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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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^_^'s a smiley..... it's awesome. ^_^ me
~fo/ryou~ One person spelled 'for you' 'fo ryou' when I was talking to them on iSketch. So since there's a character in my favorite anime called Ryou, I just thought it would look cool and be a nice homage to Shirogane Ryou. Buru~kun
©opyright My friend and I was talking over internet and we tried to find a name for our band. She was thinking and then she saw the copyright sign ( © ) and asked me if I thought it was a cool name. I loved it and so did the rest of the band, but now... I'm not sure anymore. Jenna
Á la Punk I like it because it seems to fit in with a theme which can be applied to several bands at the moment.  Amy
ænema It's the name of an album from Tool. It's pretty cool because its a real heavy narcotic that puts you to sleep and people can tell you to punch someone and you won't remember anything. It might be used in court to plea innocent to assault. Yin

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