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Sometimes a song you hear for the first time, is innocent and sweet sounding. Then you listen closer to the lyrics, and realize it's talking about stuff you didn't realize. Double-entendres help disguise the filthiest of songs.

Dirty Songs You Didn't Know Were Dirty, Madonna

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Madonna's, "Borderline"
The dirty Lyrics:
Keep on pushing my love Over the borderline
Why They're dirty:
This song is about female masturbation/orgasm (She said it herself)
Submitted by: IvCo93
Madonna's, "Crazy for You"
The dirty Lyrics:
Two by two their bodies become one
Why They're dirty:
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that this means two people are doing it!
Submitted by: crazydon
Madonna's, "Don't Stop"
The dirty Lyrics:
I know I can move you,
You know I can groove you,
Feel it in your body,
Sing, la-di, la-di
Why They're dirty:
Madonna, being the Queen of Rauchiness in pop music, obviously doesn't need to disguise her lyrics. Wicked innuendo, btw!
Submitted by: Waterbabe
Madonna's, "Erotica"
The dirty Lyrics:
I'd like to put you in a trance, all over
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body
Erotic, erotic
Give it up, do as I say
Give it up and let me have my way
I'll give you love, I'll hit you like a truck
I'll give you love, I'll teach you how to ...
Why They're dirty:
What rhymes with truck and begins with an "F"?
Submitted by: Beth
Madonna's, "Justify my Love"
The dirty Lyrics:
I wanna kiss you in Paris
I wanna hold your hand in Rome
I wanna run naked in a rainstorm
Make love in a train cross-country
You put this in me
So now what, so now what?
Why They're dirty:
Running nude? Look at it once more, okay!
Submitted by: Beth
Madonna's, "Like a Prayer"
The dirty Lyrics:
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there
Why They're dirty:
Oh, Madonna. This was such a good song. Why did you have to go there?
Submitted by: Tessa
Madonna's, "Like a Virgin"
The dirty Lyrics:
Like a virgin, hey touched for the very first time
Why They're dirty:
A virgin is someone that's never um...did it before
Submitted by: QueenFanatic
Madonna's, "Open Your Heart"
The dirty Lyrics:
I have the lock, baby you turn the key
Why They're dirty:
Do I have to explain this?
Submitted by: Spirit of 86
Madonna's, "Rescue Me"
The dirty Lyrics:
I believe that you can rescue me
Why They're dirty:
The sultry Madonna likes having sex. "Rescue me" means have sex.
Submitted by: Semaphore
Madonna's, "Revolver"
The dirty Lyrics:
My love's a revolver.
My sex is a killer.
Do you wanna die happy?
Why They're dirty:
Oh, great love song, Madonna. Is it REALLY a love song? :O
Submitted by: Freddie
Madonna's, "Where Life Begins"
The dirty Lyrics:
So won't you go down where it's warm inside
Go down where I cannot hide
Go down where all life begins
Go down that's where my love is
Why They're dirty:
the song suggests "oral sex"
Submitted by: Honey

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