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Culture Club, Duran Duran, 'Til Tuesday, etc. All the words that make up a band name that start with the same letter is known as aliteration. Clearly one word band names are exempt from this list. If a band uses The as a proper part of their name, and the rest of the words don't start with a T, then it's disqualified too. Same for the letter A.

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Entries Beginning with R

Rachel Robbins
"Antiwar III" - 2004
Candy Welty
Rachel, Rachel
Female Christian rock band
Radio Rats
"I'm Not Like That" - 2003
Candy Welty
Raina Rose
"No Not Love" - 2009
Candy Welty
Ralph Rolle
"Roxanne's A Man" - 1985
Candy Welty
Ralph Royale
"She's You"
Candy Welty
Ramona Reed
"Volunteer Fool" - 1966
Candy Welty
Ramsey Royce
"Another Mountain To Climb"
Candy Welty
Randy And The Rainbows
Olga Ruiz
Randy Randstrom
"Leave Me Lonely Tonight" - 1958
Candy Welty
Randy Rhoads
Late guitarist with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot
Randy Robins
"Sticky Stuff"
Yvette Bristle
Ranking Roger
Former member of The English Beat and General Publ
British Bullcrap
Ransom Reject Reward
Rapid Robert
"My Baby Done Quit Me" - 1958
Candy Welty
Raw Recruits
"Magic Fly" - 1989
Candy Welty
Ray Parker, Jr. & Raydio
Ray Rachaels
"Here Comes Everybody's Baby" - 1971
Candy Welty
Ray Rappa
"Let's Face It" - 1960
Candy Welty
Ray Rivera
"I'll Be There" - 1955
Candy Welty
Ray Ruff
"Beatle Maniacs" - 1964
Candy Welty
Ray Rush
"So What" - 1962
Candy Welty
Red Rain
"Red Rain" - 2005
Candy Welty
Red Rat
"Love Them Bad" - 1997
Candy Welty
Red Rider
Canadian rock band; 1981 hit, "Lunatic Fringe"
Red River Dave
1960 "There's A Star Spangled Banner Hanging..."
Yvette Bristle
Red Robin
"The Surveyor" - 2010
Candy Welty
The Red Rockers
Red Rodney
Jazz trumpeter; worked with Charlie Parker
Todd W. Zimmerman
Regina Rae
"That Little Girl" - 1964
Candy Welty
Renato Rascel
"Romantica" - 1960
Candy Welty
Renee Roberts
"I Want To Love You" - 1962
Candy Welty
The Reverend Horton Heat
Rex Rinehart
"Our Love Will Grow"
Candy Welty
Rhubarb Rhubarb
"Moneylender" - 1968
Candy Welty
Rhythm Rebellion
"Universal Rhythm" - 1971
Candy Welty
Ricardo Ray
Had 1968 hit "Nitty Gritty"
Yvette Bristle
Richard Robbins
"Heat And Dust" - 1983
Candy Welty
Richard Rodgers
Of Rodgers and Hammerstein.
Richard Rome
"Leaf In The Wind" - 1958
Candy Welty
Richie Robin
"Sugar Love" - 1960
Candy Welty
Rick Randell
"Mr. Butterfingers" - 1960
Candy Welty
Rick Richards
"Big City Blues"
Candy Welty
Rick Riddle
"Sweet Lucy"
Candy Welty
Rick Ross
"Billionaire" - 2008
Candy Welty
Ricky Ricardo
"I Wish For Someone" - 1962
Candy Welty
Ricky Richards
"Under The Boardwalk" - 2001
Candy Welty
Ricky Ricks
"Why Did I" - 1966
Candy Welty
Ricky Riddle
"The House I Used To Live In" - 1957
Candy Welty
Ricky Rydell
"Who Am I Gonna Love" - 1978
Candy Welty
Riff Ruffin
"If You Please" - 1957
Candy Welty
Riki Rachtman
Former host of MTV's Headbangers Ball
Rikki Rockett
Much maligned Poison drummer
Rita Raines
Had 1956 hit "Such A Day"
Yvette Bristle
Rita Wright
R & WR same sound - "Something On My Mind" - 1967
Candy Welty
Ro Ro
"Goin' Round My Head" - 1972
Candy Welty
Rob Robinson
"Lonely Little Girl" - 1964
Candy Welty
Rob Rock
Robert Rock is a heavy metal singer and songwriter
Robbie Rivera
"One Eye Shut" - 2010
Candy Welty
Robbie Robertson
Former member with 'The Band' and solo artist
Robert Ramirez
"I'm A Number" - 2011
Candy Welty
Roberta Rex
"Joey" - 1968
Candy Welty
Robie Reed
Sang in duo with Tony Dano
Candy Welty
Robin Rice
"I've Had It" - 1963
Candy Welty
Robin Richmond
"Some Like it Hot" - 1956
Candy Welty
Rock Revival
"Quite Alright With Me" - 1971
Candy Welty
Rock Roll
"Bedrock Twitch"
Candy Welty
Rockie Robbins
"You And Me" - 1980
Candy Welty
Rockin' Ronald
"Cuttin' Out" - 1959
Candy Welty
Rockin' Rooster
"I Will Always Care For You"
Candy Welty
Rocky Roberts
"Let Them Talk" - 1965
Candy Welty
Rodney Rains
"Yellow Moon"
Candy Welty
Roger "Ram" Ramirez
"Prelude To A Kiss"
Candy Welty
Rollie Renard
"Don't Cry Baby" - 1967
Candy Welty
Rolling Rabbit
"Morning Fever" - 1998
Candy Welty
Romey Rand
"I'm Coming In"
Candy Welty
Ron Rich
"When You Need A Helping Hand" - 1961
Candy Welty
Ron Roberts
Candy Welty
Ronna Reeves
"We Can Hold Our Own" - 1992
Candy Welty
Ronnie Ravelle
Candy Welty
Rosco Robinson
"That's Enough" - 1966
Candy Welty
Rose Royce
Best known for the song "Car Wash"
Dylan Baranski
Rosemarie Rand
"Gimmie" - 1956
Candy Welty
Round Robin
Had 1964 hit "Kick That Little Foot Sally Ann"
Yvette Bristle
Roy Rector
"Heard The Back Door Slam" - 1957
Candy Welty
Roy Redmond
"Ain't That Terrible" - 1967
Candy Welty
Roy Richards
"Jamaican Memories" - 2002
Candy Welty
Roy Rogers
America's favorite singing cowboy
Old Cowboy
Rubber Rodeo
Had 1984 hit "Anywhere With You"
Yvette Bristle
Ruby Roberson
"Is It Worth A Chance"
Candy Welty
Rudy Reeder
"This Above" - 1959
Candy Welty
Rudy Rivers
"A Bigger Laugh Now" - 1965
Candy Welty
Rudy Robinson
"The Real Deal" - 1970
Candy Welty
Rum Runners
"Hey Now Hey Now" - 1995
Candy Welty
Run Kid Run
Russ Rankin
"I Walk The Line" - 2008
Candy Welty
Russ Raymond
"Playing The Fool" - 1962
Candy Welty
Rusted Root
Best known for the song "Send Me On My Way".
Brian Kelly
Rusty Richards
"Middle Hand Road" - 1960
Candy Welty
Ruth Robin
"Lonely Eyes" - 1962
Candy Welty
Ruth Ruth
Garage Band

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