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This is the most recent information about M.I.A. that has been submitted to amIright. If we have more information about M.I.A., then we provide a link to the section where it appears (the actual page whenever possible).


Stupid Band Names:

  • The name actually isn't stupid, but what *is* stupid is that it can actually refer to two different music acts: 1) an American punk rock band that was only active in the 1980's, and 2) a solo British-born female singer who has been active since the mid-2000s. However, the soloist is the more well-known of the two. Submitted by: Skippy

Music Performer Pseudonyms:

Also known as: Mathangi Arulpragasam . Submitted by: She

Also known as: Maya Arulpragasam. Submitted by: nally

New Song Names:

Original Song Name
New Song Name
Submitter Name
"Timmah! (Livin' A Lie)""Jimmy"hamburger456
"1 Dollar""10 Dollar"anon

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"Games People Play," Joe South"Bingo," M.I.A.
"The Game," Disturbed"Bingo," M.I.A.
"Last Name," Carrie Underwood"Galang," M.I.A.
"What's Your Name?," Lynyrd Skynyrd"Galang," M.I.A.
There are additional songs titles that answer other songs available.

Remove a Letter From a Song Title:

"Word Town" originally "World Town"
Vanna White's kind of town?
"World Own" originally "World Town"
Own what?
"World Tow" originally "World Town"
What Atlas did?
"World Ton" originally "World Town"
I think it weighs A LOT more than that.
"Paper Lanes" originally "Paper Planes"
Not the best kind of pavement.
Karen Smith

There are additional song titles with a letter removed available.

Add a Letter to a Song Title:

"Pamper Planes" originally "Paper Planes"
Karen Smith
"Paper Planets" originally "Paper Planes"
The kind with only a paper moon?
Diana Jasper

Change a Letter:

"Paper Places" originally "Paper Planes"
"Bucky Done Guy" originally "Bucky Done Gun"
"Becky Done Gun" originally "Bucky Done Gun"
Lindsay Doyle
"Piper Planes" originally "Paper Planes"
An actual kind of airplane!
Marcia Zarwetten-Grassi
"Paper Plates" originally "Paper Planes"
Seems rather obvious to me!

There are additional song titles with a letter changed available.

Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"Paper Planes""Paper Planes"the_conqueror_of_parodies
"XXXO""Excessive Jokes"the_conqueror_of_parodies
"Paper Planes""All He Wants to do is Shoot and Kill Bugs Bunny"Tony Wiseguy
"Paper Planes""Maury"Dominic L.
"Paper Planes""Zombie Brains"R 'N R

Bad Choices for On Hold Music:

Song Name
Paper PlanesAirportKerry

Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
I Believe I Can Fly
   R Kelly
Paper Planes
I Believe I Can Fly Paper Planes
Jacynthia Maries
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
   LCD Soundsystem
Daft Punk Is Playing Bingo At My House
And I'm the caller!
Max E. Padd
What Lurks On Channel X?
   Rob Zombie
What Lurks On Channel XXXO?
Cum On Feel The Noize
   Quiet Riot
Bring The Noize
Cum On Bring The Noize
Mark Richardson
There are additional duets that haven't been done yet available.

If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be:

Sia combined with M.I.A.
Submitted By: Quyjibo
Boney M.I.A.
Boney M combined with M.I.A.
MIA did mention once in a radio interview that she was a childhood fan of Boney M.
Submitted By: nally
M.I.A. combined with Mya
Submitted By: nally

Misheard Lyrics:

"Paper Planes"
Misheard Lyrics:
If you catch me at the border I got faeces in my name
Original Lyrics:
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name
"Paper Planes"
Misheard Lyrics:
Pirate skulls and bombs
sticks and stone and weed and bong
Original Lyrics:
Pirate skulls and bones
sticks and stones and weed and bombs
Misheard Lyrics:
Goose-finger! Now I'm hitting the sex.
Original Lyrics:
'Cause bingo! Now I'm hitting a six.
Misheard Lyrics:
Frito Lay's (galang a lang a lang lang)
Bag of Lay's (galang a lang a lang lang)
Original Lyrics:
Blaze a blaze (galang a lang a lang lang)
Purple haze (galang a lang a lang lang)
There are additional misheard lyrics available.

Misheard Lyrics Stories:

"Paper Planes"
Misheard Lyrics:
If you catch me at the border I got faeces in my name
Original Lyrics:
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name

Story about this misheard lyric by: Dan

You never know, they could be singing about being on the run after illegal scatological behaviour...

Song Lyrics That Mention Other Songs:

The Song Lyrics:
Blaze-a-blaze, ga-lang-a-lang-a-lang-a-lang
Purple haze, ga-lang-a-lang-a-lang-a-lang
Song They Mention:
"Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix.
Submitted by: nally
The Song Lyrics:
London calling, speak the slang now
Song They Mention:
"London Calling" by The Clash.
Submitted by: nally

Band Name Anagrams:

Aim Submitted by: Jeffrey
I Am Submitted by: Jeffrey

Song Title Anagrams:

"Young Buck Den" originally "Bucky Done Gun"
A buck is a male deer. But lions live in dens!
Submitted by: Thomas Foolery
"Pale Snapper" originally "Paper Planes"
Red snapper fish losing its coloring?
Submitted by: Anna Graham
"Nepal Papers" originally "Paper Planes"
Submitted by: Anna Graham
"Paper Panels" originally "Paper Planes"
Such panels wouldn't be very strong.
Submitted by: Anna Graham

Real Places Mentioned in Songs:

"Bucky Done Gun"
The Lyrics:
London, quiet down I need to make a sound
New York, quiet down I need to make a sound
Kingston, quiet down I need to make a sound
Brazil, quiet down I need to make sound
London, New York, Kingston (the capital of Jamaica), and Brazil.
Submitted by: xxxpress

Songs That Are Banned:

Banned by MTV for the line "like PLO I don't surrendo." Here, PLO is referring to the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
Submitted by: dxman

Upbeat Songs With Depressing Lyrics:

"Paper Planes"
The Lyrics:
All I wanna do is *BANG BANG BANG BANG*
And *kaching* And take your money
The beat and song itself sounds pretty upbeat and relaxed when the lyrics are talking about seedy-sounding activity and robbery... I actually love this song.
Submitted by: Aninnymouse

What A Band is Best Known For (aside from their music):

"Super Bowl middle finger"
Rapper M.I.A. flipped the bird towards a camera during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime.
Submitted by: JeReMy

Bad Ringtone Choices:

"Paper Planes"
The Lyrics:
All I wanna do is-*BANG* *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*
And a-*click* *ca-ching!*
And take your money
If your phone went off with this ringtone while you were in a bank, everybody would think you're going to rob it.
Submitted by: Kerry

Other Artists:

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