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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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Entries Beginning with Y, Page 1

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Y Chromo-Zone A play off of "Y chromosome", as in the male-gender chromosome. I think it would fit quite nicely with an all-guy band. Perhaps they could even call their first album "Entering The Y Chromo-Zone" Jonathan S.
Y-Knot I thought of a cool name for my band, and I said, "Why not?" crazydon
y-sperm or the y-sperms the kind of sperm that makes boys (review your high school biology). so i guess this would be a guy band. mongoloid
Y? In English, it means "Why?" In Spanish, it means, "And...?" Except you'd need the upside-down ? at the beginning. schweitzito
Yace It's like when you say "yay" with a really drawn out s sound at the end. Something my friend from 8th grade thought up. It also rhymes with mace!! Phil N. Theblank
Yak Attack It brings up some funny mental pictures, and it's catchy too! It'd be a good name for a punk band. mac
Yak Revolution I have this stuffed yak, so I thought, "Hey! Why not make a band with it as our mascot?" ercasse
Yakamashi This is Japanese for "too much noise" (although I'm probably not spelling it right). It brings to mind an Asian techno or heavy metal band, and also a mosh pit. Kath
Yakastonia It's Fentruck's home country on the cartoon "Doug". I thought it'd make a really cool band name, but that's just me, I guess. Jared
The Yaks Well it just has a ring to it.... Doesnt it, I mean yaks are a very unusual animal and you are looking for an unusual name and here you have it.... Moocka
The Yangs  An alien people on the infamous campy Star Trek episode, "The Omega Glory", whose sacred document, the "E Plobnista" turns out to be the US Constitution, leading to a great campy Shatner monologue. Michael
Yankee Doodle Kitchen Units I came up with this one about ten years ago when i was going to start a band, can't remember why i came up with it but it probably involved a lot of Tennent's Super. Addie
Yankee Vandal Yankee candle Harlow
Yeast Infection It is a gross bodily infection. So its funny. Tanner Brockmiller
Yellow # 5 Sounds cool, as any ingredient on any food or drink packing is. helshammer
Yellow Ledbetter Another Pearl Jam song that would make a cool band name! Izzy
Yellow Mama It's the name of Alabama's old electric chair. Dan
Yellow Shrimp McTish Off of a cereal box when i was eating breakfast luke
Yellow Wires I came up with this when I was looking at my internet connection. chezney
Yellowarriors Yellow Warriors was the original, but it looks cooler this way. I was playing Capture the Flag, our team name was the Warriors and we had a yellow flag... 'nuff said. therealdeepblue
Yemassee Wrecking and Towing I was driving on a back road in Yemassee, South Carolina when I came upon a automobile salvage yard that looked like the mile of cars graveyard. The funny thing is that there were six broke down tow trucks across the street from the yard. Thus, the inspiration. JaxTony
Yesnomaybe I was reading some poem called "Six Words" (i think) when this name hit me. SamVK
Yesterday's Grey Contractors refinishing a floor comparing paint colors. Yesterday's grey was a shade different. Sounded cool. lauramager
The Yesterly's For a folk band I suppose, it's cheeky. I was using an expression one day getting coffee at a 7-11. I said, "This coffee looks a bit elderly" and then lamely added "like it was made yesterly" . It's something u think would be taken but isn't.  Kevin
The Yetti Look-alikes on mrs. doubtfire she compares herself to a yeti....could work if u have a band full of uglee ppl. faerie_lites
YHT2RRS pronouncced Yut-2-Rus basically, You Have The Right 2 Remain Silent gangsta rap band Josh 2
Yinz 2 This would be a U2 cover band in Pittsburgh, PA. "Yinz" is a colloquilism used by Pittsburghers in place of "you" or "you all", etc. Example - "Yinz goin' Dahntahn?" (Downtown... thats another story entirely) john kenerson
Ykamize Pronounced as eee-ka-meez.. well, "ikami" came from a native filipino dialect (kapampangan) which simply means "us." I just added some spice on the spelling and.. wolla! came out as YKAMIZE! such a cool name! :) sLeEpYhEaD
Yo Mama Got No Teeth Isaw Some graffiti andit said "yo mama got no teeth" and it looked so funny that I said out loud "that's the best band I've ever seen" and it was. hamp
Yo Mamma Coo Ard I have no clue what it means, but my friend said it in a chatroom, trying to think of what YMCA stands for. Junior
Yo sueño de Jeannie I hate the 60's TV show "I Dream of Jeannie" (which this means in Spanish), but for one who likes that show, he or she can use it as his or her band name. Sir Alan George Palgut I
Yoda and the Jedis I actually came up with this as a joke for a friend of mine who's obsessed with Yoda. When I told her about it, she said the lead singer would have to sing in Yoda talk. MollyPug101
Yogabilly Funk + bluegrass music - yoga means union and billy comes from being a hillbilly, ergo yogabilly. hatfield
Yogi and the Berratones I suspect their song lyrics would have lots of Yogi Berra-isms in them. RevengeFromMars YouTube
The Yokel's Lament From a very old cartoon in Mad Magazine about pop music of the time. Definitely a country band, but they'd try to bring it back to country's roots as Texas Swing and Bluegrass. Olvan The Terrible
YOLOwyers It's from Stevie TV, there was a sketch called "YOLOwyers" about a lawyer named Yolonda (notice the intentional misspelling of Yolanda) who specialized in the "YOLO defense". JeReMy
Yorasiz Mine They would demand your unconditional attention. This band would play like they mean business. and play tunes with titles like "Where's My Whip", "Viseclamp Your Other Head", "Kickin' Wallnuts". badfboybear
Yotsuba Koiwais Japanese for four leaf clovers. I love Japan. Leila Chan
You And Who's Monkey? Like 'you and who's army?' just in a more obscure and random way... Fred
You Me Him Some Other Guy and His Friend This was the name of an intramural basketball team that won our school championship one year. Cool name for a 5-member band. WildLegend
You Stole My Carpet Cleaning Van A perfect name for a stoner metal band. This moniker is a line from the Vince Vaughn comedy, "Made." Jason Reeher
You've Got Male A band made of female computer buffs. That's all I'll get into. on the fritz
The you-know-whos The other day a smashing pumpkins song came on on my sterio and i couldn't quite remember who it was by at the time, it was on the tip of my tounge and i said it was by the you-know-whos. I immediatley thought that it would be a cool name Rob
Youhaveitall Powers lie within have it all lil fish
Young Life Crisis  its like mid-life crisis...but young life .it can relate to alot of things  sams
Young Youth Stole this one from a Jello Biafra spoken word bit about bad band names. Hemp Hill
Your Bloody Heart My girlfriend broke up with me a long,long time ago. Ian
Your Destination I just heard this song and the guy sang " she is my destination" and it just made me think Amy
Your Face This is a line that me and my friend say ALOT. It's kinda just a stupid thing where we're like, "I'll kick you in YER FAAACE!" saverock'n'roll@saverock'n'
Your Father's Moustache This used to be a beauty salon which gave perms to both men and women. Bad business practices and the advent of McBarbers like Supercuts and Great Clips forced it to close for good in the 90s. But the name lives on---for new hair bands.  Indy
Your Loving Daddy Thomas the Tank Engine reference: The Rev. W. Awdry wrote a letter in "Thomas the Tank Engine" (1946) to his son Christopher. He signed this letter "YOUR LOVING DADDY" Alan the Ottoman
Your Matter Shows This is a mondegreen of a Woodsey Owl PSA; although I don't know what the real lyrics are, because there's no lyrics page with that jingle. Opie M.
Your Name Here My friend said his band name would be this, but he never started it, so. here Drake2
Your Order Number 82 I got a ticket which said that on, and it just had a ring to it. max
Your Shoelaces Untied Whenever my shoe laces come loose at work, some goody two-shoe has to yell that to me in the hallway so that everyone can hear from the other end of the building. And I'm thinking, "That's a great rock band name". united
Your Sister's Device Was playin RockBand and thats what came out of the random name generator in the game G_CrAcKa88
Your Worst Nightmare Why? Why you could go up on stage and say "We're Your Worst Nightmare." Beej
Yours Truly Speaks for itself. Wade
Youth Ecological Church I saw this poster in college with Alfred E. Neuman of MAD Magazine saying "Yeech!", and I thought it be cute if it were an acronym for something like "Your Ecological Church" or "Youth Ecological Church". Don't ask me why, I was a freshman. The Other J.C.
Youth In Asia b/c it's a play on words for euthanasia. John
Youth In Asia Double meaning in the news alot (Euthanasia? Youth In Asia?) Mike Ballenger
Youth or Consequences There's a city in New Mexico named "Truth or Consequences" (after an old radio/TV game show). Youth or Consequences seems more accurate and makes for a good band name. RevengeFromMars YouTube
Youth Revolution I don't know where this came from. I was just listening to the Misfits then BOOM! A good name for a punk/emo band SamVK
Youth Undone Refers to life lessons that we learn as we grow up Wayne L
Youthanasia Well, I thought what with all these "Degeneration-X" anti-oldie, anti-establishment types, this would be an appropriate name: Anti-adult AND political at the same time! Lewis Rees
Yuck Fu! It speaks for itself, and sounds cool as it is an indirect way of swearing. Andy and Choddy
Yukon Cornelious(sp?) and the Misfit Toys Actually, I can't take credit for it. i got it from my friend Kyle, but I thought it was one of the best band names i've ever heard! And if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about I'd like to know which rock you've been hiding under during Christmas time every year for all of known existance . . . (ya know, from the Rudolph movie . . . ? geez) Christy
Yung Jimmy I was going to go see a movie with my friend and in the car he was joking about his Grandma's nagging voice. He said something like "Go clean your room young Jimmy" (Jimmy was just a random name). He said it all in an old crackly voice. After that we realized it sounded like a band name! Of course we had to spell something wrong so we made "young" into "yung". Knumb Prodigy
Yuuen Genkaku A great name for a Japanese Styx tribute band.(The) Grand Illusion was Styx's first hit album, and one of their best, and Yuuen Genkaku means Grand Illusion in Japanese (though that's probably not totally accurate). Or just a Styx tribute band in general who likes messing with different languages. Litestar
YYZ A Rush song! G

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