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Do you know why a band picked out it's name? Feel free to let us know.

I can't verify all of these stories, so do take them with a grain of salt. I try and delete the ones that I know to be bogus, but I don't know the origins of every band name (and some bands intentionally tell different stories about picking their band name).

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Q-bert Of the video game called Q-bert in the 80's ! xikie
Q65 They took the Q of Susy Q and 66 from Route 66. Only Q66 didn't sound well so they changed it in Q65. superfan
Qntal In a dream, vocalist Sigrid Hausen saw the letters in flames Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Quarterflash Seafood Mama were reading in the library while staying with Boylan, but what did they read to choose the name Quarterflash Lesley Harrigan
Quarterflash "A quarter flash and three parts foolish" is an Australian saying, though I believe the band was American. C. L. Knapp
Quarterflash The band, from the Northwest, was originally called "Seafood Mama". They already had an album cut but it couldn't get off the ground due to the band's name. They changed their name to Quarterflash and their hit song "Harden My Heart" finally made it onto the charts. johnnyrev99
Quarterflash The band's original manager said that for a band to make it big in America, it had to be three quarters rock and one quarter flash! knowitall
Queen Freddie came up with the name after some really bad ones from Roger and Brian, and they liked the fact that it sounded regal, that it was almost a universal word, the simplicity of it and the risque humour behind it. John didn't join until a year after the band was named, so he had no say in it.  Aries
Queen I have a video documentary about Freddie M / Queen compiled by the BBC and broadcast just after his death. Roger and Brian were originally in a band together called "Smile". When Freddie joined them they took on the name "Queen" because, in Freddie's own words, it was "Very pompus, very grand," Judging by the grin on his face, I reckon it was to do with being bisexual and he was having a stab at the establishment (This was the seventies, remember).  James RRRRR
Queen I was watching a show and they asked how Queen picked there name. They said they picked because alot of people in countries would understand it. **JEANETTE**
Queen The name of the band was not for its regal sound, or anything to do with homosexuality. It was all Freddie's idea that the name be Queen after his grandmother-s pet dog "Queenie". Richard n
Queen Freddie Mercury was gay, so this was his idea of sarcasm Quadropheniac
Queen I just want to refute something said earlier about Freddy Mercury's sexuality. It is very well known that Freddy was not gay but, in fact, Bi-sexual. Furthermore, Queen was chosen because of its regal sound and almost universal relevance, especially in Europe. Jesse
QueenOrangeSoda Lucia chose the name because she had been addicted to orange soda ever since she was three, and QueenOrangeSoda sounded perfect for her. P.S. There's no spaces because QueenOrangeSoda was an internet personality before she was a singer-songwriter, and her account name on many websites is "QueenOrangeSoda". hannahffans2
Queens Of The Stone Age Josh Homme and Nick Olivieri were strolling through the Scottish town of Ayr, when they walked into Nirvana, a freak shop that has a non-electric time machine, according to VD's Sean Graham. The dynamic duo were transported back to the Stone Age, where they were made queens. This may have been a flight of fantasy Uncle Charlie
Queens of the Stone Age During one of the jam sessions after Kyuss had broken up and Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri and Alfredo Hernandez were starting a band, they were all on some sort of drug and one of them mentioned that they sounded like Queen, only Queen from the Stone Age. James D
Queens Of The Stone Age When the guys who are in this band were in a band named Kyuss their produser Chris Goss called them Queens of the stone age because they were stoned in the studio Hjs ӳkarsd󴴩r
Queens Of The Stone Age thank chris goss of the masters of reality for this one. just something he used to describe kyuss as, and when josh decided not to use gamma ray because of that guy in helloween or whatever, he went with qotsa. got this info off rockline, maybe october 2002. elroy
Queensryche Their EP, featuring Queen of the Reich was released and it took off, so the band, pressed for time, had to decide on a name. Queensryche was created from the song title, and the name has stuck ever since. Contrary to a comment elsewhere on, it has nothing to do with a gay dictatorship. Stu Cazzo
Question Mark (?) and The Mysterians Question Mark (?) also legally changed his name to ?, and to this day thinks he's an extra-terrestrial. Jonah Falcon
Question Mark (?) and The Mysterians The lead singer, nicknamed Question Mark, wanted to remain anonymous. The Mysterians were from an old 50s science-fiction movie. oldsong
Quicksilver Messenger Service 1970's movie about bike couriers called "quicksilver" after the company in it. sean s.
Quicksilver Messenger Service Four of the five original members were Virgos. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, and another name for Mercury is Quicksilver. Greg G.
Quiet Riot Kevin DuBrow's friend Rick Parfitt (Status Quo) said "Quite right". But with the British accent, it sounded more like "Quiet riot". Also synonymous with the title of an old Buddy Rich song. rocker

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