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A good composer does not imitate; he steals
- Igor Stravinsky

Copland is the Puccini of music.
- Stravinsky (when asked his opinion about Aaron Copland)

- Submitted by: Adam Stern

His music used to be original.
Now it's aboriginal. [About Igor Stravinsky]
- Sir Ernest Newman

- Submitted by: LucidLupin

I have learned throughout my life as a composer chiefly through my mistakes and pursuits of false assumptions, not by my exposure to founts of wisdom and knowledge.
- Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)

My freedom will be so much the greater and more meaningful the more narrowly I limit my field of action and the more I surround myself with obstacles. Whatever diminishes constraint diminishes strength. The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one's self of the chains that shackle the spirit.
- Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971) Poetics of Music

My music is best understood by children and animals.
- Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971) In Observer 8 Oct. 1961

The past slips from our grasp. It leaves us only scattered things. The bond that united them eludes us. Our imagination usually fills in the void by making use of preconceived theories...Archaeology, then, does not supply us with certitudes, but rather with vague hypotheses. And in the shade of these hypotheses some artists are content to dream, considering them less as scientific facts than as sources of inspiration.
- Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971)

Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end.
- Igor Stravinsky

Why is it that whenever I hear a piece of music I don't like it's always by Villa-Lobos?
- Igor Stravinsky

- Submitted by: LucidLupin

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