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Song Parodies -> "Liberal Whiners"

Original Song Title:

"Rubber Duckie"

Original Performer:

Ernie (Jim Hanson)

Parody Song Title:

"Liberal Whiners"

Parody Written by:

Linda Terhune

The Lyrics

If it were not true I would say so
liberal whiners, oh what fun
hear them crying ya - turn and run
liberal whiners the focus is always you
ya temper tantrum yahoos!

liberal whiners, joy killjoy
the bashing tantrums you deploy
really are so dim what is the matter with you?

every day there's a - new something or other
you'll find that - rove's the anti-christ's
and laura bush is his mother
(and jeb is satan's brother)

liberal whiners your full of shyt
little brains and less of wit
liberal whiners get over your extremists ...
liberal whiners you sound about three-ish
liberal whiners we're awfully sick of you!

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Pacing: 3.3
How Funny: 3.1
Overall Rating: 3.1

Total Votes: 29

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Bill Clinton - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Aaaah feel your pain Lindah, so instead of giving you a bad rating I am gonna put you ahn mah hit list. HAHAHAHAHA!
Adagio - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Some pacing problems, but good. 5's
Immoral LIberal - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
I think the author demonstrates who possesses "little brains and less of wit". And, "If it were not true I would say so" - just like when you said Hillary Clinton was convicted of fraud. You mean Rove isn't the anti-christ? Laura Bush is a muderer from way back and Dubya commits murder daily. Face it, the medication just isn't working. I hate to discourage people from writing, but I would make an exception in your case.
Hillary Clinton - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Bill you bastard! You should be alot nicer to overweight crazy people who are institutionalized!
Mr. Teacher - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Hillary - you should learn how to spell if you want to become president some day
Psychiatrist - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, it's time to come back home now - you should not have escaped. We have some little white pills and kool aid waiting for you; and a brand new straight jacket. Come back to the institution now or will leave Reagan the kitty alone in a room with G. Gordon Liddy.
Mr. Teacher - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Oh, one more thing Hillary; last I heard, Bill was nice to Al Gore, has something changed?
Dubya - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
I'm the president and even I think Linda is insane; I mean she's just crazy. As we used to say back in Crawford, she's not playing with a full deck; she's missing some cards.
Teacher's Pet - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Oh, Teacher, such intelligent questions. How about a Lewinsky? Or, as we like to say here in the bible-thumping-belt, "how about a Terhune"?
Steve K. - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, it must be nice to have not one, but two presidents comment on your work. All I get is some left wingnut who calls himself "dude".
Jim Henson - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Just because I'm dead doesn't mean that you can spell my name incorrectly. (I don't know why "Mr. Teacher" didn't pick that up.) Because this is no longer a free country (since the stolen election of 2000), I want you to stop using my original songs for your anti-American rants. Linda's nutty, owns a gun read her ranting, facts she'll shun Linda's nutty and voted for Dub-ba U Linda is nutty Linda's Nutty, lacks all poise when she writes it's just lots of noise Linda's nutty, and has a straight-jacket in blue oh everyday when she lies her way backing dummy She's mindless, loves Dick Cheney and Rummy (Kisses arse and not bummy) Linda's nutty, full of shyt little brains and much less wit Linda's nutty a bible extremist Linda's nutty, a right-wing fascist Linda's nutty, the kool aid's affecting you!
Jim Hanson - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda's nutty, owns a gun/ read her ranting, facts she'll shun/ Linda's nutty and voted for Dub-ba U/ Linda is nutty/// Linda's Nutty, lacks all poise/ when she writes it's just lots of noise/ Linda's nutty, and has a straight-jacket in blue/// oh everyday when she lies her way backing dummy/ She's mindless, loves Dick Cheney and Rummy/ (Kisses arse and not bummy)/// Linda's nutty, full of shyt/ little brains and much less wit/ Linda's nutty a bible extremist/ Linda's nutty, a right-wing fascist/ Linda's nutty, the kool aid's affecting you!
Dude - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Steve K., if you were funny and if you weren't such a rightwing nut job, I wouldn't leave you any comments.
Michael Pacholek - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Ironic, a fascist like Linda using a hero of the liberal PBS to make her points. As Mark Russell, one of the patron saints of this website, once said, "Stop funding PBS! Rid the world of those liberals Louis Rukeyeser and William F. Buckley! And Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, who consistently refuse to sing in English!" (Rukeyeser, host of "Wall Street Week," died earlier this year, but "John McLaughlin's One On One" and his "The McLaughlin Group" still air on some PBS stations.)
Replace - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Liberal Whiners with the author's name and there would be some truth here.
Alicia - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Someone said Linda should stop writing. WHY? Even though there seem to be no real recent parodies from William Tong, he has certainly written enough that Linda has a LONG LONG way to go to even APPROACH equal time!
Neutral Observer - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Not Republican, not Democrat..heck, not even American (this is where I will probably get told to mind my own foriegn business)...but geez, if this is what counts as political opinion from the GOP, your country's in deeper s*** than I thought. Unclever, incoherent and just very VERY angry. Linda, is liberal-baiting just a bit of fun for you, or are you really this hateful? It must suck to have to live in your mind. Oh, and by the way...your party is IN POWER! take a freakin' chill pill and enjoy your life, for chrissake.... And before you say anything, i think Tong's as bad as you (but unfortunately for you, Linda, much more witty and articulate)
Linda - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Alicia - Thank you! That is one of the reasons I began writing parodies here, the total imbalance here! Tong is the biggest example, but the bitter little Pacholek is trying to catch him w/some equally as dirty bashes. Thank you for pointing it out... it goes to show you the double-standards with the liberals on this site & pure hypocrasy that runs deeply in their blood.
Linda - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Steve: thanks.. very funny response, loved it! Teacher: that was funny too, thanks for your support, support right? ------ -- - ... as for the rest of you... you get a big fat YAWN for your redundancy and typical juvenile words... (but I did not expect anything more coming from demoncrats, so I am okay with the scribbles - sorry to disappoint you)
Did Place - July 25, 2006 - Report this comment
Replace, somebody did replace her name in the song. Look at the post from "Jim Hanson". Neutral Observer - you're right. People like Terhune are an example of everything that is wrong with America - war starters, lying to the American Public, killers, giving tax breaks to the rich, prohibiting choice, attempting to force people to follow ultra-extremist rules of christianity; it's terrible here. Hell, if Tony Blair's head wasn't so far up George Bush's ass, the smart half of the country would think about British rule. However, the left will rise again and people will be made accountable. Our dumb president is very worried about the mid-term elections, and should be.
Answer to Alicia - July 25, 2006 - Report this comment
This author isn't even close to William Tong's talent. There are some talented conservative writers on this sight but this writer is not one of them and doesn't seem to have the mental capacity, writing talent or humor to ever get close. But I must admit, despite her rantings and preachings that appear to be lifted from right-wing websites (perhaps their talking points?), she seems to be more of a danger to herself and those who live around her than she is to what little freedoms we still have left in America. I can't imagine any man living with such instability of the mind.
Immoral Liberal - July 25, 2006 - Report this comment
Hahaha. Has anyone noticed that the ads on top of Terhune parodies are for "Temper Tantrums" and "Toddler Tantrums"? How appropriate. Perhaps mental institutions are next.
Elephant Man - July 25, 2006 - Report this comment
This is one of the funniest parodies about liberals ever! 5 cubed.
Elephant Lady - July 26, 2006 - Report this comment
Elephant Man is just one of the reasons why the country is going into the toilet. He's also one of the people who lowers the bar on humor. Now go back in the closet with Michael Jackson Elephant Man.
It is time - August 02, 2006 - Report this comment
Goodness, this parody must have hit some cords. It certainly brought out the worst in some of these liberals here
Linda - December 31, 2007 - Report this comment
I haven't visited some of my older songs in a while and found this one with posts that I didn't address, (I feel terrible about that, sorry!) ------- Elephant Man - Thank you, I appreciate your comment. I think the only reason it is funny (to me at least) is because it is so true! Just looking at the bitter little pills who whined in the posts above - and you know it's funny! They read a short parody about their constant whining and what do they do? WHINE! The just proved the point of the whole song for me - I am very grateful! Thanks again!
Linda - December 31, 2007 - Report this comment
Elephant Lady (or who ever you are) It is obvious that you are too ashamed of your post to use your amiright regular name - and I completely understand that. Any normal decent human would be ashamed to post what you just posted! I mean, this person you trashed only wrote a single line, a very sweet line and it was directed at someone else, not you - and it was non offensive too! So what do you do about that post? Well, like a typical coward who is ashamed to use their name - who is utterly anti-free-speech, who is not tolerant of others -- you trash him! What an ego you have! The most humorous part of your mean, obnoxious post to that person is the TOTAL HYPOCRISY - and the FACT that all you said to this person (who just said one nice thing to another person - that's it ), would apply to YOU and not that person! You put that person down and said that they were "what's wrong" with America - a nice guy, one line, saying one nice thing - and you tell him he is what's wrong with the country (among other rotten stuff). Sorry, Ms. Blind Elephant Lady, (who's too chicken / ashamed to use his/her real name), but it is YOU in FACT that are a perfect example of what is wrong in America! In fact, judging by that post and action against a nice person saying nice things, you appear to at the least be a team leader in the field! Your sort, the ones who bash and trash people, nice people - for no reason - are the ones our country can do without. You also tell this nice person leaving a non-offensive post "go back in the closet with Michael Jackson" --- What's wrong with that picture? It's you, your type and you personally who be told to go away! You contribute nothing to our society except grief, intolerance, bitterness, ugliness and in fact, as you put it, "all that's wrong with our country". For you not to see that, you are one sick pup. But you must have seen it a little, because you couldn't even use a name people knew. Shame on you, disgraceful!
Linda - December 31, 2007 - Report this comment
It is time -**-- Yes, you are right! It did seem to hit a cord, perhaps the truth is just too much for them to handle. I think their nasty posts are especially funny - being that they are proving the parody's point right under the parody itself for anyone to see - any time - any party! But the left wing fanatical type here are almost always very nasty posters! They will praise and show admiration to left wing parodies, no matter how horribly written or juvenile they are, then go to a right wing parody and call them "haters" - Gotta love the total hypocrisy - so obvious - so typical! Nevertheless, you are right -- this parody really did bring out the worst in these liberals... (of course, that's not difficult to do) Calling themselves the "tolerant party" "bleeding heart party" "free speech for all party" these days is nothing more than a joke! They talk the walk they don't even believe in - Just look at my political parodies and the comments they leave... personal attacks, calling names, using the old tired lines (some of them are just that behind in the times) about medication, doctors etc. - just vile stuff. So obviously, the new democrat party has nothing to do with wanting free speech for all, very far from being the tolerant party and bleeding heart party - not even close. This song, as proven by the demoncrats who posted under it, is true - that makes them mad. Whiners who are so egocentric they think their voices and their truths are the only valid ones in the country and anyone else who doesn't happen to think that way or agree, they are mental patients, (a number of nasty names I won't list), haters, stupid, etc. I chalk it all up to ignorance and extreme immaturity - ...and the fact that they are so miserable that it doesn't take much of anything to "hit a strong cord" with them.
Ernie - November 30, 2016 - Report this comment
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