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Song Parodies -> "They Mock all that Really Matters"

Original Song Title:

"Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters"

Original Performer:

Elton John

Parody Song Title:

"They Mock all that Really Matters"

Parody Written by:

Linda Terhune

The Lyrics

Amiright? Of course I am!
Now we know
Clannish left stem not just from bitty nerds or gay
It makes one blue
To know the left wing's plight is immoral and – not so pretty
Until they see, their trash con dreams come true
They'll be on that edge placing hate and blame on you
And I thank the Lord for the right wing friends of mine
I get so sick hearing lefty's always whine


While they mock all that really matters
Words of cankers and destroyers
Try rebounding with more words of hate and slight
For unless they play cut throat
Just to try to win the vote
They have no platform so resort to spite

This country's got
It has a lot of everything
But with their bitterness they won't join in
They're grumpy and they moan
Grow their own, their own seeds sown of hate and of self-pity

Liberal's they say what they can to bring us down
And they get worse, when their party don't rule the town
Pray to the Lord who the left wing's tearing down
And thank the Lord that the right wing is around


Mother Teresa's good word shatters
From the evil talks like Maher's
That abound with words that's God's not worth the fight
And they come off as if they're spry
But they're not and here is why
They know not what is dark inside or light

Now you know
Liberal's condemn then lead us with KKK
The news today
Hillary's guilty plea, financial fraud - in New York City

Easy to spot, they're the one's who wear a frown
And they'll get worse cuz their party's not in town
Just thank the Lord their party's run by a clown
And thank the Lord that the right wing's still around


And know that moral values matter
Those the left wing wants to shatter
Cuz to be a socialist God has to go
And they'll make you think they're cool
But they're nothing more than fools
They know not what is dark inside or light

They know not what is dark inside or light

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World Record State Deficit At Large - March 27, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda - I just read your novella of comments on Mr Pacholeks parody and Id like to thank you, for giving us laymen psychologists deeper insight into a brainwashed mind. Also, heres a link I think your mommy will shed a tear over should she ever come across it (because it wasnt around for her back when she needed it):­ta-abortion.html
Hyperlinking For Dummies - March 27, 2006 - Report this comment
Take away the hyphen between ko-ta and the link will work (its a software thing on this site)
Linda - March 27, 2006 - Report this comment
Oh goodness, another clever adolescent, when will the thrill be over? You might want to think about brushing up on your sarcasm, because you are really pretty poor in that department. And certainly, one does not need to be an psychologist to be able to determine that “Mr. Pacholeks” is one disturbed person. I don’t know why it is any of your business, unless you are “Mr. Pacholeks”, in which case you could have used your own name, (unless the shame over takes you and is too much for you to handle). In any case, you are welcome, any time you need to hear the truth, (which is pretty much always but you’ll never admits that " you can’t even admit your name), you just look me up. Finally, your “mommy” reference, (another mature showing), is a yawn. Again, your attempt at humor has failed. My “mommy” (I called her mom, only immature imps such as yourself call their mom’s mommy), is dead and has been for a while now, as is my dad. I got your drift, but figured “why attempt to find this site for this peacock, my ‘mommy’ is dead” Oh and my parents were not baby killers and did not support it, your time line sucks badly too! I am humored by your attempt to move me into some anger though, that’s funny. Now why don’t you just move along, mind your own business and protect your guy at his parody page like a good little freak, okay?
Michael Pacholek - March 27, 2006 - Report this comment
This is the best parody ever to appear under your name, Linda. Who wrote it, Karen Hughes? 'Cause we all know she wrote Georgie's campaign autobio "A Charge to Keep," since Georgie doesn't READ books, let alone write them. Crazy assertions and outright lies still condemn it to all-ones status, even if the thousand-to-one shot that you actually did write it yourself comes in. Yes, I am one disturbed person, and what's disturbing me is fascism out of the White House, the Congressional majority, and the judicial activists on the far right. That's what you should call your page: "Amifarright." By a long shot. Yes, I am disturbed. You've no doubt seen the bumper stickers: "If you aren't outraged, you don't understand the situation." I understand it, and I am outraged. Fortunately, I have a few outlets that hurt nothing but the feelings of people who could use a few shots to their feelings. Next customer! Lurker? You wanna volunteer?
World Record State Deficit At Large - March 27, 2006 - Report this comment
I can assure you that Im not Mr Pacholek. He is more than able to speak up for himself, as you well know. Im just a European person whos intrigued, amused and disturbed by the fact that the land founded in opposition to King Georges call for imperial obedience are now closing the circle with a King George of their own.
Linda - March 30, 2006 - Report this comment
Well Michael, Mr. passive aggressive pillar of parodies, I will take that first line as a compliment. I don’t understand why you felt that it was written by Ms. Hughes merely because she wrote something with President Bush. You did not make a real connection there at all and its impossible to read a mind made up of twisted logic and half truths that swim around in a pool of misguided information sludge created by a desperate and unethical party and good marketing. Furthermore, I don’t know who it is you are trying to snow again, but “A Charge to Keep” was not an “autobio” (I assume you called it an “autobio” because you could not spell autobiography). Furthermore, the book was co-written by Ms. Hughes and came out in 1999 originally, you obviously did not read it as you know so little about it). ------ As for your claim that the president “does not read books and therefore does not write books” is absolutely incorrect in a rather large way. I don’t know if you said that in an attempt to persuade others who may read your post into believing more of your outright lies and made up facts or you did not know the truth and were just making it up as you went along to try and persuade others into believing your tripe. I understand that is how the left has been relating to the public, lies, half truths and on several dozen news and interviews where they have actually made up facts on the spot to suit their purposes, but come on! Not only has it made a great deal of your leaders look stupid in interviews where the interviewer knows the real facts about what they just made up and exposes them, but it plays on the assumption that Americans are basically stupid and would just blindly believe them when they make it sound so ‘real’. The truth is that not everyone in the country is a stupid as you think they are or hope they are, and you and those others who constantly use this form of deceit, (among others), are actually the dim lot by making that assumption. I realize that you have bought into scores of those half truths, made up thing, lies etc., but that is generally because you are easily fooled, weak minded and have no interest in using perspective in life nor listening to the facts when they do not support your “all knowing’ beliefs. WARNING TO ALL READING THIS, THIS ‘MAKE UP LIES AS YOU GO ALONG’ THING THAT MICHAEL DOES OFTEN, IS JUST MAKING YOU ALL FOOLS FOR BUYING HIS GARB!
Linda - March 30, 2006 - Report this comment
The fact is Michael Pacholek, President Bush has not only written books and several dozen forwards and sections for some biggie great history books (and several other types of education, geography and even of ethical sorts), (about 25 times that of any president and certainly of Clinton), but he is the FIRST president to write books PRIOR to becoming president! He had books published long before he became president in fact. The book you mentioned (and yet did not read) was written before he became president (and is not an ‘autobio’ either, “Mr. Make it all up to Look Smart and Credible”. He wrote books such as ‘American Foreign Policy’ in 1996 and “Dallas: City of Dreams” in 1990. He has also been the chief editor in several other books and co-authored even more. Since he became president he has had more of his own books published, very different reality than “a man who doesn’t read and so cannot write”. In fact, you obviously fit that description far better than does President Bush judging by your horrible vocabulary, your ignorance of the president or his writing and your sorry sheepish personality who allows you to be taken, snowed, duped so readily. ------ And your use of the name “Georgie” (yet another example of your incredible infantile mind, sorry mentality and your disrespectful and deceptive personality), is only serving you in an extremely negative way. How do you think you are actually helping your party by representing it with the tools that a child uses in the schoolyard as he taunts the children around him? How do you think it helps you, do you actually think it does help you? You think showcasing your childish name-calling is an asset to your party? I think its an asset to mine, but what ever you want to use and call it good, more power too you. Appeal to the lower forms and the worst in people, you are apt to stay in the same miserable and immature state for the rest of your natural life. ----- Then, as if your comment of deceit cannot get even more “blowhard-ish” you write: “Crazy assertions and outright lies still condemn it to all-ones status, even if the thousand-to-one shot that you actually did write it yourself comes in. As usual, you make broad statements without any facts. Where and what are those “crazy assertions” Michael? The only crazy assertions on this page have come from your lies that I have shown you and all who read this are lies! Maybe you were attempting to look like a smart and skilled debater " a man who is standing up for what is right and fighting against the evil you cannot name, i.e., playing the crowd as you have been played. Furthermore, your announcing all ‘ones’ is yet another example of your dishonestly, (a theme in most of your comments of my parodies). By rating a one, for example, in pacing is neither honest nor ethical, especially when you have put down those who have done it to you! The pacing was fine and did nor merit a ‘one’ and yet in your total intolerant, unethical and a hypocritical stance, you gave it a one. You have outright put down others for that very same reason, giving ones to your songs that are political… yet, you go out and do the very same thing to others. You are a shining example of a dishonest and partisan regular here at this site, a professional liar and unfair rater " what an asset you are Michael! And your claim that I did not write it, is interesting. Why in the world would you say that, “MR. KNOW IT ALL YET KNOW SO LITTLE”? Is it because you think it is written well and are threatened by that fact, huh? Is it that you are unable to handle the fact that I wrote it and so you need to put that ‘question’ in other’s minds as well, you just hate facing that nasty pride in you as an adult would, don’t you Michael? So your ‘thousand to one’ bet is a bad one for you, you lose again and as always, I can prove I wrote it, prove where you have lied in this comment and others and pretty much prove most everything you say while in your fake little king of the site mode is untrue. Your journey to impress the masses does fool the already foolish, but it doesn’t fool the thinkers.
Linda - March 30, 2006 - Report this comment
Now for the last half of your comment, you should have stopped at the first two lies and deceits from the first half! There is no ‘fascism’ in the white house and for you to zoom in on that bandwagon of a term, just proves what I have been saying to you, you are a led, fed, sheep of a moron! More accurate and much more honest statement would have said that you are disturbed and what is disturbing you is your persistent need to hang onto your pride as if you will die if you let it go. What is more accurate is that you are disturbed because you do not have adult coping skills to deal with pride like a normal and healthy adult and so resort to name calling and trashing " disrespect and infantile behavior in which has become second nature to you. What would have been more accurate would be that you are disturbed because you wallow in your own abyss of misery and hate made up from that sorry pride you cannot deal with and misguided information which you embraced to help you run from facing that nasty pride. What would have been more accurate of a statement would have been that ‘you are disturbed because you actually think your disrespectful and illogical notions are a positive thing for you and your party and that your own abyss you adore so much is actually healthy. ---- As far as your cutesy suggestion about calling my page “amifarright” and putting aside the fact that it is more of your normal juvenile nature, I can say this: anything that is conservative democrat, yes, conservative democrat to conservative in your eyes is far right. That is because you are so over the norm, over the top far left that you can’t see anything else but in the right direction. When you are at the total end of the line radical left, there is no more one can reach less he/she fall off! So even a moderate democrat is a radical right in your estimation and a moderate democrat to you must seem to be a real Republican who is a trader to his/her own party. When you wrote, “By a long shot” have to wonder what you meant, it is a fragment and I do not understand it. As for your bumper sticker that you say reads, “If you aren’t outraged, you don’t understand the situation”… all I can say is that in all the bumper sticker sites that I have seen it in, it doesn’t really read that way. I have seen the “If you are not outraged then you have not been paying attention”. And if you want to know the truth, the biggest Internet bumper sticker (and sticker site) has that but on the conservatives page. For a store that capitalizes on the current hate and bashing fad and who has several of your silly bumper stickers and very few right stickers, it was interesting that it show up on the right’s section. I gather that it is because it came about during the Clinton administration and you vanilla newbies sort of adopted it for your own needs. As I read it, it tells the story of the demoncrat’s daily attacks by the far left nut cases in the senate and the explosive and crazed leader of the DNC Their lack of doing any sort of work for the country, their daily attacks and refusal to pass anything " even for the good of the country (because they would not get the credit and they are campaigning all the time) is more accurate of where the outrage should be. Their constant attacks, implications, accusations and full time hate attacks are where the left spends our tax money. Cont......
Linda - March 30, 2006 - Report this comment
CONT.. They are paid attackers, disrespect and dirty tricks are second nature and they plan campaigns for their pay check. Look at last week when the letter handed out in closed session by Reid was leaked. It was yet another plan to tear down the president, in detail and the most blatant showing of plotting against their own government and deceiving all of our citizens that they have come up with, (this month anyway). That discovery was not only ignored by the left wing media, but it was real news, more proof of their using their position to play politics and at the expense of the tax payers who pay them rather nicely! That kind of undermining is not American, that bumper sticker in reality applies more to those who should be outraged at that ongoing, deceptive, dirty, underhanded plotting on our dime, by the current leaders of a very desperate party, the demoncrats. Everyone should be outraged, but those taken by good marketing and those who do not look past their own egocentric needs and hopes and into reality and facts, like yourself, are too far gone to even know up from down. That kind of behavior is endorsed by only those who do not care who they hurt or what they destroy, only care about winning elections someday, the true example of evil. If you cannot see it for what it is then YOU are not paying attention, and it is more than obvious to any normal level headed person who reads your stuff and to me, that YOU are not paying attention. Just like them, you are taking the path of lies and deceit, jumping on that love to hate and attack bandwagon so cleverly marketed to grab emotions and make people like you miserable so you will spread the bull to everyone you can, (a clever marketing plan, I have to give them that much). That is outrageous, that is the reality " no matter how much my songs or the facts may bite for you, your pride, and your ego issues. I realize you are too far-gone to learn truth with facts and see reality and I realize that if by some small miracle you actually did look and see the truth you would not be the hero king of your parody paradise " a risk too costly to your esteem. But that Mr. Shallow, is one sacrifice or risk that a strong and decent person would make, and I am afraid you are neither strong nor decent and so unable and unwilling to be a strong decent individual -------- -------- --- Finally, your last comment; first of all, its all showboat, all a bunch of hot air to self promote yourself here, pretty pathetic in itself. Secondly, if you were serious in those few comments that I did read that came right after Lurker’s sorry begging for your forgiveness and they were truly NOT a JOKE, then your credibility as a person who has even a hair of decency in his head is shot. I do not care for the comments that this person has left with my political parodies, however, those comments that I read have got to be the worst part of human nature on display that I have ever read online. In not only this site, but all sites combined. Your superior and deeming comments to him on your parody comments and this one here that you have made are examples of the lowest form of human behavior and they are disgusting at best. To get your esteem from this site and actually feel it is merited from some talent you possess is pretty sorry and sad. But to evolve into this holier than thou master of a person who places their worth so much higher than others and to act and write as if you are some gift to mankind at the expense of another, is thwarted and sick. To bask in someone else’s misery to inflate your own perception of power is rotten to the core. . And those who are tricked by your corny introductions to songs and your fake intelligence really need to wise up to your games and put you in your place yesterday! I don’t know how someone can get to the point of such contemptible behavior, but you have managed to do it. If you think your shyt does hot reek, you are one mistaken rotten person. If you think you are a compassionate and tolerant person, if you are not outraged by your own phony games at the expenses of others and if you are not kicking yourself in the butt for being such a low life, then YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!
Linda - March 30, 2006 - Report this comment
TO the "" World Record Dork at Large "" -- -- -- Okay then, assure me you are not “Mr.” Pacholek! I have to wonder why you are so confident that you are able to ‘assure me’, almost as if you know first hand. Michael may be able to speak for himself, however he is unable to think for himself and that is a trait I can see in you as well. And you say, “Im” which is really “I’m”, “just a European person…”. What exactly does that mean, “just a European person”, (by the way, it is convenient for you to claim you live in another country while posing to be a whole different person and not MP = nice touch!) " but really, what does that mean exactly? --==== Judging by the last parody comment, (also the first) that you left for me and your devotion to MP coupled with your opinion that the president of this country is some type of imperial obedience ruler, creates more skepticism indeed. Michael has been caught in several lies already, so it is not beyond reason that you are in fact him. You obviously have strong opinion in this president when you live in another country and more than likely do not know what is going on anyway, (again, like MP). Furthermore, you seem to have high interest in voicing your negative crud, more so than one would think an outsider has -" do you not have your own government to ponder over and speculate on, (or are you just nosey in general and your need to butt in is just a character flaw in your personality). It is almost offensive to me that you come in from outside to comment on any of our presidents, past or present in a negative fashion. Who is your president, dictator or terrorist gang of leaders? Let’s talk about them, be slanderous, and see how much you value the opinions I can give you while I am sticking my nose in your country’s affairs in a bad way! I don’t care if I am appalled by a past or president, that does not make it right for you and your off the mark comments about any of them. However, TWO factors tell me you are a complete liar. You did not cover all your tracks, which means you are just a far left loon, Michael or not, you are not observer who is humored, amused, disturbed or any other drama queen descriptive word your deceitful mind can make up. I know that now and what really is funny, is the fact that you are so careless with your lies and that your party of degenerates constantly feels the need to lie about nearly everything. That goes to show you, there are pretty raunchy characters in your party of nuts, great character indeed!
World Record State Deficit At Large - March 30, 2006 - Report this comment
If you go back to my first post on this thread youll see that I commented from a laymans interest in psychology. I first saw your lengthy comments on one of Michaels parodies and found it fascinating to witness postings from a person with possibly an ongoing psychosis. The choise of name and link and posting on your parody was to make sure I got a reply and more info if that was the case. I now see that was not necessary. I have also shown some of your abundant comments to person educated in psychology (who I can assure you is not a leftist) and shes adviced me to recommended you to seek professional help. If not willing to do that she recommends that you look up as much as you can yourself about affective/manic disorder/psychosis, before you have an irretrievable breakdown.
Linda - March 30, 2006 - Report this comment
World Record Spinner At Large ------ Okay, now there are four reasons to point to your true identity being Michael himself. Four unshared facts, and counting that can show you are not “just a European person…” but rather a fake. You apparently divert well, by the way, just like Michael does! You have not addressed a single thing, but you DID bring more lies to the table, gosh, do the lies ever stop with you libs? ------ ---- You read one post from me, probably in your lifetime, (unless of course you are Michael and are using this extra name to enhance your own objectives) and then you posted an immature little attack on this page. If YOU go back and read YOUR first post to me EVER, then YOU WILL see that you in fact did not comment from any interest in psychology, but rather your interest in being cute, snotty and a degenerate. That post about my “mommy” was certainly driven by your extreme partisan beliefs, delivered from your powerful immaturity and was pretty raunchy I might add. In addition, you used terms such as “brainwashed” " and your implication now is far from the truth, fibber! To say otherwise after reading it, is simply lying to yourself. Next you attempt to say you are someone you are not, another unimpressive move. Furthermore, I find it really tough to believe your claim to be a “layman of psychology” " for two reasons. One, you are a liar and once a liar, always a liar…. More importantly, you have extremely bad punctuation, horrible spelling needing to be deciphered so one can understand what you ‘really mean’ and you use fragments (no less) and that is very telling too! It shows that you would not be a person deemed smart enough to enter into a city college at a normal level, let alone medical school as a “layman” (who uses that term anyway), in the psychology field. Then you say something ????? that does not make much sense, (in the sentence that begins with “The CHOISE” (what ever “choise” means) " so I can’t comment on that… About your woman friend, “the non-leftist” as you call her… (You know, the person that you write, “shes adviced me…” (great grammar)… Do tell junior - just where is this person located, in what city, state, COUNTRY? Also - while you are at it, tell me when you showed her these posts, the time, exactly. I find it hard to believe, given the time frame, that you could have shown “her” more than two small posts from this page. In any case, your entire comment, however deceptive it may be, does not address a single question or the biggest question that I have asked you. You completely diverted all I asked & I find that your entire set of comments are just a bunch of collective hot air from a demented, poor debater, simpleton who cannot address anything, yet can tell me about my mommy’s saved tears had she done the abortion thing. Your inconsistency is astounding and those four ADDITIONAL facts that label your identity a lie must not be too important to you, since you added one and kept the three I already had. Pretty lame for a doc don’t ya think?
Stuart McArthur - March 30, 2006 - Report this comment
well now I know who you're talking about! - the "world record spinner" is Shane Warne, of Australia, with over 600 wickets. Coming a close second is Muralitharan, a leg-spinner from Sri Lanka, although Murali still has another 5 years or so of cricket left in him.
World Record State Deficit At Large - March 31, 2006 - Report this comment
Had you been a mentally healthy person able to reply with wit I would have called you a self-centered american ignoramus right here. There are other countries in the world, other languages, other letters and hence other keyboards. As you may know Microsoft isnt perfect when it comes to making things like that compatible, things like apostrophes can get lost in the cables under the ocean. And besides we do spell some of your words wrong without MS help now and then. Im not Michael and though Im somewhat sorry for have deliberately triggered you it still brought the good thing with it that your lack of ability to think outside the box should be obvious even to yourself, if you can force yourself out of your manic state for a few minutes. And then youll see that you need professional help, right now!
Linda - April 01, 2006 - Report this comment
World Record State Deficit At Large ----- I don't - didn't and never intend to respond to a little freak like you - with wit - especially when you come out punching with your very first comment! DO UNTO OTHERS, right? Oh, and lay off the medical crap, you moron, look in the mirror (if you have any, which is doubtful). I KNOW you are lying, but cowards like you rarely admit it, you have one more chance! PS Your chronic lying is the real mental illness, that and your loss of perspective, your ignorance to reality and your need to be a condescending idiot - ask your 'doc' pal what that illness is named... My guess is MORON! (You are all such great reps for your party!)
carol - April 08, 2006 - Report this comment
When someone completely new to posting on Amiright can spot right away just how mentally deranged terhune is, I'd say that's a sad state of affairs indeed. But since terhune has admitted elsewhere that she/he gets paid to write and post here, there is another name for people like her/him. That name is....troll(paid troll that is)
Linda - April 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Ah, Carol, I am so blessed you are here and even more so that you choose once again to comment =well, at least on one of my parody pages! It's always wonderful to have such a credible expert in so many fields among us. Even w/your apparently poor opinion of me, you manage to always show up and chime in when I write a parody! One would think that you actually like my songs, secretly, and love to comment for - what - attention? To be a part of the huge amount of other dishonest demoncrats so you can feel good w/your slants? Nah, I think you just like me and my parodies! ------ I do love how you used my last name, you are such a crystal clear person, you may run into problems in life if you think that you are so undetectable so much of the time. And do tell, Carol, (who like most far left wacko extremist cannot tell the truth for the life of them), where is this post where I said I was paid? Find the page, show the address, that should be easy to find, there are searches here, go for it! Why even say that, when it is so easy to prove that I never said that? What is your strange little hidden goal this time? Gad, you must have had a dysfunctional childhood, that's how most get to be this dishonest with nearly everything they say, (or write in this case) Oh, love the troll thing, you are so impressive, can we be best friends? --- ---- ----- ---- --- PS Since you did slither in here to WRITE to OTHERS (not to me) and you did not use the parody comment form to actually comment on the parody -- but rather to bellow - in w/ your non-parody related personal attack "note to a stranger" (keeping with your general manipulative personality - no surprise), I thought I would return the favor w/ the next post)
Linda - April 10, 2006 - Report this comment
--- "whomever" When reading comments (or non-comment notes left for others) by Carol, you will notice that it's always the "Same Shyt, Different Day" -- FOR THE RECORD, Carol has an obvious problem with people who do not agree with her political notions completely, not about their songs, about them personally, but pretends differently w/this angelic pacifying dishonestly issue she has had since day one. She personally has issues with me, because I am not a demoncrat, (intolerant for a left winger), AND, she isn't receptive to being called out on her manipulation issues.... double the wrath! --- ouch! ----- ouch! ------ But poor poor Carol, a tortured soul at best with her extremist, bias to the point of hating persons over it all, and general weakness in political subjects - all -- coupled with her inherent dishonesty and manipulation, (which is seemingly automatic for her) - I just feel sorry for her! How horrible to train herself to have a constant manipulative personality and think it is so good, no one can see it, very sad. Manipulative people are such sorry souls, unable to have any relationships at all that are just honest and open, always playing games, (must be tiring), feeling a need to control other's emotions and thoughts, you know, faking people out all the time, must be lonely. ---- But gad forbid you call her on it, gad forbid you are a person who doesn't much appreciate the constant dishonest type littering your mind and taking up your time with games, because poor Carol, doesn't like it! ---- ah ----- I called her on it --------- she came right back with more manipulation to cover up --------- called her on it again ------- then she came right back with more denial, more distortions, more manipulative crap. --------- The third time when she came back with yet more dishonesty, that was it. Even if people do not like your politics, as clearly Carol does not (among many), there is no reason to be dishonest and act one way while trying to make one think something else, it's wrong, she doesn't like it, she doesn't like herself and obviously has used this total dishonest manipulative behavior for many many years to have it perfected in her mind to the point of using it to prove she does not. People can dislike me, I don't like everyone and I don't pretend to like them if I don't - People can say horrible things, hate my politics, all fine too... But the manipulation, that's dishonest and chronic dishonesty is just ugly
carol - April 11, 2006 - Report this comment
who are you to talk to anyone else here about manipulation or dishonesty you dumb shrew? Who died and made you God?
Whomever - April 11, 2006 - Report this comment
If Linda really is one of those pps who's getting paid by the far right to blog and pretend she's doing it as an individual we should all pray she's not getting paid by the letter, she'd be on Forbes and up there with Bill Gates in no time. On the other hand, we should also pray she's not getting paid for content, she'd be homeless and on welfare in no time.
Immoral Liberal - April 13, 2006 - Report this comment
Seriously, does anyone really read an entire Terhune rant? She can't spell. Everything is either "demoncrat" or "baby killer". (I believe she's off of the sheep for a bit.) And she doesn't make any sense; although now that I think of it, what right-wing nut job does? Carol - she created god in her own image. So, by extension, she is god. Not to mention the fact that god probably talks to her nightly. Keep watching her posts - while it's sad, it's also interesting to watch this person in her various stages of having a breakdown.
Linda - April 21, 2006 - Report this comment
SAILOR MOUTH CAROL / LUCY WROTE ---- (again, to continue on her rants about gad knows what, certainly NOT the parody, but what's new), ----- -- she barks, "" """ "" who are you to talk to anyone else here about manipulation or dishonesty you dumb shrew? """" "" "" ---- --- Hmm... - - as I recall, I wrote this parody then YOU came in with your naturally angry little deceptive dishonest tude ..... ..... wrote your silly little comment NOT about the song, but rather to attack me by posting to someone else .. .. .. whining on about more psycho angery crud that you make up in your ity bity immature head ......... .. . again .. ..... and then slither away ... ... ... SO, I come in, take a look (on my parody page) ........... see that you came in --- --- ONCE AGAIN -- -- to attack with that same old class of a burping, farting, pill bug .......... ......... (stress the word PILL) ---- NOT about the PARODY, no no no..... ..... .. ...... but about your anger issues ..... .. ... .... ... your INTOLERANCE -- --- - your hypocritical showcasing ...... so I am blessed by yet another comment that is darn right nasty and clearly manipulative --- -- -- AGAIN --- --- in an ever so nasty way ---- AGAIN --- ... and you showed yet another example of who you REALLY ARE .. .. AGAIN .. .... So see HONEY, -- --- you got EXACTLY what you gave ---- what you deserved -- --- -- (only I am honest and we both know, YOU WERE NOT.. .... not yet.... you are still UNABLE to face it, that dishonest nature in you.... .... ... you are hardly even close to being an honest person.... "the first step in healing or correcting a problem is to admit it is a problem for you" --- and that really just takes a person who is ----- stronger, wiser, more mature and certainly not a chronic manipulator who cannot be honest for nothing! --- --- even when you are kissing someone's arse --- --- you are not an honest person -- -- -- I.E., you manipulate a LOT - a whole LOT!) - -- -- ---- So you see, it's not really so hard to ...... "" """"" talk to anyone else here about manipulation or dishonesty "" "" "" (as you put it) ..... not at all dear! because you see -- -- -- CAROL / LUCY -- -- --- if you LOOK LIKE A DUCK -- --- QUACK LIKE A DUCK -- --- -- -- (and do so all the time) --- -- -- you are a duck! --- -- -- --- and since the feathers fit baby, wear them! Get it all yet? -- -- -- -- As for the SHREW comment --- --- that was adorable --- oh so cute! - - The little ms. victim of her own stupidity is also very blind indeed! -- -- -- -- Look it up & you'll see not only your picture there under the word, but you'll also see examples of the word as provided by your off-the-wall --- unrelated --- "DIE" - "SUCK a BIG ONE" - "BIT**H" - - (and other choice sailor like comments) posts to me! -- --SEE? -- --- -- It really IS EASY for me to "talk" -- - - not so tough to tell you that you are one very old, dark, black, dirty, used up pot --- -- calling a brand new kettle black! -- -- you obviously have no self control.. ... ... (not a great bleeding heart - tolerant - cream of the crop liberal demoncrat are you?) -- -- -- -- OH, I can't forget to touch on your last line, """" "" Who died and made you God? """ """" -- I will answer that with a question to you, -- -- 'Silly Demoncrat, Why even SAY GOD? -- -- ... you know demoncrats don't do God! --- -- oh, but that remark is just par for the course huh, being that you are so hypocritical & use all those double standards! CAROLS / LUCY'S MOTTO: "what is good for carol / lucy to say, is NOT OKAY for anyone else " (your egocentric self is way too proud) ... ... ... And oh and what a tangled web you sewed ... .. .. when kept on snowing all those you snowed!
Linda - April 21, 2006 - Report this comment
TO CAROL / LUCY / Whomever (and everyone else you pretend to be) .... Your left wing paranoid traits are showing honey!!! People do not get paid to post to blogs or pretend things, that is your deal, the dishonesty, the manipulation etc., besides, YOU ALREADY came up with that one, a few times, ya silly little over-the-top over-emotional freak you! BESIDES --- oh yea of little brain matter ..... prey tell, who would get paid to come in here, this particular place to post to you and your flunkie pals who are so out-to-lunch and so very immature? Where would be the pay off here --- especially when you would not know the truth if it were a shark ripping off your leg & you are way too dim and lazy to look the truth up! ------ you give yourself too much credit, you know? Your vote is where it should be, with the others who would believe the most DESPERATE party in history who says the most crazed crap in history AND STILL is too bothered to look it up and figure out the truth? ---- and your mentality, your sailor talking, your overall dishonesty......... all points to the fact that you are in the party you belong! ------ Those who are not so lazy and easily snowed, (VERY easily snowed) and not so into their own egocentric pride protection & wthose who would never even a sacrifice of their own country to save their own face .. .. .. YOU KNOW, those with MORALS and VALUES ---- not the gutter snipe weak minded ilk like you, LOOK UP the FACTS!!! (wow, what a concept!) .... yep, we actually HAVE PERSPECTIVE and USE IT TOO, KNOW the truth, (not the "led, fed, "this is what you'll think, feel and vote" media crap YOU BUY hook line and sinker.... .... but the actual REALITY - FACTS (that stuff that's like poisen to the demoncrats)) ... Your sick, pride, hate, anger etc., all comes from your original pride you run from all the time.... you'd rather slink down with the bottom of the barrel, live in a total abyss and lie through your unethical teeth than to face your pride like an adult, an adult with adult coping skills.... Cuz that would take a strong, mature, thinking person... and that, CAROL / LUCY / Whomever, is NOT CLOSE to what you are! Yep, so stay in your party of egocentrics, be a sucker for every con who sells you a juicy story to help you run from yourself.... Ignor the truth, be the same old sailor mouthed, drama queeny dishonest blowhard you have so nicely shown yourself to be.... You are in for more falls than your pathetic life has already handed you... if for no other reason, karma is real! --- sucker --- you can't even be honest with your AKA names, gad!
Immoral Liberal - April 21, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, you really should cut back on the kool aid. Your mental breakdown is increasing. Hey, here's a hint for you - nobody reads your drivel in its entirety - few make it to the third line. You need as much help as our country does. Bush=Evil. Terhune=crazy. Enjoy today's flavor of kool aid.
Linda - April 23, 2006 - Report this comment
Immoral - -- --- --- gad, please, will you ever have anything new to say, EVER? You are such an incredble bore! Why not do yourself a favor and just toddle off -- if you don't want to read the stuff, don't, more power to your redundant little self! Why torture yourself here, go and take your "same old same old" bunch of super hot air out make some REAL use of it, you know, make some hard cold cash with it! You can easily start up your own hot air balloon business and make more profit than any other hot air balloon company out there - -- think of it, you'd never ever have to buy fuel for your balloons or even have a flame going - it's all self contained in you! (There, you have free advice (and useful advice at that) from me! See how much nicer I am than you? Now can't you just be nice back like a big boy.... (you are not getting anywhere with your sorry excuse for attacks anyway, right?
Immoral Liberal - April 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Well, Linda, since you asked. Here's something relatively new - let's impeach the (s)elected president and have the Senate throw him out of office for treason. Or, how about we stop the senseless war killings? Think about it, we could save lives and nearly 10 billion dollars a month by ending the unjust war. But, of course, that idea makes much too much sense for someone as insane as you. Keep drinking the kool aid, Linda, keep drinking the kool aid. (Although, in some ways it's sad, pathetic even, to witness your mental breakdown over time.
LucidLupin - April 24, 2006 - Report this comment
DKOS so cant comment on pacing and no vote - but from reading the comments here would comment that you seem to have a very blinkered view to say the least and some kind of inferiority complex in the extreme way you personally attack others..... Im beginning to wonder in fact if you are not very well- and I mean this seriously with no sarcasm or digs or whatever. In light of this I have nothing else to say except get yourself checked out perhaps and calm down!
Robert J. Pagliaro - September 14, 2006 - Report this comment
I respectfully demand that this parody be pulled. In it, Ms. Terhune has libeled the great Senator from New York. This is a crime. Thank you in advance for deleting this parody. bob
Robert J. Pagliaro - October 09, 2006 - Report this comment
Good try you liar. I did look it up - the problem is that YOU LIE and YOU CONTINUE TO LIE. You attempt to pass off LIES as facts and have never, ever proved anything when you've been asked to. You can call me childish, a bore, a liberal, a Met fan - anything that your little lying heart desires - but I am honest. How do you live with yourself? Really, how do you do it? Is it tough? Talk about being childish - wow; although I should expect this from the party of pedophiles, those who engage in sexual intercourse with barnyard animals, lying about wmd just to start a war, killers of innocent people throughout the world. I've had it with you and the rest of the "holier than thous" out there. Your lies will no longer go unchallenged on this site. You have proved nothing, yet you continue to spew that vomit out of your mouth. I (and others) have proved you wrong and parts of your posts have been retracted because they are false. Know that this will continue. Oh, and I believe the nightmare of the last six years will be coming to an end after the November elections. You better go to Coulter's website so you can figure out how to respond.
Immoral Liberal - October 09, 2006 - Report this comment
You have the balls to talk about morality with the Foley pedophile/Internet sex problem? The GOP (make up your own names, it's too easy) has known about this for six years - they covered up a scandal involving a pedophile for more than six years - and you lecture the left on morality? You're just nuts and the kool aid is really a mind altering substance.
Robert J. Pagliaro - October 09, 2006 - Report this comment
AMIRIGHT EDITORS: The following sentence is fiction and libelous: "Hillary's guilty plea, financial fraud - in New York City" Again, I have proven that there never was a guilty plea by Senator Clinton in a financial fraud case. I resent the fact that lies are allowed to be passed on as facts - I will report this as inappropriate. Either take out the line or take down parody. I have no problem with the author changing the line - but that line must go. Thank you
Arwen - October 09, 2006 - Report this comment
Sure, and while you're at it, Editors...go ahead and take down ANY parody that make a false statement of any sort...because that would only be fair. So, pretty much take down the whole site...because 98% of our parodies tell lies.

Random Examples:

---Despite what might happen in his wildest dreams, Catherine Zeta-Jones and I have never battled to the death for the affections of Michael Pacholek.

---Spaff did NOT get crabs from Darth Vader.*

---Rick Cormier is NOT a we must therefore assume that he has never dumped Angelina Jolie, as he claims he's done.

---I am actually not an Elf.

I could go on...but I won't. Even if these are in the name of humor, they are if you're going to take down one lie filled HAVE to take them all down.

Long story short, you're taking the whole PARODY SITE a little too seriously, Bob. You clearly think Linda is an idiot...why do you let things that she says get to you so much? Why bother even reading her stuff? To give yourself something to whine about? (And, lest you think I am picking only upon you...I feel the same way about her rants toward you) just doesn't make sense to me.

*He got them from Bangin' Paris Hilton
Robert J. Pagliaro - October 09, 2006 - Report this comment
Arwen, If you read my comment closely you would see that I not only accuse (and prove) Ms. Terhune a liar, I have proved that her statement against Senator Clinton is libelous. Libel is a crime - look it up Arwen. So your whole argument is misguided. With all due respect , long story short, you're not taking LIBEL seriously enough, Arwen. A libel lawsuit could cause a lot of people to whine. By the way, I don't think Linda is an idiot, I think that she is a liar, a manipulator, a republican, and a divider. Like plagiarism, Libel has no place here. Sorry, your response doesn't make sense to me; I hope I've managed to convey to you the serious nature of this crime. bob
Arwen - October 09, 2006 - Report this comment
You don't need to talk to me like I'm a child, I know what libel is...and I certainly realize how serious it is. Still, I maintain that if someone were determined enough, they could legally prove a LOT of parodies on this site to be libelous. Why aren't you demanding that they be removed? Because they don't serve your political purpose?

I have a hard time believing that you're honestly worried that the site is facing a potential law suit. Do you think Senator Clinton and/or her legal team frequent the site?
Robert J. Pagliaro - October 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Arwen, I spoke to you the way you spoke to me - purposely. And, obviously, you don't know what libel is or you wouldn't make the comment you made. No, there are not a lot of libelous parodies on this site. Just this one, but if you find others, let me know. (But please look for serious examples instead of the unreal situations your proposed earlier.) This author has made a character assassination by making a false statement stating that a US Senator was convicted of a crime. This never happened. You may not think so Arwen, but this is a serious charge. (May I also point out that lies have gotten this country in the situation that it is today. Gift - there's your "political motivation" on my part.) However, if my motivations were political, I would have asked that all parodies that didn't meet my ideology be taken down; I didn't. In fact, if you read closely, you will see that I asked for the line OR the parody to be removed. Finally, the Clinton team doesn't have to "frequent" the site - they could be tipped off. And because of the serious nature of this false statement, I'd be happy to tip them off. Like plagiarism, libel has no place on this site.
The Ballad of Kobe Bryant - October 10, 2006 - Report this comment
But the jury didn't buy it, this girl was not a whore
Returned a guilty verdict now Kobe's serving four...
You're all invited out to see his new locality
To watch him slam and dunkin' for the penetentiary
Prison that is. Share a cell. Take your laces off.
Robert J. Pagliaro - October 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Thanks for proving my point. An attorney I spoke with called Ms. Terhune's statements and actions: "the grossest form of libel." Good luck to Chuck and Linda on the lawsuit; it should serve to educate others.
What point? - October 10, 2006 - Report this comment
"The Ballad of Kobe Bryant," by Robert J. Pagliaro, states that Kobe received a guilty verdict and went to prison. Because of the serious nature of this false statement, someone should tip off the Bryant team.

Get a life.
Kobe Bryant - October 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Get a Brain
Robert J. Pagliaro - October 10, 2006 - Report this comment
To the Amiright Writer who presented "The Ballad of Kobe Bryant" as being libelous. You failed to point out that the parody was written after Mr. Bryant's arrest and before the trial result. You also failed to point out the comment by this author stating the result of the trial - explicitly pointing out that the outcome was far different than the write. Unlike Ms. Terhune's comment, my take on the Bryant situation could never be taken as fact. Regarding Ms. Terhune's parody, there was no arrest, no trial and no conviction. Yet, Ms. Terhune continues to present fiction as fact with the intent to mislead the audience by purposely misleading them. She is guilty of defamation of character and libel. And she has yet to offer proof other than "look it up". (I did and submitted the evidence disproving her claim to the Amiright editors; ask them.) So my challenge: present both works (and comment sections) to an attorney - I did. The exposure that Ms. Terhune has (potentially) subjected to this site, its webmaster and herself is devastating. Thank you. bob
Red Ant - October 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Robert, if you feel something violates a policy or law, PM ChuckyG with it. You do have a messageboard account, so use it instead of the comments field, which no one (well, almost no one..) is going to read or notice.

Not that I'm a lawyer, but parodies have some exceptions that other forms of media do not - remember Hustler Magazine vs Jerry Falwell? - October 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Arwen: You mentioned two of my parodies in a single comment? You just made my Christmas list.

Bob: The battle for freedom of speech (like the battle for any freedom) is a battle between those who would expand the freedom vs. those who would limit it. If you can look at a song parody on a humor website and view it as libel rather than satire, then you are squarely on the side of those who would limit speech. That's disappointing.

On a side note, I have no idea why you would let a freakazoid like Linda Terhune pull you kicking and screaming into her twisted little world. Repeatedly. Hasn't everyone else learned to simply ignore her?
Robert J. Pagliaro - October 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Red Ant - you're Hustler example is a very good one. In fact that came up in my discussion with the lawyers yesterday. If something is found so ridiculous that it can't be seen as true, then it is not libelous (at least that's the way I understood what was told to me). Spaff - as you well know, I cherish free speech. I follow the "I may not agree with what you say but will defend your right to the death to say it" (or something like that). And I have done so several times on this site. However, libel and defamation of character are not covered under freedom of speech. The "convicted of fraud claim" is not being passed off as an opinion, it is being passed off as fact with intent to harm the individual. Who among us would look the other way while a crime is being committed? While I respect your opinion, I'm disappointed that you see my argument as an intent to limit speech; it's not. Finally, you're right - I should (and will) ignore "the freakazoid". Thank you gentlemen and love and kisses but only to you Spaff. Later, bob
Robert J. Pagliaro - October 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Please excuse the "you're" for "your" typo above - I changed the sentence and failed to change the usage (it was originally "you're correct . . ." - October 13, 2006 - Report this comment
Hey, Bob. My point is that a free-speech advocate would look at a line in a song parody and NOT see a crime being committed. Maybe Linda is predicting a future event, like your incarceration of Kobe. Maybe she's talking about Hilary Swank or Hilary Duff or Sir Edmund Hillary. And even if she is pinning a guilty plea on the universally beloved Mrs. Bubba, hey, this is a humor site. The Clinton camp is routinely accused of much bigger things (like, say, letting Kim Jong Il go nuclear) by much bigger people (like, say, John McCain) in much more dead-serious venues.

Here's my invitation, Bob: Come away from the dark side, where humorless lawyers call song parodies "the grossest form of libel" and threaten litigation against our beloved Chucky G, and instead join us over here where everything's funny and the jackalopes roam and the skies are not cloudy all day. We'll keep the light on for you.
linda - November 28, 2007 - Report this comment
Robert J. Pagliaro == ROFL! This is the first I read of your over-the-top whining and it was very funny to read!!! Oh Goodness!! Should I call the hypocrisy police on you? LOL, to which there is proof beyond measure! Oh wow, thanks for the laugh, belated or not, it was very fun! By the way, your lawyer kinda sucks because it's been well over a year and I haven't received the summons yet.... Gotta feel sort of sorry for you, you being so jaded and all.

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