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May 7
a parody of "Makes No Difference" by Sum 41
This song is about how we need to read our Bible and the great things God has for us. Tastes like Heaven, YEAHHH!!!! I do all my own guitar playing, but i used a midi for the percussion. Have fun n God bless. (MP3)
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Me - May 07, 2004 - Report this comment
To download this one just click on the link there and when you get to my site you'll know what to do.
B. Russell - May 08, 2004 - Report this comment
It's fundamentalists like you that suck the fun out of everything. Thanks for wrecking a decent song.
Santa - May 08, 2004 - Report this comment
Nothing like a sermon to ruin an irreverent comedy site.
NBinks - May 09, 2004 - Report this comment
Thanks for trying to shove your pathetic religion upon us. If we wanted a sermon, we'd go to a church.
Me - May 09, 2004 - Report this comment
Oooh, yeah? C'mon, at least give me credit, I did all the guitar on my own too. I had to figure out 4 guitar parts and all I get is critcizm. I never got near the amount of rude comments on my Linkin Park parody of "In The End" and that song had no meaning at all. This song IS fun. Not like the actual song had comedy in it anyway, lol. sorry guys
Deadly - May 09, 2004 - Report this comment
Good Song Makes no Difference wasn't a good song u improved it
Easter Bunny - May 10, 2004 - Report this comment
I give you credit for playing your own guitar parts and am not offended that you parodied a Sum 41 song. However, I am puzzled as to why you would put unfunny parodies on a comedy site in a comedy song section. Find a Christian site and post your stuff there instead. Then you'll find some people who actually appreciate your work.
Me - May 10, 2004 - Report this comment
Thanks Easter Bunny. I couldnt find any Christian parody websites. Yeah, I know its sposed to be comedy parodies, but this is the only site I found so far that hosts parody recordings.
Reverend J. - May 10, 2004 - Report this comment
Yeah, and most of your Satanic parodies aren't funny either. The devil is nothing to laugh about and there is nothing funny about devil worship. So what good for the goose is good for the gander.
To A Lesser Extent - May 11, 2004 - Report this comment
I'm not even going to say anything. If you have nothing relevant to say about the song other than "Your religion sucks" or "You're pathetic," Just shut up. Please. I quote: "It's fundamentalists like you that suck the fun out of everything." I believe you're wrong; It's ignorant people like you who suck the fun out of everything. Good parody, by the way. You're pretty talented.
Me - May 12, 2004 - Report this comment
hey, thanks. I'm so glad not everybody against me. I wouldnt call myself talented, but I like writing meaningful parodies n playin my guitar. God bless you, n every1.
Reverend J. - May 12, 2004 - Report this comment
Everyone has a right to their opinion. They just say that "fundamentalists" suck the fun out of everything because they are afraid of God, and want to keep Him out of everything. And they don't know it, just as they didn't know it when Jesus died brutally for our sins. Santa, Easter Bunny: if you did exist, you would agree with Me, the parody writer.
Me - May 12, 2004 - Report this comment
umm, how would Santa and the Easter bunny agree with me? I thought they originated from pagan beliefs and charactaristics. hehe thanks tho, pal, yeah, They are afraid of God. The thought of God being real makes them nervous. The Bible says that demons tremble at the name of Jesus, so we can tell whose side people are on when they start fighting and name calling at the mention of God and stuff.
Your Worst Nightmare - May 14, 2004 - Report this comment
You go, Me!! I am also a Christian, and as William Tong would say "a right wing Bible thumper". I'm glad there are other Christians on this site.
FuNkY mOnKeY - May 14, 2004 - Report this comment
I did get all kinda pissed when there was that parody "We Built This Nation on Catholic Guilt", but it is a half year later -- I think -- and I'm actually quite interested in Wicca. WHICH, by the way, worships a God and a Goddess. There's no devil in the religion at all. Christianity is cool, but to me, it's too restraining. Yes, I know, it sounds like a one-eighty ... spose I change my mind a lot :/
Your Worst Nightmare - May 14, 2004 - Report this comment
Catholic Guilt? What is that? Personally, I don't consider Catholicism as a Christian denomination as much as a different religion.
FuNkY mOnKeY - May 14, 2004 - Report this comment
"We Built This Nation on Catholic Guilt" is a parody of "We Built This Nation on Rock and Roll". The parody's by Tim Hall. And you're right, I think -- Catholicism actually originated as a pagan religion, but has since kinda morphed into a path of Christianity. Go figure.
Your Worst Nightmare - May 14, 2004 - Report this comment
Catholicism is somewhat of a contradictory belief. It says that to get to Heaven, you have to do lots of good deeds, plus believe in Jesus. But then what did Jesus die for?? Then there are those weird things like writing a cross on your heart with your fingers to insure safety. I don't think God is in the sky going "Oh look, somebody else made a cross on their heart with their fingers, better protect them!"

By the way, you said you didn't want to be a Christian, because it is too restraining. Now, this is not a reason how Christianity is invalid or unfit, that you don't want to be one, but more of a release from the reality of it. Do you understand what I am trying to say?
FuNkY mOnKeY - May 14, 2004 - Report this comment
*blink* I don't think that Christianity is invalid. I just don't think it fits my own character and personal beliefs. I think all religious paths and beliefs are valid as long as they don't intentionally hurt other people/animals/etc as a part of their rituals or festivals. S'matter of fact, that's the kinda golden rule of Wicca: "That you harm no one, do what you will." I don't really feel as though Christianity quite fits me, as in, I don't think a religion should feel like *you're* trying to fit *it* rather than *it* fitting *you*, savvy? So.....yea. That's my bit on it. :S
Your Worst Nightmare - May 14, 2004 - Report this comment
Hmmm... Excuse me, but I was just cocking my head at that...strange emoticon you just made.

You seem to be a postmodernist. In case you don't know, postmodernism is the belief that everything is correct in each invidual's mind, that truth is objective. It also teaches that there is no right and wrong. If truth is objective, and I don't believe postmodernism to be correct, then it wouldn't be correct. And wouldn't everyone's alternate realities conflict with each other?

If you are not implying the principle of postmodernism, then you are saying that you are basically just picking the religion that best fits you and hoping that you picked the right one. And I think that is what most people do with their religons. I, for one, am confident of where I stand.

P.S. Pleae don't take anything I said personally. I really don't mean to offend, honestly.
FuNkY mOnKeY - May 14, 2004 - Report this comment
Not that *everything* is correct in every individual's mind. I mean that -religious- truth should be something that each person should find for himself/herself. Because really ... no one can say that they have the RIGHT religion, because, as humans we wouldn't know what is actually going on with God.....Fate.......whatever you want to call the 'big smart it'. I just think that people should follow their own spiritual path and believe what *they* believe, as in, what feels right to them personally. What 'resonates' with them so to speak. I think there is right and wrong. I don't think it's ok to steal, fight, lie, murder, etc. But what is truly right or wrong varies from person to person and is a matter of opinion........ If that made any sense.
Your Worst Nightmare - May 15, 2004 - Report this comment
Ok, I was afraid you might have been one of those postmodernist wackos that are non-existent in reality. Luckily, you are not. - YWN
Tim Hall - May 15, 2004 - Report this comment
Funky Monkey, it was funny you mentioned my Catholic Guilt song. i was watching VH1 the other evening and We Built This City on Rock and Roll was voted worst song.
FuNkY mOnKeY - May 15, 2004 - Report this comment
Yea. And as for the "AHHHH THAT PARODY IS AN INSULTING PARODY" comments on your parody's page . . . I was probably POd about something else coz I know I feel about the opposite way than that now........which is fairly weird. As for Worst Song, I'm not sure if I've ever heard that song. I'm pretty sure I have, but no clue on that.
Boy Hater (Missie) - June 07, 2004 - Report this comment
I couldn't help but notice that you guys were having a "religous war" over there, and I know that I am a little late, but, I do think that both of you guys Funky monkey and Your worst nightmare, are both wrong. Christianity is not about doing good deeds and loveing jesus and it is really wrong to think that you should be following a god AND and a goddess. You should try really reading the whole entire bible once and a while. It isn't going to bite you. If you just read it and understand what it is trying to say to you then you will be able to walk with the lord. You should try to do good deeds all that you can but you don't need to be doing that all of the time just to try and buy your way into heaven. You will find no flaws with the bible and you will find all the answers that you need. Please, even if you are not the people that I menchind, just read what I have to say and try it. I promise you that If you accept him then you will be in no more pain, Just call on the lord and he will heal your woonds.
Your Worst Nightmare - June 07, 2004 - Report this comment
Boy Hater, I never said that I try to buy my way into Heaven. I said that Catholicism is all about doing lots of good deeds to get to Heaven and lots of rubbish, not Christianity.
Boy hater - June 07, 2004 - Report this comment
Your Worst Nightmare - sry, I guess that I was reading too fast. I thought that that is what you thought. sry. Please don't be angry with me. Im just a weird blonde.
Your Worst Nightmare - June 07, 2004 - Report this comment
Apology accepted! I read too fast too, and that has cost me much of my credibility. For instance, I was reading an article that said that John Kerry lied about people and said they were rapists and torturers, but I thought it said that Kerry was a former rapist and torturer and I passed this on. Eventually, I read through it again, and saw I was terribly mistaken.
boy hater - June 10, 2004 - Report this comment
i realize that reading too fast is not only an uncommen trait made for only me! thank you for that great boost of energy! Also, I do believe that I see a problem that haunts me as well as you, so I think that we both need to start reading things either slower or twice around. Sry that I did'nt talk to you sooner but I was too involved with our little conversation at the other site. ttyl! god bless! :-)
boy hater - June 10, 2004 - Report this comment
YWN - qestion - how old are you (out of cruiostity)?
Your Worst Nightmare - June 10, 2004 - Report this comment
Perhaps it is our same problem that makes people think the Bible has contradicts itself when it really hasn't. I am 13. What about you?
boy hater - June 11, 2004 - Report this comment
:-0 ! I am also 13. and I also agree with the whole contradicting thing. another question - where do you live? sry, but it is in my nature to ask these things. :-)
Your Worst Nightmare - June 11, 2004 - Report this comment
I live in Alabama. You?
boy hater - June 11, 2004 - Report this comment
ALABAMA! I can't believe this! I live in Maryland! Why me!
Your Worst Nightmare - June 11, 2004 - Report this comment
Hey, I've been to Maryland! It was on a sixth grade field trip in October 2002. The news had been talking about the Maryland snipers for days at that time. That kind of freaked me out. But, luckily, we came back safely. :-) I'm homeschooled. I started homeschooling in the sixth grade. You see, I used to go to a Christian school, but this principal came along who was probably evil. Lol, just kidding. But she was weird. She smiled all the time, and even when someone got in trouble with her, she would smile at them and call their parents. My mom had given them an ad to use for the school which talked about how they were a Christian school, but after it was published, it didn't say anything about Bible study and you wouldn't know it was Christian. Anyways, she turned out to be bad news, so we started homeschooling, and I still am. Do you go to a Christian school? I've heard that many Christian kids have to go to public schools, where they are taught evolution. If you go to a public school, how do you deal with that? I mean, it is against the law to talk about God in school, or have a Bible there. I'd probably be expelled for mouthing off.
Boy hater - June 14, 2004 - Report this comment
you ask alot of questions! Well to start..... I am not home schooled but i do deal with the whole christian thing very easly. like mea thermopolis on Princess diarys, I become invisable when I don't want to talk about things. I go to Margret brent Middle and they don't get really mad at you for talking about god. and I don't mouth off. at least not in front of the teachers. BTW, by the way, what part of maryland did you go to?
fed up - June 30, 2004 - Report this comment
grow a brain people. Christianity is bull. the bible IS full of contradictions and even if it wasn't (but it is) the bible makes God look like a sadistic bastard 80% of the time and a whining child the other 20% of the time. The surest way to turn yourself off to Christianity is to actually sit down and read the entire bible and not just the lovey-gooey parts you guys like to spout on stree corners. Read about what God told Moses to do with the virgin captives (i.e. rape them after killing their families) or how David's newborn son needed to be struck down by God for David's own sin. Yes, read about God killing babies and then go picket an abortion clinic while you're at it. Sheesh.
Your Worst Nightmare - July 01, 2004 - Report this comment
You haven't ever gotten in trouble talking about God? Isn't it illegal to mention God in schools? I thought it was. I can't remember what part of Maryland I went to.
boy hater - October 16, 2004 - Report this comment
thank you, your worst nightmare. I live in loveville maryland close to leonardtown.
noone - November 20, 2004 - Report this comment
i go to the same school and totally agree
imago_dei - April 28, 2005 - Report this comment
Helmut - August 15, 2005 - Report this comment
Alright, here is a quiz, answer me these, you stupid fundamentalists... 1. There are thousands of different religions in the world, and in the vast majority of cases people follow the dominant faith of the culture they were born into. Is it not arrogant and self-centred to think that your faith is the "true" one and all the others are false? 2. What is the point of prayer? Surely your god knows what you are going to pray for beforehand - and has already decided on his course of action. Is it not absurd to think that you can persuade god to change his mind? 3. Why does god insist that you worship him? Is he insecure - or an egomaniac? 4. Matthew 1:16 "And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus." Luke 3:23 "And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli." The bible is full of contradictions. Explain how, even with just the small and fairly insignificant contradiction above, the bible can be the infallible word of god. 5. "Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon that the Word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and for my own part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel." - Thomas Paine Please explain why the bible is referred to as the "good book". 6. Thomas Paine was referring to the old testament in the above quote. Please explain why the god of the old testament (an angry, vengeful god, worthy of scorn not worship) - is so different from the god talked about in the new testament. 7. (regarding creation) a. "In the beginning God created the heaven and earth" ... what was god doing before "the beginning", and where did he reside? b. Explain how god made light, then separated light from darkness, BEFORE he had created the sun, moon and stars. c. Explain why "he made the stars also" - countless billions of them - at the end of the forth day, when it had taken him all of the previous time to work on just one tiny planet. d. "And God set them [the stars] in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth". We know that the stars are not set in anything, and they are rather more than just light-givers (particularly as most cannot even been seen from earth). Why is god so ignorant about his own creation? 8. "When I am told that a woman called Mary said that she was with child without any co-habitation with a man, and that her betrothed husband Joseph said that an angel told him so [in a dream!] I have a right to believe them or not; such a circumstance requires a much stronger evidence than their bare word for it; but we have not even this - for neither Joseph nor Mary wrote any such matter themselves; it is only reported by others they said so - it is hearsay upon hearsay, and I do not choose to rest my belief upon such evidence." - Thomas Paine Please explain why you believe that Mary was a virgin mother. 9. Please also explain why you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and why the accounts in the bible of this event conflict. 10. Jesus apparently died for us, facing god's wrath in our place. Why did he have to do this? Why couldn't god forgive us anyway? Why does god - a perfect being - have negative, human-based emotions like anger and wrath? Is not the whole concept absurd? 11. Please attempt to justify eternal damnation. Surely even the most evil people who ever lived (Hitler, Stalin etc.) don't deserve to be horrifically punished for eternity (and I don't think many Christians have really thought about what eternity really is). And there you have it... email your answers to
Tim Mayfield - August 17, 2005 - Report this comment
Helmut - And then answer these: 1) Explain the existence of a universe when nature proves nothing can be made from nothing. 2) Explain humans foretelling or knowing about future events. 3) Explain demon possession. 4) Explain dead people being brought back to life by prayer alone. 5) Explain macro evolution without laughing.

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