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Parody TitleOriginal TitlePerformerSubmitted
YouTube (Don't Do It)White Lines (Don't Do It)Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five2021-01-22
Kate Marsh in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-01-28
Yakety Yak (Send It Back)Yakety Yak (Don't Talk Back)The Coasters2021-02-15
Emma in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-15
Lori Loud in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-15
Molotov in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-15
Chrissa Maxwell in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-19
Felicity Merriman in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-19
Josefina Montoya in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-19
Kirsten Larson in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-19
Molly McIntire in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-19
Samantha Parkington in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-19
Life is StrangePeople are StrangeThe Doors2021-02-23
Intel InsideDevil InsideINXS2021-02-23
Barbie in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-23
Skye McNeil in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-02-23
Lori's Magical FlightNeed You TonightINXS2021-02-23
Need Lori Loud TonightNeed You TonightINXS2021-02-23
Lori's Gonna Tear Him ApartNever Tear Us ApartINXS2021-02-23
As Long as You Love Lady Lovely LocksAs Long as You Love MeBackstreet Boys2021-02-23
Fading Like a Flower (Every Time Chloe Leaves)Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)Roxette2021-02-26
Don't Get Lori Loud WrongDon't Get Me WrongThe Pretenders2021-03-03
Ice Ice Baby (Featuring Luna Loud)Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice2021-03-16
Lori Loud's ThemeSpongeBob SquarePants ThemeAvril Lavigne2021-03-16
LincolnZorroThe Chordettes2021-03-16
Harry Potter In The SkyGuns In The SkyINXS2021-03-22
Butterfly in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-03-24
Mortal Kombat Theme (Heroes Edition)Mortal Kombat ThemeThe Immortals2021-03-24
Ace SavvyZorroZorro Theme Song2021-03-24
Buy, Buy, Buy a MacintoshRow, Row, Row Your BoatEven Stevens (Disney)2021-04-02
Lola in the Sky with DiamondsLucy in the Sky with DiamondsThe Beatles2021-04-05
Cars in the Sky (Grand Theft Auto V)Guns in the SkyINXS2021-04-05
Disney in the SkyGuns in the SkyINXS2021-04-05
Lola in the Sky with DiamondsGuns in the SkyINXS2021-04-05
Lori's Coming to Get YaI'm Coming OutDiana Ross2021-04-05
If Lori Should Literally Turn Back TimeIf I Could Turn Back TimeCher2021-04-05
Hollaback Girl (Black Lives Matter)Hollaback GirlGwen Stefani2021-04-05
La Vie En LoriLa Vie En Rose (English)Belinda Carlisle2021-04-05
La Vie En LoriLa Vie En Rose (English)Cyndi Lauper2021-04-05
La Vie En LoriLa Vie En Rose (English)Tony Bennett & k.d. lang2021-04-05
T.I.M.P. (Turtles In My Pants)S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants)Robbie Wyckoff, Danny Jacob & Ashley Tisdale2021-04-05
Restricted Sidewalk (Do Not Enter)Yellow SidewalkAlyson Stoner2021-04-05
Broken Wings (Secret of the Wings)Broken WingsMr. Mister2021-04-06
Be Wonderful (Disney)Be WonderfulT'Pau2021-04-07
Sick, Sick, Sick of DeviantArt (aka The Unblock Me Song)Row, Row, Row Your BoatEven Stevens (Disney)2021-04-23
Lori Loud Doesn't Care That She's BossyBad ReputationJoan Jett2021-04-29
Strange LifeSimple LifeElton John2021-05-07
Luan LoudLuanneForeigner2021-05-10
Strange Life (Fixed Version)Simple LifeElton John2021-05-10
Smelly BoySmelly CatFriends Cast2021-05-10
Lori Loud on FireGirl on FireAlicia Keys2021-05-12
Mambo No. 5 (The Loud House)Mambo No. 5Lou Bega2021-05-13
Cockroaches Bring Andrea DownDon't Bring Me DownElectric Light Orchestra2021-07-30
1216 Franklin Avenue2112Rush2021-08-24
Hillaire PorcheTom SawyerRush2021-08-24
Best Buy CanBest I CanRush2021-08-25
The Spirit of PlayStation 4The Spirit of RadioRush2021-08-25
Keep It Comin' LynnKeep It Comin' LoveKC & The Sunshine Band2021-11-29
Lousy ChristmasLast ChristmasWHAM!2021-11-29
What's On Your Mind (Human Pretzel)What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)Information Society2021-11-29
Pinky, Lori, and the BrainPinky, Elmyra and the BrainTheme Songs2021-11-29
What's On Your Mind (Boomerang)BoomerangJoJo Siwa2021-11-29
Sick, Sick, Sick of The Dove FoundationRow, Row, Row Your BoatEven Stevens2021-11-29
Short Ballet Rap (No School Night for Maddie)Take Me Out To The Ball GameTraditional2021-11-29
Eleven Loud SiblingsFive Little MonkeysTraditional2022-02-03
Leni Loud Is A Clueless HypocriteLondon Bridge Is Falling DownTraditional2022-02-07
Lincoln Loud Broke The TV!Dead On The MoneyAndy Taylor2022-02-21
Lincoln Loud Broke The TV! (Part II)Dead On The MoneyAndy Taylor2022-02-22
Escapade (Featuring Jazz Jennings)EscapadeJanet Jackson2022-02-22
Lincoln Adores Mi Ronnie AnneI Adore Mi AmorColor Me Badd2022-03-03
BalletWarEdwin Starr2022-03-15
Sick, Sick, Sick of sneon2000Row, Row, Row Your BoatEven Stevens2022-03-16
Britney Spears is BadMickey Mouse Club ThemeDisney2022-05-09
My Beautiful PrincessMy GirlThe Temptations2022-05-16
SciGirlsMy GirlThe Temptations2022-05-16
Lincoln Loud's ThemeScooby Doo ThemeScooby Doo2022-05-16
SciGirls Just Want to Have FunGirls Just Want to Have FunCyndi Lauper2022-05-16
Lincoln LoudParticle ManThey Might Be Giants2022-05-16
American Girl ThemePokemon ThemePokemon2022-05-16
Sailor Lori ThemeSailor Moon ThemeSailor Moon2022-05-16
Kaci Lyn Battaglia vs. Christina AguileraJust An Old BoyfriendKaci2022-05-16
Princess ToadstoolMickey Mouse Club ThemeDisney Songs2022-05-16
Don’t Let’s Start 2.0Don’t Let’s StartThey Might Be Giants2022-05-26
Mathew ReinaParticle ManThey Might Be Giants2022-05-31
Girl CodeDowntownPetula Clark2022-06-06
Jude Harrison’s LiesLittle LiesFleetwood Mac2022-06-06
GregoncpuParticle ManThey Might Be Giants2022-06-06
JasonJoleneDolly Parton2022-06-24
That’s A MoragThat’s AmoreDean Martin2022-08-02
I Like What I Am (Newly Fixed)Best Thing EverThe Loud House2022-12-02
Little House on the Prairie vs. Full HouseEpic Rap Battles of HistoryNice Peter & Epic Lloyd2022-12-02
Ain’t Too Loud To BegAin’t Too Proud To BegThe Temptations2023-08-03
Lori is SlowPeter is SlowFamily Guy2023-10-30
Lori is Slow (Fixed Version)Peter is SlowFamily Guy2023-10-31
Ronnie SlapsRhythm StepsHerbie Kay & His Orchestra2023-11-14
Ronnie Anne Slaps (Fixed Version)Rhythm StepsHerbie Kay & His Orchestra2023-11-15
Ronnie Anne Slaps (Fixed Version; Now Updated)Rhythm StepsHerbie Kay & His Orchestra2023-11-15
Rockinoutlive’s Rude!Particle ManThey Might Be Giants2023-12-26
Tom and JillJack and JillTraditional2024-02-13