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Culture Club, Duran Duran, 'Til Tuesday, etc. All the words that make up a band name that start with the same letter is known as aliteration. Clearly one word band names are exempt from this list. If a band uses The as a proper part of their name, and the rest of the words don't start with a T, then it's disqualified too. Same for the letter A.

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Entries Beginning with K

K. Kool
"Hot Swing" - 1993
Candy Welty
Kaki King
"2 O'Clock" - 2008
Candy Welty
Kalani Kealoha
"It Wasn't A Dream" - 1960
Candy Welty
Kane's Cousins
K & C same sound - "Take Your Love & Shove It"
Candy Welty
Kannibal Komix
"Little Little" - 1970
Candy Welty
Kaplan Kaye
"You Took My Breath Away" - 1977
Candy Welty
Kaptain K
"Rowing Down The Amazon" - 2012
Candy Welty
Karen Carpenter
Same 'k' sound
Karen K.
"The Right Stuff"
Candy Welty
Karen Kamon
"Loverboy" - 1984
Candy Welty
Karen Kasey
"The River's Too Wide" - 1974
Candy Welty
Karen Kelly
"Crying's Not A Laughing Matter" - 1973
Candy Welty
Karen Kilner
"It Do Feel Good" - 1976
Candy Welty
Karen Knowles
"Why Don't You Explain" - 1980
Candy Welty
Kari Kimmel
Salvador Dali Parton
Karin Krog
"We Could Be Flying" - 2007
Candy Welty
Karol Keyes
"You Beat Me To The Punch" - 1965
Candy Welty
Katalina Kicks
"145" - 2010
Candy Welty
Kathy Collier
K & C same sound - "Baby Don't Knock" - 1976
Candy Welty
Kathy Keegan
"You Sent Me Silver Bells" - 1966
Candy Welty
Kathy Kirby
British singer from the 60's
Todd W. Zimmerman
Kathy Kosins
"I've Got The Night Off" - 1987
Candy Welty
Katie Kissoon
"Take Off And Go" - 1981
Candy Welty
Katrina Carlson
'K' and 'C' have the same sound.
R. Jeanine O'Succinate
Kava Kava
"Swivel" - 1995
Candy Welty
Kay Kyser
Famous bandleader
Keith Carradine
K & C same sound - "I'm Easy" - 1976
Candy Welty
Keith King
"Let's Drift Together Again" - 1954
Candy Welty
Kelly Clarkson
Another where the K & C make the same sound.
Kelly Keeling
"Mean Mistreater" - 2000
Candy Welty
Kelsey And The Chaos
Ken Cavalier
K & C same sound - "It's All In A Lifetime" - 1959
Candy Welty
Ken Copeland
K & C same sound - "Pledge Of Love" - 1957
Candy Welty
Ken Kirkham
"Ashamed" - 1966
Candy Welty
Kenneth Kirschner
"Twenty Ten" - 2011
Candy Welty
Kenny Carter
K & C same sound - "Hey Lover" - 1961
Candy Welty
Kenny Karen
"That's Why You Remember" - 1973
Candy Welty
Kerry Katona
Member of the band Atomic Kitten, 1999-2001
Candy Welty
Kevin Kane
"The Sinking Song" - 1996
Candy Welty
Kevin Keegan
"It Ain't Easy" - 1972
Candy Welty
Kevin Kerrigan
"In Shadows" - 2011
Candy Welty
Kevin King
"Swingin' Doors" - 1969
Candy Welty
Kevin Kitchen
"Just How High" - 1981
Candy Welty
Keyshia Cole
The K and the C have the same sound.
KIA Kevin Say Stage
Kid Creole And The Coconuts
2 c's, 3 k sounds.
Kid Kaio
"Broadway" - 2010
Candy Welty
Kid King
"The Brass Rail"
Candy Welty
Kid Koala
"Things'll Be Good Again" - 2006
Candy Welty
Kidd Kaos
"Push It" - 2011
Candy Welty
Kill Klan
Killer's Kiss
"Shine It" - 2006
Candy Welty
Kim Carnes
The K and C have the same sound.
Olga Ruiz
Kim Kardashian
Jessica Junderworth
King Cobra
Same sound, different letters
Ray Sunn
King Coleman
K & C same sound - "When The Fighting's Over"
Candy Welty
King Crimson
Different letters, same sound
King Curtis
K & C same sound - Had 15 hits, 1962-71
Yvette Bristle
King Karl
"So In Need Of Someone" - 1959
Candy Welty
King's Kounty Karnival
"The Proof Of The Pudding" - 1969
Candy Welty
Kingdom Come
Same sound K & C - "Get It On" - 1988
Candy Welty
Kinky Kong
"EeOoEe" - 2007
Candy Welty
Kiss Kiss Kiss
"Recorded Smiles" - 2010
Candy Welty
Kit Carson
K & C same sound - "Band Of Gold" - 1956
Candy Welty
Kitty Kallen
Jessica Junderworth
Kitty Kat
"Rock Me" - 1993
Candy Welty
Kitty Kover
"Lips That Lie" - 1958
Candy Welty
Klark Kent
"Don't Care" - 1978
Candy Welty
Knaughty Knights
"Tonight, Tonight" - 2006
Candy Welty
Koda Kumi
Salvador Dali Parton
Koji Kondo
Made the Mario and Zelda themes
Kon Kan
Recorded "I Beg Your Pardon" in the 80s.
Ugly Betty Rubble
Koonie Kerry
"Anyone Can See" - 1960
Candy Welty
Koram Khris
Candy Welty
Kottonmouth Kings
Krimson Kake
"Feelin' Better" - 1969
Candy Welty
Kris Craver
K & C same sound - "No Time To Cry" - 1956
Candy Welty
Kris Crawford
K & C same sound - "I Had A Love" - 1966
Candy Welty
Kris Kristofferson
Jessica Junderworth
Kriss Kross
They'll make you 'jump, jump'.
Kristen Kelly
"Ex-Old Man" - 2012
Candy Welty
Kristoff Krane
"Is It Right?"
Candy Welty
Two "k" sounds
Lydia Idyl
Kumi Koda
"Taboo" - 2008
Candy Welty
Kurt Cobain
The "K" and "C" are pronounced alike.
Karen Smith
Kurt Knudsen
"Jimmy Crack Corn" - 1961
Candy Welty
Kut Klose
Salvador Dali Parton

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