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Culture Club, Duran Duran, 'Til Tuesday, etc. All the words that make up a band name that start with the same letter is known as aliteration. Clearly one word band names are exempt from this list. If a band uses The as a proper part of their name, and the rest of the words don't start with a T, then it's disqualified too. Same for the letter A.

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Entries Beginning with P

Pablo Ponce
"Let's Get Lost On A Country Road" - 1967
Candy Welty
Pajama Party
"Over And Over" - 1989
Candy Welty
Pamela Polland
"Heart Of The World" - 1995
Candy Welty
Paperclip People
"Throw" - 2004
Candy Welty
Parchment Prayer
"Subway" - 1986
Candy Welty
Party Patrol
"Party Patrol" - 2001
Candy Welty
Party People
"It's Your Time" - 2000
Candy Welty
Passion Pit
Brian Kelly
Pat Patrick
"Ain't Done" - 1956
Candy Welty
Pat Patterson
"Rab-A-Ma-Cue" - 1960
Candy Welty
Pat Peterman
"Love The Way You Do Your Thing" - 1970
Candy Welty
Pat Powdrill
"I Can't Hear You" - 1966
Candy Welty
Patent Pending
"One Less Heart To Break" - 2010
Candy Welty
Patricia Paay
"Love Where You Are Now" - 2006
Candy Welty
Patterson's People
"Shake Hands With The Devil" - 1966
Candy Welty
Patti Page
Renee Scoggins
Patty Phillipe
Candy Welty
Patty Prater
"The Substitutes For Love"
Candy Welty
Patty Pravo
"Don't Be Sad" - 1974
Candy Welty
Paul & Paula
Gave us the 1963 #1 hit, "Hey Paula".
Paul Paljett
"Little Cherry" - 1978
Candy Welty
Paul Peek
"Brother-In-Law (He's A Moocher)" - 1961
Candy Welty
Paul Penny
"Two Lovers' Ways" - 1962
Candy Welty
Paul Perry
"I Was A Fool" - 1961
Candy Welty
Paul Perryman
"I'm Walking Out" - 1958
Candy Welty
Paul Peters
"Do I Dare To Hope" - 1960
Candy Welty
Paul Peterson
On "The Donna Reed Show", had few early '60's hits
Paul Potts
Paula Parfitt
"Love Is Wonderful" - 1969
Candy Welty
Paula Perry
"Paula's Jam" - 1996
Candy Welty
Paulette Parker
"Should I Let Him Go" - 1969
Candy Welty
Pauley P.
Pauley Perrette, sang in the band Lo-Ball
Candy Welty
Peggy Paxton
"It Ain't What I Do" - 1965
Candy Welty
Penguin Prison
"The Worse It Gets" - 2010
Candy Welty
Penny Parker
"Heartache Weather" - 1960
Candy Welty
Peppy Prince
"Dance Party" - 1958
Candy Welty
Perez Prado
Famed Latin bandleader
Perfect Phase
"Slammer Jammer" - 2001
Candy Welty
Pet Parade
"Manip" - 1996
Candy Welty
Pete Parker
"I Can't Stop Loving My Baby" - 1969
Candy Welty
Peter Piano
"Peter Piano Roll Rock" - 1961
Candy Welty
Peter Posa
"The Mad Hatter" - 1964
Candy Welty
Peter Price
"Living On The Out"
Candy Welty
Peter Pringle
Peter Pumpkin
"Don't Blow Your Mind" - 1967
Candy Welty
Peter Tomelty
The Irish Patrol
Candy Welty
Peter, Paul, & Mary
Does this count?
Zakery "The Weird Man" Wood
Petey Pablo
"Raise Up" - 2001
Candy Welty
Peyton Park
"Bad Mouth" - 1965
Candy Welty
Phantom Planet
"The Meantime" - 2003
Candy Welty
Phil Phillips
Jessica Junderworth
Pick Pocket
"No Meaning" - 2007
Candy Welty
Late keyboardist with The Grateful Dead.
Pinebluff Pete
"A Woman Acts Funny" - 1972
Candy Welty
Ping Ping & Al Verlane
"Sucu Sucu" - 1961
Candy Welty
Pink Panzer
"New Pop"
Candy Welty
Pink Paradise
"Trance Or Die" - 1995
Candy Welty
Pink Pills
"Get A Smile" - 1997
Candy Welty
Pink Pong
"Pink Dream" - 2001
Candy Welty
Pink Punk
"Hope" - 2005
Candy Welty
Pisces People
"People In The Night" - 1972
Candy Welty
Placido Domingo
The last of his first name and first of his last.
Francis A. Sissy
Planet P
"Why Me?" - 1983
Candy Welty
Planet P Project
Rock Maninoff
Plastic Penny
"Everything I Am" - 1968
Candy Welty
Pleasure P
"Boyfriend #2" - 2009
Candy Welty
Pod People
Australian Doom Metal Band
Poi Dog Pondering
Elon Muskrat
Poison Planet
"Border Fences" - 2011
Candy Welty
Porno For Pyros
Power Party
"Hardcore's Rebellion" - 2001
Candy Welty
Preston Post
"Monterey Mission" - 1963
Candy Welty
Pretty Poison
Hit in the 80s with "Catch Me, I'm Falling"
one hit
Pretty Purdie
Had the 1967 hit "Funky Donkey"
Yvette Bristle
Prince & The New Power Generation
Two 'P's
Reggie Pillbox
Prince Partridge
"Cooperation" - 1954
Candy Welty
Prince Paul
"Handle Your Time" - 1999
Candy Welty
Princess Paragon
"I Want You"
Candy Welty
Project Pat
"Gold Teeth" - 2009
Candy Welty
Project Pitchfork
"Timekiller" - 2001
Candy Welty
Promageddon Pit
"Zombies In My TV!" - 2012
Candy Welty
Pulse Patrol
"Moon Unit" - 2002
Candy Welty
Punk People
"Competition" - 2005
Candy Welty
Punk Princesses
An all girl punk rock band.
Pure Power
"Pure Power" - 2000
Candy Welty
Pure Prairie League
"Let Me Love You Tonight" - 1980
Candy Welty
Purple Pam
"Green Eggs And Pam" - 2006
Candy Welty
Purple Passage
"Beyond Reality"
Candy Welty
Purple Passengers
"Refill It Up" - 2000
Candy Welty
Purple Passion
"Lights In The Sky" - 2002
Candy Welty
Purple Powder
"Party" - 1993
Candy Welty
Push Push
"What My Baby Likes" - 1992
Candy Welty
Pussy Pirates
This could be found offensive by some.

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