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These are lyrics by Yes that we think are kind of dumb.

The Word Is Live album at
Yes', "Love Will Find A Way"
The Dumbest Lyrics:
'I eat at Chez Nous.'
Why They're Dumb:
What the hell does that line have to do with the song? Couldn't they find a better rhyme to 'Here is my heart waiting for you'? I will always love Yes' music. However, this line is one of the lamest lyrics in rock history. With all apologies to Yes: their music and lyrics are usually so brilliant.
Submitted by: Stella
Yes', "Love Will Find a Way"
The Dumbest Lyrics:
I eat at Chez Nous
Why They're Dumb:
I don't know if there is any relation, but Chez Nous is in fact actually a very old tiny hole-in-the-wall piano bar in Phoenix, Arizona.

I probably would advise not eating there myself, given that it likely looks from the cover that it would have numerous health-code violations. Hopefully, the music's better than the food.
Submitted by: pohlmacs