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Song Parodies -> "45's Still Jive Talkin'"

Original Song Title:

"Jive Talkin'"

Original Performer:

Bee Gees

Parody Song Title:

"45's Still Jive Talkin'"

Parody Written by:

eel deal

The Lyrics

asked the chat-bot to use the line "45's still jive talkin'" to parody the Bee Gees song with the subject being the ongoing Big Lie about the 2020 election. tampered with the bot's results a bit.
Trump's still talkin', tryin' to make a stand
Claimin’ that the ‘20 election just got out of hand
But facts don't lie, and neither do the stats
45's still jive talkin', with alternative facts

Oh, he's jive talkin', such jive talkin'
Foolin’ his followers, never stoppin'
Oh, he's jive talkin', much jive talkin'
Spreadin’ the Big Lie, never stoppin'

He's got his sick base, they're hangin' on his dumb words
Ignorin' fully clear evidence, it's all so absurd
But the truth is perfectly clear, Joe did win fair and square
45's still jive talkin', ‘cause he doesn't care

Oh, he's jive talkin', such jive talkin'
Foolin’ his followers, never stoppin'
Oh, he's jive talkin', much jive talkin'
Spreading the Big Lie, never stoppin'

It's time to face the truth, it is time to move on
The nation sure needs to heal, and we can't do it wrong
The voting people have spoken, their choice is so clear
45's still jive talkin', pretendin’ he didn't hear

Oh, he's jive talkin', such jive talkin'
Foolin’ his followers, never stoppin'
Oh, he's jive talkin',much jive talkin'
Spreadin’ the Big Lie, never stoppin'

45's still jive talkin', but the truth will prevail
Let's come together now, and let democracy sail.

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Big Truth - May 01, 2023 - Report this comment
The 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen; the Big Lie is that they weren't.
eel deal - May 01, 2023 - Report this comment
the so-called "stop the steal" crew were obviously the ones engaged in an attempted theft in a typical projection onto others of what one is guilty of.
Phil Alexander - May 02, 2023 - Report this comment
Ok, "big truth" (oh, god, aren't these pretend names these cowards use every bit as pathetic as the drivel they write?)... If you're so sure about that, you will be able to present some kind of evidence to back up your assertion. I have asked this a dozen or more times since 2020 of people who claim a stolen election, and not one has provided even a scintilla of anything even a little bit convincing. Nothing. Not a jot. Nada.
Big Truth - May 02, 2023 - Report this comment
We've presented copious evidence for the 2020 election thefts time and time again, Phil Alexander (or should I say "Troll Survivor" you cowardly hypocritical liar?) only for the lawless seditious treasonous judges to refuse to allow even the discovery process in court for lack of "standing" (i.e. the judge already sided with the election thieves and doesn't want to allow anyone to be confused with the facts). We've gathered all these proofs together on a site that the America-hating Democrats with bylines (i.e. the far-left "mainstream" media whose narratives we've seen liars like you quoting directly time and time again) have done their worst to suppress:

That you cowardly Biden-rimming election-theft-supporting gaslighting goose-steppers don't find these copious facts "convincing" doesn't mean they aren't the truth; it just means that as tranny-panderers refuse to accept basic biological facts, Climate Cultists refuse to accept that "climate change" (i.e. weather) isn't causing any apocalypses, and Critical Race Theorists (like the ones in the junta running the illegal unelected Biden Regime) refuse to accept the mathematical axiom that two plus two can only ever equal four no matter how hard they scream that it's "racist" to believe and teach this, so too do you refuse to accept the copious hard facts proving the 2020 elections were stolen, Biden is a usurper, and everyone willingly working for his puppet regime is a capital traitor.
eel deal - May 02, 2023 - Report this comment
Remember: burning, looting, and murdering in the name of Saint George Floyd the Overdosed is mostly peaceful protesting. Entering buildings into which the Capitol Police invited you while you were protesting election theft is rioting.
Phil Alexander - May 02, 2023 - Report this comment
For the record: I am not "Troll Survivor", why would I post under another name given the thousand-plus already in my own name? I already have the most downvoted parody on amiright, why do you think I'd be scared enough of you to post under a pseudonym? Anyone suggesting it is probably quite willing to believe any other sort of bollocks, too.

Given that is the first attempt (literally the first one in *years*) at posting something that actually supports the election steal claims, I thought I'd take a look. They really aren't being even a tiny bit selective in what counts as evidence, are they? Quantity rather than quality, I guess - the first three links I clicked on at random were unsupported assertion, nothing that would ever be presented in court because it was so much drivel. So, Mr Truth (who names their kid "Big", anyway?), it's your claim that the election was stolen: you should know which of that gish gallop of bollocks is actual evidence - pick your best examples and I'll read 'em.
Phil Alexander - May 02, 2023 - Report this comment
As an example.. "Judicial Watch" who sound really serious, and they claim (see here: ) "New Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%"

..but if you look at what their study is actually counting, it's looking at old data from a survey with a different data set to the electoral role, then making assumptions about small areas. To claim from that data "voter registration rates exceeding 100%" is either stupid or knowingly fraudulent. And that was one of the more sensible-looking examples.

You're really going to have to do better if you don't want to look more stupid than you already do.
eel deal - May 07, 2023 - Report this comment
the May 2 comment by eel deal wasn't by the parody poster eel deal but just more deceit by the person addicted to deceit. Capitol cops didn't invite anyone to smash windows to get into the building, any more than Antifa was responsible for the attack.
Phil Alexander - May 07, 2023 - Report this comment
@eel .. well, that's entirely unsurprising: they know that their pseudonymous nonsense has zero credibility, so they pretend to be someone with more. It's really quite humorous that they don't see the irony that their misrepresentations and lies, their pretending to be other people, their voter fraud, their inability to respond coherently to any kind of reasoned argument... they don't appear to realize that their own behaviour makes it pretty much certain that they're not right about *anything*. And it's from their own posting that these conclusions can be drawn :-)
CML - May 07, 2023 - Report this comment
I'll tell you who lacks credibility. Its the party that keeps saying that a man who is clearly demented is qualified to be the President of the most influential country on the planet, when, in actuality, he couldnt run a bingo game in a nursing home. And yet Dems say nothing about this. Let me tell you about the latest and most egregious video. It shows Joe Biden fumbling the name of Trump. First he calls Trump "Obama"; then tries to correct himself but is unable to bring up TRUMP's NAME! Finally he GAVE UP! Normally, a video like this would be prima facie, slam dunk evidence at an involuntary commitment hearing for Biden. And yet the Dems and the media will say nothing about this. Which means Biden is the most fraudulent candidate for president in American history, because he was clearly showing signs of serious mental decline during the campaign. And thats just the start of the fraud. Every other claim that nothing happened is just as fraudulent .... BTW, this site "hereisevidence" contains hundreds of signed affidavits describing fraudulent activities and intimidation of Republican poll workers. Which is why its completedly ignored by the truth tellers in the media
Phil Alexander - May 08, 2023 - Report this comment
As your chosen point of attack, that is truly laughable, CML: Biden speaks far more coherently than Trump - yes, he makes mistakes, but he knows what sentence structure is, and doesn't think everything is about him. Trump was never mentally up to the job: he was in office for four years, but clearly still doesn't understand what the job is. It's kind of tragic that these two were the best America could put forward last time, and given the very evident mental decline both have shown since, it's moving on to comedy.

And if you think hereistheevidence contains actual evidence, please choose which ones you think are most likely to be a) true and b) actually influenced the election and I'll have a look. I've followed up on a dozen or more of their links, and they look designed to keep people like you enraged far more than anything close to providing proof of electoral fraud: things that are clearly debunked are still there; things that could never have any merit have been added uncritically; nothing I have seen on there would stand up in court, because it's bollocks, with one very clear aim: make people who want to believe think there's a rationale behind that belief - it's a frankly dishonest website that's intended to keep unthinking angry people in exactly that state. It does not contain what you think it contains.

Calling Biden "the most fraudulent candidate for president in American history" is hyperbole to the point of being meaningless: you're parroting right-wing attack without actually thinking, especially because every attack down that route applies to Trump every bit as much. Stop listening to propaganda and start using the brain you presumably have: how many *Republican* election officials would need to have been in on this massive nationwide conspiracy to give the election to Biden? You really think they're all so anti Trump they'll make up votes to keep him out?
Libby - May 11, 2023 - Report this comment
CML screams "DEMENTIA!" about Biden but completely ignores his Orange Fuehrer's senior moments--
CML - May 11, 2023 - Report this comment
I dont have to scream about Joe's dementia; the thing fails to speak for itself. I think we should invoke the legal theory of "Tard Ipsa Loquitur" -- "The Tardation Speaks for Itself" and call it a career for Bumblin', Mumblin', Stumblin' Joe. ..... And if Trump is demented explain how he chewed up and spit out a CNN "journalist" at a town hall a few days ago
Phil Alexander - May 11, 2023 - Report this comment
You're so damn hypocritical, CML: an instance of Trump being coherent (I'll even take your word that it wasn't Trump's usual verbal porridge) and you say he's ok, ignoring the bumbling incoherence that he displays most of the time; but I guess Biden's verbal slips are much more evident, though, because most of the time he speaks in actual sentences.
eel deal - May 14, 2023 - Report this comment
i thought the CNN interviewer did a decent job at that town hall correcting Conald's nonsense, but since the crowd was packed with right wing suckers, it gave the appearance that he did well. CNN might continue to lose viewership if it assumes the position of the "Centrist News Network" due to a shrinking center. MSNBC is doing much better because they clearly present Conald for what he actually is, a disgraced mega-liar who is awful for the nation on multiple levels.
Libby - May 15, 2023 - Report this comment
CML your pot is as black as the kettle you insist on calling out.
CML - May 16, 2023 - Report this comment
Are you saying I couldnt do as good a job as Joe in, say, The Middle East if I was Prez. Oh, I dont know .. I think at the very least I would have kept Saudi Arabia as an ally, as was the case for the previous EIGHTY YEARS! ........ Think about what ol Scranton Fariqin' Joe has done. First off, back when Trump was Pres, he basically accused the current ruler, Crown Prince Muhammad, of being a homicidal maniac just to score a cheap political point. Then as Pres, he sanctions a completely self sufficient nation the size of South America as if it were an island nation whose only export was fine cigars .. as opposed to things like oil and gas and wheat and fertilizers, which the whole world needs .... Then when the prices of oil rises, does he take restrictions off domestic oil to profit by it and ease shortages? Why no! What he does is take his TIN CUP over to Saudi and begs the same guy he called a homicidal maniac to raise production .... And in response to this world historic beclownery, the Crown Prince starts making nice with Iran. In other words a fundamentalist Sunni regime is now allying itself with a fundamentalist Shi'ite regime. And I must say, that hasnt happened in Islamic history since Muhammad was in diapers. So yeah, I think I could have prevented that from happening
CML - May 16, 2023 - Report this comment
BTW, the bit about Muhammad in diapers was a joke. As any Islamic scholar worth his salt knows, there were no diapers available in Pre Islamic Mecca. Diapers for infant prophets weren't a thing in Muslim department stores until the Fatimid anti- Caliphate in the 10th century
Phil Alexander - May 17, 2023 - Report this comment
@CML - you're deflecting. No, nobody was saying anything of the sort. Just that your insistence that Joe is senile while still thinking Trump is compos mentis is a huge double-standard.

Like many others, I don't think Biden was even close to the best choice for president, just that he was an order of magnitude better - more intelligent, less self-serving, less divisive, less of a global joke - than the previous incumbent. That 2024 is shaping up like a re-run is a fundamental failure of spine in both major political parties over there.

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