frazel29
Zarkin Freud Common expletive from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", used in the same way you'd call someone a "Hoser" or "Mother F*****". I just thought it would make a great band name. Andy
Zavala  I delivered a pizza on Zavala Rd. one time. [Ed.'s note: I don't know where Zavala Rd. is.] josh
The Zeal Vibe Everyone knows what vibe is. Zeal is like passion. Good electronic band name. sidearm
Zebra Rabbits i have this postcard that is a picture of a white fuzzy bunny that someone drew black lines through with a marker, and below it wrote 'zebra'. It's totally hilarious and would make a good logo too... Saara
Zebra-Crossing I was looking at The Abbey Road cover with a friend, and I said, "hey did you know they call those Zebra crosses in Britain" Adam
Zebraforce It's from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Someone was asked about an "animal-based unit" and the guy needed a lifeline for a question that was clearly about horsepower. The answers were "horsepower", "donkeystrength", "llamathrust", and "zebraforce". 29% of the audience members got it wrong. I felt the incorrect ones were great names. JeReMy
Zebras Without Stripes Essentially, those'd be ... horses. John Petrino
Zebzorg  Ben Jammin
Zeeky Boogy Doog If you say these words in "The Demented Cartoon Movie" on YouTube, it causes a nuclear explosion. I just think it sounds like an awesome band name! Maybe for an alt-rock band. Amanda
Zeke Bodak made up 30+years ago in college, it has punky feel to it. Raider Eddie
Zelnorm If you've ever seen the commercial, its a medicine for depressed people. qwertyuiop
Zemetree I don't know why, but Z is my favorite letter, and the name "Demetree" is so cool, so I put those two together Kassem
Zemmiphobic Zemmiphobia is Fear of the Great Mole Rat, says I think its a cool band name for people who want to start a band to have fun. AJ
Zenith I was just reading a science book on astronomy when the word 'zenith' appeared in the text. The zenith is the imaginary line from the ground to the point of the sky. It also means "highest point". So I thought to myself, "That would be an awesome name for a band." [Ed.'s note: Let's hope that the quality goes in before the name goes on (in reference to Zenith television's old ad).] Cyrus
Zeno's Paradox After the Greek philosopher Zeno who came up with paradoxes dealing with basic movement. Would be a good punk band name. MDanel93
Zenobia and the 7 Fingered Wenis Hamburger Yes, wenis, not anything else. I really don't remember why or how I thought of this though. Joe Mahoney
Zephyr And Kestrel Ensemble I thought this was funny because "zephyr" and "kestrel" both sound like they could well be musical instruments, although they are not. Tess O. Gosset
Zero I got the name out of a movie. I think it is cool because it means nothing and will never mean anything, it is just zero. robin
Zero Degrees Below  I was driving through a little town just south of where I live and I saw a sign that I'm guessing some kids trying to be 'cool' wrote all over. They wrote "the coolest place on Earth, it's so cool the thermomter says zero degrees below zero!!"  Leah
The Zero Omega  based on the megaman charater. And i liked Omega it is a cool work Dustjmor
Zero Percent I was tryin to get this sum to work. I kept coming out with 0%. daves6517
Zero Presence Last night at about 2 in the morning I was watching a show on stealth fighters. The saying that is used to describe a plane that can't be seen on the radar is "Zero Presence". I thought it sounded cool.  newpoint
Zero Pulse I was thinking about that song "Pulse of the Maggot" from Slipknot, so I thought why not add on to it Jay
Zero Square I saw a tee shirt that said 'zero square'. chase mcrae
Zero Tolerance I think this would be a cool band name for a Death tribute band. It's a song title off the Symbolic album. Devin
Zero Topic It is cool because it sounds like you dont have anything to talk about. I came up with it by thinking about the store HOT TOPIC and we had nothing to talk about so I made up the name. Aaron
Zerst√≠ren It's a German word for "destroy". I think it sounds skoozie. [Ed.'s note: I don't know what "skoozie" means, but that would make a good band name, too.;)} mark
The Zest of Four Lemons this was in a recipe for some lemon cake i was looking at, boy do i like cake joe looney
Zesty Sauce A kid in my class had just had a dentist appointment. He was trying to say "nasty thoughts", but it came out "zesty sauce". Hence, the name. Douglas Bucksworth aka D.B.
Zeta Eta Theta Just three letters of the Greek alphabet in succession. Thought it sounded pretty cool. Willie
Zetto Bytes its cool because Zetto means Zo in love Especially with music The best To Only me! and Bytes means 10000 music bytes so Zetto Bytes D'arcell/Olive
Zeus On Roids Because zeus is super powerful and if you put him on sterroids that would just be amazing to see... this would be a good name for a heavy metal band, or sort of a funny name for an emo would work either way Ryan R.
Zhetto Boyz From the year 2000 they have come to blow the minds of the uncivilized people of 2008. Watch out for the Zhetto Boyz! Ethan
The Zhuk's In russian zhuk means beatle so the band will basically mean "the beatles"(and my last name is also zhuk)!! Ed Zhuk
Zina-Foat This name came from a pen i was looking at. Its one of those pens where it has a drug on the side like from walgreens or something. it said xina foate, i turned it into Zina Foat Robert
Zinc Cool name, its a periodic table element. "A substance that cannot be broken down" Joe
Zinc Balled Headed Monkeys i was watching a movie wit balled headed monkes and looked at my brass pipe and thought of my band name Brian Weldon
Zincabopatuarious I came up with this name when I was thinking of code names for my friends (yes I know its weird but that's me). OLIVE WARD
Zincitis A good band name for people who don't like to get sunburn. And people who wear a lot of zinc and sunscreen. Harla22
Zipper I think this would be a pretty cool band name because it sounds like a band name for a hard rock band. I came up with it while I was at school thinking of names for bands. Then I looked at my friends shirt that had a zipper on it. katie
Zipper Heads It's the name my ex-boss used to call me. [Ed's note: Which is probably why he's your ex-boss.;)] tony
Zippered Marsupials The only decent way marsupials should be seen in public. badboybear
Zizzorz  Very cool, Its like Sicorss but with Z's, LOL! Greg
Zoboomophobia It's that lemur from that show on PBS with those know damn well what i'm talking about. jack p. daniels
Zod The name of a Superman villain. G
Zombie Botts My friends and i are obsessed with Zombies, because they are bitchin', and robots are cool. I think it's catchy, and it's now the name of our band.  Yiggidy
Zombie Breach My friends and I were thinking of a new band name and it just clicked.  Christina Rayray
Zombie Chow This is a very universal name for any group of people- ie. a bowling team, ect... For as you all know, we are ALL zombie food! Eric
Zombie In A Kilt It's kind of a long story...My Mom has a tape of the old "Highlander" series, and this came from a quote in the one episode. Duncan McCleod (or however the heck it's spelt) was telling his young friend Richie about the time that his (Duncan's) family found out he was immortal, because he had been wounded in a way that would have killed a normal human, then sort of "came back to life"(and it basically scared the crud out of everybody). So, Richie makes a smart comment about him being (at the time of incident) a "zombie in a kilt". I just thought it sounded funny, besides, doesn't it sound like the kind of name a heavy metal band would have? Jonathan S.
Zombie IV It's a film reviewed by the Cinema snob and I like it because it sounds so stupid. I mean it doesn't even sound like it would be a real movie lol chad
Zombie Jesus I figure this would be a religious band with a sense of humor. A HUGE sense of humor. IHaveNoBrain
Zombie Nation That would be an awesome band name for a goth band. Skull
Zombie Redneck Toaster Family I think it's supposed to be 'Zombie Redneck Torture Family', but this is much funnier. IHaveNoBrain
Zombie Zone i just made it up. Gary S.
Zombie's the Fashion Look around us. Zombies are the new "hip" thing. New games and movies, it's the fashion of today. Therefore, ZTF, Zombie's the Fashion. Go to a strore, cash in the motion. Noone In ParTicular
Zombies Picking Your Nose Would be high on any list of creepy band names. Emily Lime
The Zone  I came up with it when my friend Collin Willis said I was in "The Zone" to get a hot date. jake pohl
Zone 6 I'm from Long Island. As you know, Long Island is in Climate Zone 6. Hence The Name. Jordan
Zorros' Implant Well the ladies dont just fall all over him just because he somersaults unto his horse and wears a mask, and look at that silly smirk he always has on his face. No wonder that gay Seargent Garcia is always after him, he is into all that swordplay! That Jose' is so gay! badboybear
ZQMFBG It comes from a 'Calvin and Hobbes' comic strip where they were playing Scrabble. Calvin created this word, which has no vowels, for 957. The Rev. A. Palgut
Zuccini Green I like it and I was thinking of things that just roll off your tongue. rebecca
Zulu Bendix What someone wanted to name their son. Lance Crackers
Zulu Bernstien It's all like Africa-German. The two just don't fit. little j
Zuza's Dream Well my friend Zuza (cool name right?) had a dream that we were in a band. Ironically, we later formed one.  claudia
Zwei Zwei The word "Zwei"(pronounced zwhy) makes me think of a cool guy with short hair covering one of his eyes. This makes a good name for a band ju
Zygomaticus Sounds hard core. It's also the muscle in the face that makes you smile. Botee
Zygote My friend Mallory actually mentioned it for my band's name. It means "fertilized egg." Something she heard in human development class, I guess. Josh:Valos
Zyklon I heard my teacher say this in class once. Since I've got a gig going for some time, we were desperate for names. But then I found out what it was, so we didn't end up using it. Too bad too, it's sweet. fishead
Zytotoxizit√§t  It is the last word of the German dictionary and it sounds pretty cool. It is pronounced zi-to-to-cksi-zi-tayt. It is English for cytotoxicity, which means of, relating to, or producing a toxic effect on cells. It's kind of a synonym of poison, which would be great for a metal rock type of band.  Donald569
Zyzzyva It's the last word in the dictionary and it sounds awesome. Brendan
ZZZ And The Wakeup Call  First you are sleeping and your dreaming a peaceful dream and just when your at the best part........HONEY WAKE UP!  hamp
zzzzblack it is zzzzblack

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