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These are lyrics by System Of A Down that we think are kind of dumb.

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System Of A Down's, "Chop Suey!"
The Dumbest Lyrics:
Wake up, Grap a brush and put on a little make up have the scars to fade away the shake up why'd you leave the keys upon the table? here you go create another fable
Why They're Dumb:
dont get me wrong, great song but what the hell is it about? how the hell do you put make up on with a brush? 'have the scars to fade away the shake up' what?!?!? thats makes absolutly no sense! and what have keys being left on the table gotta do with anything?
Submitted by: mat
System of a Down's, "I-E-A-I-A-I-O"
The Dumbest Lyrics:
Icicles strectching!
Why They're Dumb:
Wow, it's cold outside and there are icicles. Hey, let's write a heavy metal song about it!
Submitted by: Eric Sarley
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