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Song Parodies -> "Mandate"

Original Song Title:


Original Performer:

Barry Manilow

Parody Song Title:


Parody Written by:

Fiddlegirl and Tommy Turtle

The Lyrics

OS video with great text lyrics here.

I remember Dubya's strife
Change was promised; 'twould be nice
Messianic man
Tight race, but slipped in, though [1]
Crying from the Right
The Left: "We're in! Whoo!" ....

Mourning: 'nauguration day
Claims all people see his way
Got 'em hypnotized
They're seeing dimly
He was so idealized
Now, crappy, his ratings ...

A mandate?
You: a King; bailouts gave; taxes taking
And sent C-SPAN away [2]
A mandate?
Arms are twisted; behind doors, deals making
Yet, still plead you: "My Way" ... [3]

No mandate!

Poor standing: staffers: dredge up crime [4]
"I talk as though World's love was mine"
Dissing all that's hurled as Right-wing whining
"It's clearly in my mind --
-- I'm ruling sublimely!"

A mandate?
Well, Joe came; Mideast save? Israel: raking [5]
Arabs sent him away: weak stand, he
Palestin'ians, Israelis: peace-making?
Your chance: peace? Blew today! No mandate!

"Health care seems a dream; I face the storming
"Thought would pass with ease
"Disdain is galling"

A mandate?
Sixty votes; not enough for laws, making
Teddy's seat went away
No mandate!
Nation's pi**ed, and they've stopped celebrating
As the peeps drift away, no mandate! [6]

Promised "change"? What we've seen: not earth-shaking
2012: go away! No mandate!
You'll not missed, be; your promising; faking
They don't heed you!

[1] Obama won by a comfortable margin in both popular vote and Electoral College vote. However:

Lawsuits were filed in six states alleging illegal purging of voter lists, and against Virginia for failing to mail absentee ballots in time. Many US soldiers overseas vote through absentee ballots, and the majority favored retired Navy Captain and acknowledged war hero Sen. John McCain.

Libertarian candidate Bob Barr filed a lawsuit in Texas to have Obama and McCain removed from the ballot in that state: His campaign alleged that both the candidates had missed the August 26 deadline to file, and were present on the ballot contrary to Texas election law. Neither candidate at the time of the deadline had been confirmed as the candidate for their respective parties. The Texas Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit without explanation.

An October 22, 2008 Pew Research Center poll estimated 70 percent of registered voters believed "journalists" (we use the term loosely) wanted Barack Obama to win the election, as opposed to 9 percent for John McCain. (In TT's junior-high-school class in journalism, we were told to report the *facts*, not to intrude our opinions into them or slant them for or against anyone.)

Even among liberals who would have voted for either Democratic nominee, there was substantial criticism that the news media favored Obama over Sen. Hillary Clinton, including being tougher on Clinton in debates. ("Saturday Night Live" did a hilarious satire of this. Anyone catch it?)

Despite possible fraud, improper practices, and a widely-acknowledged (except by Obamaniacs, of course) bias by news media, and the record turnout due to the publicity and the first-time race card, Obama won the vote of less than one-third of registered voters. Two-thirds did not vote for him. Not a mandate.

(Yes, we're aware that G. W. Bush lost in the popular vote to Sen. Al Gore, etc. etc. But neither of us is claiming, nor has ever claimed, that Bush had any sort of "mandate", either.)

No, we're not going to let go of the *fact* that Candidate Obama was videoed at least eight times promising that the debate on health care would be open and public, and specifically, broadcast on the C-SPAN network, while POTUS O then kicked the cameras and press out and held meetings "behind closed doors". Hey, if The Daily Show™ can pull video clips of Bush or Cheney from eight years ago, we can hold someone to what they said two years ago.

[3] Who does he think he is, Sinatra, or something? (Now, *there* was a guy with a mandate, and with the goons to enforce it, if necessary! ;)

[4] The endless revelations of tax evasion, etc... not even gonna list 'em all. (Odd how these people who think we should "share the wealth" don't share theirs, isn't it?)

(and in the nick of time for this parody, appearing on the wire as the final draft was being written, with only one chorus left to fill. For once [probably the only time], we thank Joe Biden.) See the link to the Associated Press story in the outro.

"Biden's peace-making mission to the Mideast was met with a harsh rebuke from Israeli officials. Biden condemned the Israeli announcement and pointedly arrived 90 minutes late to a dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...." (That'll show 'em, Joe! ... Good manners for a diplomat, too.)

"Israel's announcement was widely seen as a slap in the face to its all-important U.S. ally. It stirred significant anger among U.S. officials and widespread skepticism about whether the Obama administration would have the courage or the backing to take Israel to task as the U.S. relaunches long-stalled peace negotiations. The future of those talks was called into question late Wednesday when the Arab League recommended withdrawing support for them."

BOTTOM LINE: As Israel continues to build on land that the Palestinians had claimed and on which they hoped to get their own state (which *might* end the hostilities... ) .... fear that the Obama administration will not be tough enough with Israel to gain some concessions, to get the Arabs to do likewise and kiss and make up.

"The Rasmussen Reports (see link in outro) daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday [March 10, 2010] shows that 22% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-three percent (43%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21. That matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this President."

In other words, he's fallen far from his peak of +30 (two days after inauguration) by *Fifty-One Percentage Points*.

"Fifty-seven percent (57%) believe that passage of the proposed health care legislation will hurt the economy. Just 25% believe it will help."

"Sixty percent (60%) of parents believe that textbooks used by their students are more concerned about political correctness than accuracy."
(Try landing on the Moon, or getting a weather-observing satellite into orbit, by giving political correctness a higher priority than accuracy. Or building a car. Or driving one. Or writing a parody. Or anything, for that matter.)

Hence the number of incumbent Congresspersons and Governors announcing that they will not run for re-election in 2010, when historically as many as 98% of all Congressional incumbents have been re-elected. Deserting the sinking ship....

Mid-east news story here. © Associated Press.
Rasmussen polls and graphs (Check out where the green and red approve/disapprove lines on the graph crossed each other in about July '09) here. © 2010 Rasmussen Reports, LLC.

All else © 2010 Fiddlegirl and Tommy Turtle. All rights reserved. E-mail:

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Mark Scotti - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
I think he DID change the menu in the White House kitchen....Maybe healthier foods got him the Nobel...LOL
Patrick - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
With America polarized 50/50 on most issues, I believe the only one in Washington with a "mandate" is Barney Frank. Watch for my take on Obama in tomorrow's column, Inshallah.
Meriadoc - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
Nice parody TTFG. I'm a slightly left of center conservative, with the opinion that we need to have patience and give O a chance. At the end of four years we can vote him back in or out, based on a full term of performance evaluation. The country is in such a mess we would need a superhero to fix things in two years (or even four for that matter).
Patrick - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
Forgot to ask "What are 'peeps'"? And "trolls"?
John Barry - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
Almost a template: drop in different names, make a few changes to fit almost any political troll.
Phil Nelson - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
So true, well written, but I also think we should give him more of a chance. 555'S
Tommy Turtle - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
Mark Scotti: "Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize". – Tom Lehrer. Winning one when you weren't even in office for most or all of the period being judged.... Thanks for v/c.

Patrick: I believe the only ones in Washington, D. C. with "man-dates" are the hookers... Wouldn't miss your take for the world, if God wills it (everyone: that's the meaning of Patrick's title) though I hope there's not the Obama-is-a-Muslim slant. Thanks for v/c
          "Peeps" is young-people slang for "people" (TT is sooo into young people -- Wait! No! I didn't mean it that way! I swear, Officer, I just meant that I try to follow the changes in our language! ...) .... "troll" = someone who goes around to forums, blogs, etc. and posts inflammatory remarks for the sole purpose of getting everyone riled up. They usually leave and go somewhere else to do it, after enjoying the spectacle of everyone's angry responses. As opposed to someone with serious, thoughtful dissent.
          Oops -- John Barry is using it in the classic meaning -- TT must be hanging around young people too much. (No, Officer! Not in *that* way!).

Troll (noun)
1. (in Scandinavian folklore) any of a race of supernatural beings, sometimes conceived as giants and sometimes as dwarfs, inhabiting caves or subterranean dwellings.
2. Slang. a person who lives or sleeps in a park or under a viaduct or bridge, as a bag lady or derelict.

Meriadoc: Thanks! .. Not sure what a "left of center conservative" is, as the terms have different meanings in the US than in the UK/Commonwealth -- best read would be "left of the center of the conservatives", i. e. tending toward the middle, slightly right of dead center.
          Give a chance: (@ Phil Nelson, too): Had his actions been merely neutral or ineffective, I'd agree. When he was elected, I wrote a parody that said that although I did not vote for him, I seriously hoped for the best (hey, I *live* here.) [1] BUT... All the campaign promises broken (Gitmo, gays in the military, the C-SPAN thing refernced), nominating Communists to high places, buying votes on health care, etc. ... and the changes that *are* proposed are all solid negatives, in my book. So he started off and went straight downhill -- as the poll #s in F/N 6 show. I find it extremely unlikely that he'll change course suddenly, though I'd be delighte were he to do so. There's no evidence of it now, and he's blown almost 30% of his term already. Thanks again for the discussion and v/c.


John Barry: Sad, but true. No argument here. Thanks for the vote and astute observation. (Some think that the media bias in this race far exceeded any previous POTUS race, FWIW.... I'm not a supporter of H. Clinton, but I do think she, as well as McCain, got a raw deal toward the end of their respective races -- and I didn't vote for McCain, either. Fair is fair, and this wasn't.

Phil Nelson: See comment to Meriadoc re: chance. Thanks for v/c.
Old Man Ribber - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
As an unabased conservative who still likes Tom Lehrer and most political humorists, I've noticed that the current powers that be "can sure dish it out but they can't take it." There is a line between due respect and idolatry. Samuel Johnson said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. I disagree...playing the race, gender, and class cards is infinitely worse. BTW, great write!
TJC - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
Reasoned n' seasoned, talents tres balanced, perceptions n' adept'tions--to song! I say, really folks--what more could we ask for.
Highly informative primo edutainment from the Rhynamic Duo at its finest!
Bar'avo! (heh!)
Tommy Turtle - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
Old Man Ribber: I think you just laid out more insights than our entire parody. :)
Yes, they dished it out to W, but can't take it now (true of some -- not all -- on this site, as well).
Respect / idolatry - you should publish that aphorism widely, Sir! :) :) :)
S. Johnson, yes, actually have heard that one, (Fairness doctrine: TT though of that when the US "PATRIOT" act came to be. ... the caps are deliberate, not shouting, as that's its real name.)
Thunderbolt there: the whole country is falling into the race/gender/class/ethnicity cards, and it ain't a game -- we all lose.
          Thank you for the vote and compliment, and for sharing your insights. It's good to see how much depth is behind the barrel-of-laughs punster. :-)

Everyone: Sorry that FG isn't here yet. Mr. Fiddle told me that she's all tied up... there was a strange snicker in his voice as he said that -- wonder what he meant? ;)
Fiddlegirl - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
Echoing TT's thanks to all! LOL @ all the witty comments (needed a good giggle!), and grew quite pensive over all of the serious and thoughtful ones. :)
Andria - March 11, 2010 - Report this comment
Agreed with all above. When well-done and sticking to the facts instead of taunting, namecalling, racism and threats, political parodies are funny, but like many politicians, generally don't have a very long shelf life. 5s.
Regarding sleeping under bridges and viaducts, I've done so a number of times in the back of an AMC Concord wagon while camped out at music festivals and antique fairs. Guess that makes me a troll, huh? ;-)
Tommy Turtle - March 12, 2010 - Report this comment
TJC: Lexcellently roasted; sorry: cross-posted; TJC: toasted; for comments, the most-ed! ...Will they be on the Bar-avo Channel? ;)

Andria: So true on all counts -- except that you are most definitely *not* a troll in the turtle's eyes!
          Agree that *most* political parodies have a short life (some politicians spend decades in Congress), but TT got lucky with one written right after O's election. It's still getting hits regularly, 16 months later, and is his #2 page-hitter, against songs 3-4 years old. I have just barely enough good taste not to plug the link or title -- just agreeing in general, and that I had one lucky shot. Thanks for v/c!

@ Fiddlegirl: It wouldn't be so 'pensive if you'd stay out of those dang malls! ;)
Ausfahrt - March 12, 2010 - Report this comment
Actually didnt mind this one
Tommy Turtle - March 13, 2010 - Report this comment
Ausfahrt, glad to have finally provided one that meets with your approval. Thanks for stopping by.

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