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These are lyrics by Jim Croce that we think are kind of dumb.

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Jim Croce's, "Bad Bad Leroy Brown"
The Dumbest Lyrics:
And the trouble soon began
Leroy Brown learned a lesson 'bout messin'
With the wife of a jealous man.
Why They're Dumb:
If the woman was as much of a 'piece of property' (a cliche overused in the Archie comics, with Moose and Midge) as the events following Leroy's noticing this woman would suggest, why would her jealous husband even allow her to go out of the house, let alone sit alone on a bar stool, apparently unescorted? Unless the husband is a sadist and ordered his wife to sit there as 'bait' so he could enjoy beating the stuffing out of any man who innocently approached her. Pretty lame, Jim.
Submitted by: Doug Montgomery
Jim Croce's, "Time In A Bottle"
The Dumbest Lyrics:
If I had a box just for wishes And dreams that had never come true The box would be empty except for the memory Of how they were answered by you
Why They're Dumb:
Didn't he just say that the box was just for wishes and dreams? A memory isn't a wish or a dream. Ergo, the box should be *completely* empty.
Submitted by: Joshua Truax
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