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Fred Snider

The Lyrics

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All you ever did, since you became this Country's king is just to make it worse,
Obama, Obama,
You foisted phony health care that's a union's curse, Obama..

All you ever did since you got into the Whitehouse is to start more wars,
Obama, Obama,
Spending our money to buy more bombs while our deficit soars.

Not quite ten years since they faked your win, Obama,
Never did turn your real papers in.

Wish you'd go away, just go way, Obama,
Wish you'd go away, just go way, Obama, yeah!

You read the lines that they wrote for you like they were well rehearsed,
Obama, Obama,
You make it look like you're the one who wrote them first. Obama.

I don't know why no one ever tries to assassinate you each & every day,
Obama, Obama,
Your the only reason that a guy like me would join the KKK!

Not quite ten years since they faked your win, Obama,
Never did turn your real papers in.

Wish you'd go away, just go way, Obama,
Wish you'd go away, just go way, Obama, yeah!

Wish you'd go away, hey yay yay, Obama,
Wish you'd go away, hey yay yay, Obama, yeah!

[Instrumental break]

Not quite ten years since they faked your win, Obama,
Never did turn your real papers in.

Wish you'd go away, just go way, Obama,
Wish you'd go away, just go way, Obama, yeah!

Wish you'd go away, just go way, Obama,
Wish you'd go away, just go way, Obama, yeah!

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Michael Pacholek - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Obama didn't become king, he was elected, and RE-ELECTED, President. The ACA is saving lives and money. He has stopped and prevented wars, AND killed our greatest living enemy (just in case you weren't watching TV this week, or in 2010, or on May 1, 2011). He did "turn his real papers in," thus TRUMPing his opposition. And since you advocate his assassination and joining the terrorist KKK, you can expect a visit from the Secret Service sometime soon. For all the parodies I wrote about George W. Bush, never did I recommend his murder. His defeat and his impeachment, yes; his murder, no.
Fred Snider - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Anyone who prefers to believe in the government's fairy tales over the facts can have their limited opinions. I've contacted the government about my ideas, & none of them replied, so none of them are going to visit me. I do not advocate his murder. Only my amazement that it hasn't happened. The KKK thing was just a joke. This website is for jokes, good or bad. Remember? We've never had our military fighting in this many countries before he took over. The ACA was concocted by the criminal SEIU people, not the AMA, or any legitimate source. It doesn't matter how many good points it has. There are more bad points. I'm pretty sure that many others here will be calling you a jerk.
Patriot - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Right on, brother! Obammy is a turd who has doubled the national debt, illegally overreaches, failed Iraq with withdrawal leading to ISIL success, failed to take on Syria, N Korea, Chinese hacking, and Putin's war on Ukraine. Takes long vacations at country's expense. Idiot now lifts sanctions and arms embargo so that Iran can export weapons to Syria, Lebanon, and Palestinians. Didn't even consider the four Americans held by Iran. He left them to rot. Obongo is the worst President in history. His legacy is shame. Btw MP, how can Obama say he's a Christian and yet applaud Gay sodomy? He's a fraud and even those in his own party despise him. Hillary doesn't want his support nor any other Democratic candidate for 2016!
The Observer - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Whatever - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Observer is an azzzzzzzzzzz...hole!
Phil Alexander - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Fred - you talk about "believing government's fairy tales over the facts", yet what you claim as facts are provably false; your KKK reference may have been intended as a joke, but it's a sick & racist one at best. Methinks someone's been watching too much Fox "News" and hanging about in too many online echo chambers.
Fred Snider - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Phil, you do not even know what I claim as facts, so you're just shooting blanks. I am not a racist, but whatever Black people waddle down the aisle of a bus while holding their pants down around their knees, to go to the back of the bus & laugh & scream the N word along with the F words during the whole trip, in front of women & children, disgracing the legacy of Rosa Parks, & daring any White people to use the N word.... They are the racists. The are sick racists, & this website is full of sick jokes. I know what's on those TV shows & websites, but I don't do either. My observations are based on my own first-and experiences with government corruption. When it happens to you, you'll know what I mean. I used to think that crimes like that didn't really exist. I used to think the government was on our side. You are the one who is echoing naïve rhetoric
Jonathan - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
pretty hilarious in my opinion! 5's my only suggestion is watch the KKK references though they maybe intended as jokes not everyone will get that particularly not Obama-nuts who jump on the chance to call any non-supporters racist!
Renegade is fitting - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Fred, ignore Phil. He's not even an American! He has no say in our system. Obama took two years to provide proof of his nationality and it could be faked. He still blamed GWB in his second term bid for everything that was wrong with HIS presidency and the nation! He lied about the redline with Syria and is too much of a socialist coward to confront Assad, the Ayatollahs, and ISIL on the ground with troops to stop the mass murder of innocents in the region. His airstrikes average ten a day! Obama talks tough against North Korea, Russia, China, Pakistan, ISIL, and Iran but does nothing. His agreement to the Iranian nuke problem is a classic "peace in our time" appeasement that will get them the bomb faster. And Obama has the US buried under debt more than our annual GDP, still climbing! Phil needs to stop and tackle his own nation's ills.
John - July 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Right said Fred, 5s!
Phil Alexander - July 17, 2015 - Report this comment
Fred - I was making the assumption that what you wrote in your parody is what you're claiming as facts: that's a reasonable assumption, right? While some is arguably opinion, things like "faked your win", "never did turn your real papers in" repeated throughout are specific & false. Take those out, and there's barely any parody left. And the "supportive" comments of "Renegade is fitting" - he's flat out contradicting the "all you ever did is to start more wars" by pointing out all those times Obama didn't use military force.when presumably he'd prefer that more wars had been started.

@"Renegade" - no, I have no say in your system. One thing that US politics does though, is remind me that however depressed our own electorate and elections make me feel, all I have to do is look across the Atlantic to realize how it could be so very much worse.
Fred Snider - July 17, 2015 - Report this comment
Phil - If you want to review the facts, put "give obama a chance fred snider" in Google, then use their Advanced Search option to put "give obama a chance" in their Exact Phrase option, & "snyder" in their None Of These Words option. That's what I had to do to get the report in the reslults. He had no business running for prez if he did not have any real plan to fix the problems that everyone knows were left from the Bush administration. What was his platform? I'll take the blame for everytyhing? If I ran for prez, I have a plan to fix everything, & I would address more vital issues than he did in his debates. As everyone knows, you can't even enter a dog in a dog show without showing it's papers first, not long after the show is over. He had plenty of time to get real papers before the voting began. That makes whatever papers he eventually provided very suspect. How long does it take to fake an ID? It doesn't matter how many military actions he didn't do, there are more military actions goind on right now than ever before in history. Don't rationalize this. I've talked to people who worked in voting booths, & they saw lots of shenanigans going on. The votes are not really counted. The L.A. Times reported about glitches in the machines that count them, not Rush Limbaugh. Ronald Reagan got off of a plane, & when reporters asked about the important decisions he made at Camp David, he asked, "What decisions?", & then was rushed of the platform. The next day, he talked about thev decisions that he wasn't even aware of the day before. He snoozed through meetings. Whoever wrote his scripts, has the power to fake elections, & put whoever they want in the whitehoue. Clinton was a last ditch effort, & did what no other prez did: Got locked in the whitehouse with former prezzes, to find out what's actually going on in there. Because he came out singing a very different tune than he sang during the debates. He said that past prezzes helped him a lot. If he's getting help from past prezzes, why do we need him? He should've had his own plan, like he seemed to have, & use that. But he didn't. What do you think that 'they' told him in there all week? No matter who 'they' are. Put "434b fred snider" in Google to find my report about SEIU's corruption of politicians & our Justice System. They concocted obamacare, not Obama. He sold us out to criminals, & kept pushing it over & over until it got past. Their corrupt judges illegally quash any legal opposition attempts by politicians who don't want it. The song is a joke, both the facts are real. I don't know what the heck your "renegade" reference is about. Anyone?
Fred Snider - July 17, 2015 - Report this comment
Oh. I got the Renegade thing, but that doesn't change anything that I said. And sorry for the type-o's. ;)
Patriot - July 17, 2015 - Report this comment
Renegade is the Secret Service codename Obama chose for himself. Definition: betrayer, rebel, mutineer, traitor. Sums him up well, wouldn't you say?
Fred Snider - July 17, 2015 - Report this comment
OMG!!! I just Googled it, & it's true! He really did choose the code name "Renegade"! So he does see himself as I see him. Why would anyone support that monkey? During the debates before he was first placed in the role of prez, I saw him smirk when they asked him about the rising unemployment rate. What could he possibly see as so funny about that? The SEIU prez that prompted him to foist his "health care" crap on us over & over, quit SEIU right after that to join a post in the bio-warfare department. He already stole about as much as he could from the phony union, so moved on to finding ways to kill thousands of people. Put "andrew stern biowarfare" in Google to see reports. That's the fact, Jack!
Jack - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
You call Obama a "monkey"? That's a top racist code word, and taken with the KKK reference and "Black people waddling," you are a racist motherf***er to the bone and a lowlife birther yahoo whose nightmare came true: a couple of pickaninnies with corkscrew hair running around the White House. You cherry-pick facts and pass them through the redneck lens situated up your racist a$$.
Jack - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
"I don't know why no one ever tries to assassinate you each & every day,
Obama, Obama,
Your the only reason that a guy like me would join the KKK!"

This is mad dog incitement to violence. Go to hell, you S.O.B.
Zack - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
And you're illiterate, too. That's "you're," not "your." You're an idiot.
Callmelennie - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
OK, now that you've all seen what real racist, right wing nuttery looks like .... would any of you race-baiting, mob-shaming, multiple-sock-puppet-employing, foaming-at-the-mouth trolls care to revise your opinion of me? ........ Of course you wouldn't, because none of you are operating with any standards at all.
Klanwatch - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
Lenny, you are the LAST person here to call anyone a racist! Your parodies reveal a deep inner hatred of Blacks, Muslims, and other minorities. And your sickening come ons to Rebekah and Susanna suggest you are a pervert too. Get a wife and get a life, son.
Callmelennie - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
Wow, you leftists trolls show all the mental agility of monitor lizards at a buffalo kill. You have one move -- you spew the most vile hostility at me and then you claim that I'm the one that's full of hatred. The depth of the hatred that is displayed in your comment is pathological. BTW, you think I care that you've polluted some complete stranger's thread with it?
Fred Snider - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
I posted 2 other anti-obama parodies, if you guys like to freak out about that flake so much, but I do not respond to blind gibberish. They're called Obama Said He'd Gimme Some, instead of Mama Told Me Not To Come, & Nukehead In Town, instead of New Kid In Town. I'd like to thank my supporters, but why waste your time on those cretins? They're disgusting & vulgar. You'll notice how I keep my responses civil.
Troll - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
Trolls on this site often provide humor, analysis, informational context, and frankness. Of course, we get nonsense like the just-posted comment on Barney, which is a Saturday artifact. But the serious trolls are free to puncture, with passionate words, the veteran windbags -- the warmongers, the far Right, the haters, the numbers men, the braggarts -- who put far more effort into their comments than into their parodies. Their answer to trolls' criticisms is invariably the weak, "Let's see your page. If you don't have one, your criticism is worthless." Klanwatch, Jack, Zack, etc., are obviously contributing writers, probably liberal, who are protecting their parodies from vicious and hurtful retaliation by the anonymous partisan unabombers. I welcome my fellow trolls.
Naked in Nantucket - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
Fred, I hate to use your thread this way, but it's in the interest of romance. Lennie, will you take Klanwatch's suggestion and marry me, son? I like long walks on the beach and long talks in front of a blazing fireplace. Sometimes I like it the other way around. I'm a McKinley Republican and, like you, a racist and a deviated prevert. Although I am XY by a tragic accident of birth, I am a very hot woman and I want to lie next to a naked Finka like you. If you have an erection for more than four hours, call me, Lennie.
Fred Snider - July 18, 2015 - Report this comment
I couldn't resist, Naked. You can feel free to use my thread in any way that you like. And you can do to him what most guys can only say. ;)~ Just be sure to tell the grandkids about me. :) I cannot understand some of the comments to figure out if they're pro or con. I can tell that they did not follow the instructions to find the links to the evidence that does support my contentions. But just to liven things up: Not only am I not a racist with any political leaning at all, but if you review the information that I provided at the bottom of the song, you can review evidence that I am indeed the Messiah, & that my life's mission is to prove that we are actually all one race. You can blindly scoff all you want, but it would only prove that you didn't review the evidence. Just like with Edison, Ford, & the Wright brothers. Fanatics ignore evidence. I do not. If you do, then you're the fanatic. ( Your the fanatic, idiot. ) I am not religious at all, but I did research the Bibles scientifically. Of course, most scientists, skeptics, & other atheist types are too fanatic to examine evidence before passing judgments. I know that I'm not like anyone ever expected, but according to Scripture, I'm the one man who can change the world that everybody talks about, but don't believe. I was even prophesied by Nostradanus. My parody here, Not Just A Singer, describes my predicament.
Dear Naked - July 19, 2015 - Report this comment
The only time Lenny boy gets an erection is when a white cop shoots an unarmed black man in the back or when a Sikh taxi driver is beaten by skinheads mistaken for a Muslim due to his head attire! Otherwise, he's got ED!!!
Flaccid in Finland - July 19, 2015 - Report this comment
Fred, I Googled you as per instruction and you are, as a matter of irrefutable fact, the Messnider. I thought I was the Messnider, but I was wrong. Because I need the work, could you make me Vice-Messnider? My hungry cherubim would worship you for that. I have been a disciple of Nostradamus for many years. The stupid FBI (law enforcement, executive branch, Obama -- eh, eh?) thought I was a Cosa Nostra capo, made me sing like a canary, and put me into witness protection. I now have to wear the glasses, nose, and mustache mask whenever I stroll around my cement factory. So I know all about our loss of rights to the Man. I am also researching the one-race theory, but I'm having trouble including the Finns.
Callmelennie - July 19, 2015 - Report this comment
I suppose I should amend my last comment, because "pathological" is completely inadequate to describe the enormity of the hatred that these (or is it just one person) people are showing towards me. And somehow in their (his) minds, they believe that this proves that I'M the one that's filled with hate. And what's all the more amazing, these comments keep showing up even after I pointed out that this sort of extreme hateful abuse is the only thing these people are capable of producing. So, I'll leave it up to reasonable people to decide who the real hate-mongers are.
Fred Snider - July 19, 2015 - Report this comment
Len, I looked up pathological, & it seems that you might qualify for that term. The way you blindly defend the guy who really does look like a monkey to me. ( I hate to insult monkeys like that. ) I know that it's not actually him making up these terrible policies, but powerful people that control him. Nevertheless, I do find his persona to be disgusting as well. Would you rather that I used his own term, renegade, that means betrayer? You should amend all of your comments to:" I looked up all of your evidence, & it is clear that he is corrupt. Sorry, pal. And thank you for opening up my eyes." I hate corruption, not people. You are not reasonable. You are fanatic. The founding fathers state that it is not just our right to protect Americans from threats, both inside & outside of the government, but also our duty to do so, as patriotic Americans. Many patriots have been deemed heroes for opposing a corrupt prez. Obama has got to go. Your comments to me are hateful. My responses are civil. Even if you do not like the words, they are not defamation if they are true. I hate the KKK,& all that they stand for. That's what I meant by "a guy like me". ( One type-o doth not an illiterate make. 99% of my comments are error-free. ) Fred means peace+ruler in the dictionary of names. I am only posting comments with my own name,& you can see the difference between my responses & the others. I do not ever use aliases. I do not know if any of the others post under different names. But this is a funny song site, not a political forum. Why can everybody just take a joke?
Michael Pacholek - July 20, 2015 - Report this comment
Because, clearly, this is not a joke to you. You actually seem to believe all this garbage.
Impeach Obama - July 21, 2015 - Report this comment
Obongo has turned the White House into the Black Shack and everything Fred said is correct!
Captain Obvious - July 22, 2015 - Report this comment
It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that Obama is ruining America from the inside. He keeps the Government spending, wants to give amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants, sings Amazing Grace but supports homosexual behavior, has weakened our military back to pre-World War II levels, and has his own party turning against his illegal socialist agenda. Fred got it right.
Born in the USA - July 23, 2015 - Report this comment
I think a lot of folks would like Obama to go away. Back to his native Kenya :))

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