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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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Entries Beginning with Q, Page 1

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Q2Y Security code. NICKI
The Qat's Qi Qat (more commonly spelled Khat) is a plant native to the Horn of Africa, outlawed in many countries because of mild dependence and mind-altering properties, although those are of a lesser degree than those of most other well-known recreational drugs, both ones that are legal and ones that are not in most of the world. Qi (more commonly spelled Chi) is a life force recognized by Chinese philosophy and medicine. So the name would mean the life force of the plant Khat (or Qat), as Chinese philosophy would recognize it, if that plant's life force has been evaluated by Chinese philosophy. The words "Qi" and "Qat" would qualify as rather obscure words in the English language, and those spellings probably even more obscure, were it not for a notoriety that they have taken on (especially with those alternate spellings with "q") among players of the game Scrabble. As players of that game have discovered those words and those spellings, they have become among the easier words to form in Scrabble with the letter Q, especially when the player has no U to connect the Q with. If a band were to ever take on this name, it might have a good chance of being a band formed by Scrabble enthusiasts. Blake DeKalb
QED This could mean 2 different things: either Quantum Electro-Dynamics (if you're interested in physics) or Quod Erat Demonstradom...A Latin phrase for "So It Has Been Demonstrated" It might be cool to say like, Hard Rock: QED, your band demonstrates the best hard rock...I donno, just a weird idea during boring literature class.... Zero
The Qs I think this would be a good name for a band that is crazy and goes all out, but not all the way out because Q isn't the last letter in the alphabet. It means everything to a band to go all out, act crazy on stage and never stop. RyAnC
QTE Some weird video game term. NewWaveNinja
Quacking the Monkey Mostly , only frustrated ducks are familiar with this, but after one of those long nights near Nogales after attending a Peso Takers concert we were out of gas and on our last chimichanga at the edge of a canyon on the Mexican border, we faced south and yelled into the canyon, "WHACK" and from the south came the echo "QUACK". Badboybear
The Quantam Physicists I know this guy who studied Quantam Physics. So I decided to make a band name out of it. David Gorski
Quantum Dots A new TV technology that sounds cool. Ted Stone
Quantum Meruit It's a legal term which actually means "as much as earned"....I think it makes a really cool band name. Hardik Roy
Quark Boy and The Homotrons So what is a "homotron", you ask? Well, it's a queer electron looking for a fuse to blow. Murdock Mcgoo
Quarrel & The Greenwich Village Idiot I saw this on a site which recaps shows, and the author of the summary was refering to Coral and Mike off of the latest Real World show. Junior
Quarter Beer Night Just think how many people would go to see them if the sign out front said "Tonight Only - Quarter Beer Night!" Charlie Niehaus
Quasar If this isn't the name of a rock band it should be. We all know it's some kind of space phenomenon (some kind of star that gives off radio waves or something like that). The word just sounds like it should be the name of a rock or pop band. Edward
Quattrochi Italian for "four eyes." There could be four of them and they could all wear glasses or paint two extra eyes on their foreheads. It'd be funnier if they wore their glasses backwards or shaved their heads and painted two extra eyes on the back or sides of their heads.  300 Bernard St. Girl
Qube It's cool because it still says Cube but with a different letter, and a Q isn't used very often. Daelys
queasy fish My friend and I were in the car and I had just bought my pet fish. We went over this big bump and then I said stop it your making my fish queasy. So then we said that queasy fish sounded like a neat band name. Errin
Queefer Sutherland It's like Keifer Sutherland, but it's not. JeReMy
Queen Me It's either spoofing the phrase 'King Me' from that board game, you know the one... draughts (Checkers in America) or something, or just that I am the Queen Az
Queen of Backwash We were reading "The Adventures of Ulysses" ("The Odyssey") in T.A.G. (reading/ ELA class) and my friend, John, says this about Scylla and Charybdis: "One is the queen of backwash, the other..." I just thought it sounded lik a cool band name. 300 Bernard St. Girl
Queen of the Damned When I first saw that movie I thought it would be cool to have as a band name dont you think so well ya I was watching w/ my friends and they said that would be awesome for a name of a band so ya. Kayla
The Queenpins I made this up while taking a disc jockey course at Columbia School of Broadcasting. The perfect name for a female alternative band whose members take no crap from anyone. J.C.
Quest for Mediocrity It's refreshing to see a band that admits it will never be truly great. RevengeFromMars YouTube
Question Reality Hmmm....I was in the car passing all those grain silos and such, and thought, "hey, what if that was really a giant nuclear missle?" then we passed a water tower, and I thought, "hey, what if that was a giant octopus robot?"  Mindgraffiti
Quick! The Red Rabid Beavers! Sounds like a line from MST3K, with a majorly mad scientist. Mazotti
QuickDrop I was eating in the kitchen and saw the tap go on. Before one drop even fell it had been replaced. Thusly, Quickdrop. RubyTuesday
Quicksilver Highway It just sounds cool. IHaveNoBrain
Quientin A neat name. I was looking for a book and BAM it hit me(the book i was looking for) and then that was the end of that. Other good names are nonexistant-because some things are not existing like Unicorns and ninja turtles, Too Good To Be True,(TGBT) becuase some things are just that(too good to be true) hello my name is
Quiet Riot O' Light LOOOK AT IT Jesse Anderson
Quiet Study Area I was sitting in the library and saw a sign that said "quiet study area," and I thought, hey, QSA! I love it so... Expatriate
Quietest Moments For me the best band in the world are Supertramp, but the band name doesn't relect that. This is a tribute band name from one of their best albums. AJ Wilko
The Quiffs A quiff is a hairdo. It just sounds cool. Kristy
Quilted Porcupine Porcupines have pointed quills so even though they may be cuddlely, OUCH if you try to pick one up, so if you had a quilt, maybe you could catch one, tame it and cover it with a quilt, and then everyone would want one of their own. badboybear
Quintessence of Lust It's a sexy version of a Shakespeare quote. Would be great for an attractive female singer. RevengeFromMars YouTube
Quixote and the Mesopotamic My friend has a band that used to be named "Quixotic" and Mesopotamia is just a cool word to say Peter (the Reader)
Quixotic it's a capriciously rightous name dude Quixotic
Quote NOTHING Unquote My teacher was like: Quote...Unquote and did the "gesture with his fingers and his fingers were far apart so.... yeah. Ben Dover
Qwerty I was messing around with my keyboard, when i decided to push all the letters in order. After i looked at it, I took the first couple of letters out and i got q-w-e-r-t-y. Me
Qwertyuiop I have no Idea where this came from, except that it's the first row of letters on a standard keyboard. I thought it might make a cool name for a band of geeks or something that has really silly songs. Vicroc4
Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Sounds a weird Martian name, but look down at your computer keyboard. sonikal

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