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For me, the overall experience-I came out of it without much self-respect, without any money, without anything, really. So I haven't dwelt on it too much.

I don't find the business easy. The moment you start talking about the business, you start sounding like someone in Spinal Tap.

I don't know how many thoughts we have a second, but it's quite an amazing number, and just to pin down the appropriate sequence of those, all you really need is a pencil and a piece of paper.

I find it hard to take rock groups very seriously or treat them with respect. There is something absurd about these gloomy young men getting together and banging away.

I have no happy memories of that band at all now, because of the humiliation of being thrown out at the end of it. I never quite got my confidence back from that.

I think there is something biologically utterly moronic about racists, because in the end they are advocating incest. Any biologist would tell you that's not a very good way to strengthen one's biological gene pool.

I thought, well, what should I do that's just like the most unhip thing you can possibly think of? And I thought of the Monkees, and I did I'm a Believer.

I'm grateful that people one-half or one-third my age are listening because if you look at magazines, you get the impression that people are locked into their own age groups.

I'm terminally kind of sad, but I'm also fed up with... very often, younger acts, particularly, sing with angst and sort of work themselves up into a psychosis of bitterness and anxiety. It's a well-known phenomena.

It was physically difficult, adjusting to wheelchair life, but I remember a great relief and happiness that I was finally getting somewhere, finding musicians to work with that were sympathetic.

My heroes are people like Picasso and Miro and people who at last really reach something in their old age, which they absolutely couldn't ever have done in their youth.

What keeps me going is a constant sense of disappointment with what I've already done.

You get lonely, and at certainpoints in your journey travelling companions can sort of join you. And I choose musicians as much because I really enjoy their company in the studio.

The appearance of variety is a complete illusion. It's like somebody who's got a dartboard in his room, and there's darts all over it, but all I was trying to do was hit the board. That's all I've ever tried to do

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