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Song Parodies -> "Lubber Lefties"

Original Song Title:

"Rubber Duckie"

Original Performer:

Ernie (Jim Hanson)

Parody Song Title:

"Lubber Lefties"

Parody Written by:

Linda Terhune

The Lyrics

Dedicated to the 3 liberal majority grand juries, who, in the span of one week, all refused to try Tom Delay's case stating, "lack of evidence" AND "no case". Congratulations to those grand juries who are now a part of history as they took part in this record-breaking event! No other prosecutor to date has been so desperate as to frantically jump from grand jury to grand jury in a single week to manically bring down his or her prey. (Perhaps he should not have publicly boasted to his cronies that he would "bring Delay down" – egg on one's face isn't pretty) This is also for the two judges this year who did find two senators guilty of financial fraud, (for real and with evidence), even though, (shucks), they were both democrat senators, (and current senators to boot) "Better Luck Next CRIME" dems!
Lubber lefties cure of fun
They're lubber banshees every one
Lubber lefties crime - oh that glove fits you
(crew's noses grew - ooo)

Lubber lefty's ploy: killjoy
They're disease aimed to destroy
Lubber banshee grime are not very fond of truth

Oh, every one each day
Fibs 'bout their prey - they're grubby
They're all so noncommittal and mental brittles - most chubby
Tubs of blob tubbies

Lubber banshees - lefty swine
They're so yucky when they whine
Lefty mucky the scum in the pond is YOU!

Oh, Every day we pay
As they play much more raunchy
And all to feed their egos and make their heads much more paunchy
Raunchy paunchy raunchies
Raunchy paunchy raunchies

Lubber lefties spend their time
Spinning stories - committing crime
Lefty mucky the scum in the pond is...
Lubber lefties the media will cover...
Lubber banshees the slime in the pond is YOU!

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dude - May 10, 2006 - Report this comment
two democratic senators convicted this year? name them. it's news to me

Duke Cunnigham was a republican, and sentenced to 8 years for corruption, and has extensive ties to Abramoff, Delay's best buddy. maybe that's who you're thinking of.

Delay still has two charges against him, and I'm sure he wouldn't have resigned if he didn't think they had merit.
Immoral Liberal - May 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda you ignorant fascist - game over - you lost. Even your "facts" are wrong. The Republican Culture of Corruption is so deep that you have a conservative watchdog group investigating Abramoff ties to the White House. Katherine Harris - the woman who helped steal the election will withdraw from the Florida race. Delay is a criminal - get over it. Osama is still out there and still a threat. Gas prices are going through the roof. The president who cheated his way into the White House has screwed up this country so much that his favorable rating is barely 30%. We're going to take this country back, ensure choice and the right of privacy for every American, provide sex toys in every state, ban handguns, and bring this country back to the way it was during the Clinton years. Payback's a bitch, isn't it?
T'om de plume - May 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Wait a minute, Linda. You often state the case that "Lib'ruls" are uniformly evil and demonic. And you often seem to believe they act in concert and conspire to discredit honest, righteous and upstanding folks, like, say, Tom Delay. So how is it that these "Lib'rul" grand juries let him off the hook? Seems to me that if "Lib'ruls" are all so dishonest and partisan that could never have happened. Can you 'splain that? Inquiring minds want to know. And is it true that "Lib'ruls" are gonna make having a sex toy in the house a Mandatory requirement and that "dildo" police will be dispatched to make sure every home has at least one present? Awaiting your reply. Thanks.
Ravyn Rant - May 11, 2006 - Report this comment
WTF is a "lubber" in the context of this (very badly paced) parody?
Linda - May 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Dude; Gotta go to work, but I can quickly say 'no' - that is NOT who I am talking about, (one, hint: a senator from New York) ----- -- -- -- T'om de plume - sure, I'll answer if when I re-read your post more slowly tonight I understand it as you wrote it -- then, I will answer what ever you asked, no prob! -- -- ---- Ravyn Rant ----- --- no, the pacing is fine, and the lubber is too! Nice try, but as in the org. song, rubber is a noun and an adjective, a combo word..... and lubber is a noun that is used as an adj as well.... so, nice try for the slam, but your personal issues don't really count now do they?
Immoral Liberal - May 11, 2006 - Report this comment
And here is the biggest problem with your party and your ideology - you lie; your facts are just plain wrong. Call it disinformation. Can't recall Senator Clinton nor Senator Schumer being convicted. Again, it's over. People are starting to wake up to the fact that it's not gay marriages, vibrators, nor liberals that are the problem - it's the right-wing fundamentalists feeding the GOP in power that's contributing to the problems of spying on its own citizens, lying to its citizens, and stolen elections. The spin worked for a few years but now the party is over. Attack all you want, we don't care anymore - you are the problem with America - you know it, Bob Dole knows it and the American people now know it. Out with the Republican Culture of Corruption, in with the Demoncrats. Are you better off than you were before Dubya? In fewer than 1,000 days it will be morning in America again.
Patriot - May 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Should drug addicts like Rush Limbaugh go to jail? Can you say "Enron" or "Kenny Boy"? How about "Halliburton"? How many times did Abramoff visit the White House? Feed the rich, tax the poor and we stole it from Al Gore. Dub-ya Em Dees where are you? War - what is it good for - absolutely nothin'. Dear God, why did you tell Dubya to invade Iraq? - I'm waiting. Ou est Osama? Question on a South Carolina/Mississippi Police test: You stop two cars, the car heading north has a cache of guns bound for New York, inside the car heading south (in your state) you spot a vibrator on the front seat and you think the driver and passenger are gay - you can only detain one car, which car do you let go? You're the president of the United States, your favorable ratings are 30% and tanking fast, you're spending $10 billion a month on your war in Iraq, which country to you start a war with next?
Hic - May 14, 2006 - Report this comment
she was bad

Adagio - May 14, 2006 - Report this comment
Really good job, Linda. Speaking of drugs, how 'bout mixing them with alcohol and then going for a midnight ride like "Patches" Kennedy did, Patriot?

Talk about being irresponsible!! Not to mention criminal...he was sooo lucky not to have run down someone with his car.
Lurker - May 14, 2006 - Report this comment
We are laughing at you Loony Linda, your washed up Dubya, and the rest of his political crony crooks. 29% approval and dropping like a rock!! hahahahahaha!
Immoral Liberal - May 15, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda you ignorant fascist - first, Tom Delay is a Congressman - as stated above, get your facts straight. You have no idea what you're talking about so you just outright lie. Again, prove the Hillary Clinton conviction - you didn't - point me to one news article where she was found guilty of your charges; you can't. And, if anything, there is a conservative bias in the media - admit it. Finally, your successor to Ken Starr - you remember him, just another member of your party obsessed with sex - anyway, Starr's successor, married, was caught having an affair with a woman. Wasn't the great Bill Clinton impeached because of an "affair"? By the way, impeachment is an indictment - the great President Clinton was found not guilty by your republican Senate. I'll answer the idiotic Adagio remark with a paraphrased quote from her right-wing crony Royce Miller - shouldn't we be more concerned about the problems going on in the world than Rep. Kennedy's health problem - although, thank you for your concern. We've got an unjust war in Iraq, Osama is still out there, spending $10 billion a month on an unjust war, our own government is spying and lying to us, a selected president with less than 30% approval ratings - TALK ABOUT IRRESPONSIBLE!!! You morons better call in your praying now because it's all over. By the way, I hope the Da Vinci Code breaks box office records - it should really piss off the uncompassionate Christian right-wing of the party. HAHAHA - the party's over, it's time to bring in Delay, we'll burst your pretty balloon . . . HAHAHA.
Patriot - May 15, 2006 - Report this comment
Adagio - I'm sorry, how many DWI's does your President have in his history? Wow, he was sooooo lucky not to have killed someone like his wife did, huh? Let's see, running a stop sign would be criminal, right? So, running a stop sign, getting into an accident and killing someone would be what Adagio? Think hard now. And, what Rush Limbaugh did wasn't criminal? Shouldn't he fall victim to his own venomous cure for drug addicts? Oh, right right, he didn't by the drugs from the Bronx. Your hypocrisy is staggering.
Patriot - May 15, 2006 - Report this comment
I don't mean to parse here Immoral Liberal because you are so often right on the mark. But Robert Ray was charged with a misdemeanor count of stalking in the fourth degree. The married Ray was stalking his ex-girlfriend (a relationship he had during his marriage). Yes, the hypocrisy is staggering. Honestly, how do these people look themselves in the mirror every morning. Let's hear the Terhune rant on spinning this one - Looney Linda, why is a consensual affair (like the case of President Clinton) worse than what this right-winger did? Come on, show us your psychosis. You too Adagio - spin it. Talk about being irresponsible and criminal. You two are such jerks it's not even worth my time arguing with you - ignorance is bliss, isn't it?
Mixer - May 15, 2006 - Report this comment
Adagio writes - "Speaking of drugs, how 'bout mixing them with alcohol and then going for a midnight ride like "Patches" Kennedy did, Patriot?" Small minds don't recall scenarios like: "Speaking of drugs, how 'bout mixing cocaine with alcohol and then dodging guard duty like privileged "Dubya" Bush did, Adagio?" And here's a question, if God told Dubya to invade Iraq, how come God didn't give Dubya a plan to "fix" Iraq? Doesn't god have a plan for everyone? I echo the above astute comments, the hypocrisy is staggering.
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 15, 2006 - Report this comment
Wow - can you guess what posts I like? Linda, I live in the great state of New York and we love our junior senator; and believe me, north of Albany, New York is a red state. You allege that Senator Clinton was found guilty, by a judge, of financial fraud". I challenge you to find show/post/link to the opinion in this case. Your allegation is false. I don't give shinola when you call democrats "demoncrats", "baby killers", "immoral" or any other opinion your possess to profess, but this charge is an outright lie. PROVE IT. I'll bet you don't live in New York. So why does Mrs. Clinton pose such a threat to you? Why don't you let our state citizens elect representatives who we feel best represent us? Frankly, I'm flattered and and ecstatic that you right-wingers waste your time and money attacking an American who I am proud to have represent me. Finally, the reason why we find great joy in exposing the Republican Culture of Corruption (like Rep. Delay) is because you people started the fire by impeaching a president for having consenual sex. A waste of time and money and a black mark in our country's history. Now, "it's Guiliani time." (Fact: We now have a deficit equal to the surplus that President Clinton handed to President Bush.) bye bye bob
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 16, 2006 - Report this comment
You can't prove it because it doesn't exist. I respectfully request that any line in the preamble of this parody or any post following the parody which falsely accuses Senator Clinton of financial fraud be immediately deleted. Such innaccuracies have greatly crossed the line of the general right-wing movement of disinformation. This is libel.
Lurker - May 16, 2006 - Report this comment
If it's false, it should be taken down.
Performance Police - May 17, 2006 - Report this comment
Since when did Jim's family change his last name from "Henson" to "Hanson"? Is there anything accurate with respect to this "work"?
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 17, 2006 - Report this comment
Thanks Immoral - there was never any doubt in my mind; and notice her lack of response - not even a rant on "demoncrats" or "babykillers". Of course, this wouldn't be the first time she's lied, but it's certainly the worst. Her statements should be retracted. Talk about "Immoral" - even the right-wing nuts should cut off her Kool-Aid; it appears that she has OD'd.
Immoral Liberal - May 18, 2006 - Report this comment
Well Libeler and Liar - we're waiting for your spin on this one.
Patriot - May 18, 2006 - Report this comment
She can't handle the truth.
carol - May 18, 2006 - Report this comment
I'm also waiting to see if and how she tries to spin this one out. Most likely, all we will get to hear is more Loony Linda rants, and calls of demoncrat ant babykillers, as well as personal attacks.
Immoral Liberal - May 19, 2006 - Report this comment
That's ok Carol - she's now been debunked. What I really liked was the fact that she answered one of my posts as follows: "The biggest problem with your party and your ideology is • you lie!!! You have the incorrect facts • and the reason you “can’t recall” Hillary Clinton’s fraud . . . (incoherent drivel)." As you well know Carol, the lying is what keeps them going - afterall, isn't the war in Iraq one big lie? But let's get back to THE FACTS: TERHUNE, TAKE DOWN YOUR FALSE STATEMENTS NOW.
Patriot - May 19, 2006 - Report this comment
It is apparent, as it has been from the start, that this woman is demented. One is able to see this just by attempting to read her rambling posts. When confronted with the truth, she hides. The medication just isn't working. She continues to become more pathetic with each passing day. The republican culture of corruption runs deep. DELETE YOUR LIBELOUS STATEMENTS NOW.
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 19, 2006 - Report this comment
She won't answer. Several days ago I requested that this defamation be taken down; it wasn't and should be. If inappropriate posts are to be deleted, why haven't Linda's been taken down?
Immoral Liberal - May 22, 2006 - Report this comment
Immoral Liberal - May 23, 2006 - Report this comment
TERHUNE YOU LOON - DEFY THE REPUBLICAN CULTURE OF CORRUPTION AND TAKE DOWN YOUR FALSE STATEMENTS NOW. I always knew that you were a small person who lacks intelligence, character, honesty and integrity. You are a hypocrite - wait until your state police find out that you have a vibrator in your bottom dresser drawer.
carol - May 23, 2006 - Report this comment
Loony Linda, Where are you rambling, wild eyed, character assinations now? WHY won't you answer? TAKE DOWN YOUR FALSE STATEMENTS!!! LIAR!
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 23, 2006 - Report this comment
She doesn't even have any of her right-wing buddies going to bat for her on this one; although they generally bite what she casts out - hook, line and sinker. I get the feeling that her answer will be a little like the GOP and their groupies spin on the Iraq war - just spew out different answers until one sticks - lies presented as facts. STOP THE LIES - DELETE YOUR LIBELOUS POST NOW LINDA.
Patriot - May 23, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, Linda, Linda lies Linda lies Tells us sweet right-wing lies (Linda lies, Linda, Linda lies) Oh, no, no you cant disguise (you cant disguise, no you cant disguise) Linda lies Tells us sweet right-wing lies
Immoral Liberal - May 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, it's been eight days since I requested that you retract your false statements. I think it's about time that you own up to this disinformation regarding Senator Clinton. Your right-wing buddies aren't even sticking up for you on this one. DELETE THESE FALSE STATEMENTS NOW
carol - May 25, 2006 - Report this comment
Robert--it's now 10 days and still no answer of any sort from Loony Linda. As much as she has spewed her vile nastiness before, I'm astounded that she has not responded since May 13th. And she still does not retract her ugly and false statements. She's INCAPABLE of anything like that.
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 26, 2006 - Report this comment
Carol - while the hypocrisy is staggering it is no longer surprising. The lengths that the right-wing fundamentalists will go to instutionalize and further their agenda is destroying this country. I'm wondering if Linda's problems have anything to do with the fact that sex toys have are now illegal in her area. Perhaps she could use her household gun? Her post is not only false but she has committed libel and defamation of character against Senator Clinton. Piss off the right-wing - Elect Hillary in '08. bob
Immoral Liberal - May 26, 2006 - Report this comment
There is no truth to the rumor that neither Dick Cheney nor Dennis Hastert fired any shots in the Rayburn Building. We understand that Linda Terhune, who has not surfaced since making false accusations about Senator Clinton, has not been ruled out as a suspect. Police believe that Terhune's deteriorating mental state, as documented on a parody website - - may have led to such an incident. Witnesses say that they heard what sounded like gun fire, followed by a deranged woman screaming "death to demoncrats, liberals and baby killers." The woman was seen running down the street with a bible in one hand and something labeled "Steely Dan" in the other.
Linda - May 28, 2006 - Report this comment
Oh KIDS!!!! --------- I am so touched, you really missed me huh? ------------ It's such a special feeling, you know, the warm fuzzy type one gets when they know how missed they were... ... ahhhhh ... . (And some of you blessed me with multiple comments I see, how thoughtful! --- --- -- -- I have not read them yet, just the first couple... but I assure you all, without a doubt, I can not only answer the questions you asked, (so don't get all excited like ya 'got me'), but I can use real live facts too! ------ ------- ------ > I KNOW I KNOW < ---- ----- ----- ---- most of you people here truly believe (as your brethren do) - that the word 'fact' is a four letter word that is the most evil & dirty of all the four letter words, but jeepers people! What, with your gang mentality -- (you big brave bunch of classy 'n mature heroes you) I have to use what I've got - so those who have strong liberal religious aversions, you should just stay away ... you know? I will read/answer from the top in an hour or so, (by the way, hey Robert, saw your name & glad you are back). If that is not good enough for you wannabe bullies, tough shyt! I'm doing chemo blocks and do the best I can - so if you are truly sincere with your questions or what ever you so graciously wrote, (yeah, right, a sincere gracious liberal - what am I thinking?), you may just have to be patient or tolerate or some damn thing -- or just keep on ranting and whining and if I catch up, I catch up! At least you can have yet another grand opportunity to show off your ignorance among other gang members while you wait 'round, huh?
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 30, 2006 - Report this comment
Thank you Linda - and welcome back to you too. But you have clearly defamed my representative with false accusations and I want those libelous statements deleted now. Let's be very, very clear - Mrs. Clinton was never convicted of financial fraud. Thank you. bob
Robert J. Pagliaro - May 30, 2006 - Report this comment
Immoral - I just caught your first line of your last post - "There is no truth to the rumor that neither Dick Cheney nor Dennis Hastert fired any shots in the Rayburn Building." Very good, very subtle.
Paul Robinson - June 01, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, no comment on the parody whatsoever. From the title (and I'm pretty sure it would just annoy me, so I didn't even read it. It appears from your last remark you are having to deal with an illness...I'm sorry to hear that. Sincere Best Wishes in that regard.
Robert J. Pagliaro - June 02, 2006 - Report this comment
Paul - the crime here is that she has defamed Senator Clinton. She stated that Senator Clinton was convicted of financial fraud "with evidence". It's been nearly a month since she posted this - she has been proven wrong and has yet to retract her false statements.
Paul Robinson - June 02, 2006 - Report this comment
Robert, I decided a while ago not to read Linda's parodies. I don't expect you will see any retraction or anything like it. It is how and what she writes...I don't care for it. I'm past arguing with her about it. I made my comment here because I happened to catch a mention in her comments of a health situation. My comment was strictly to that. I don't wish anyone here (or anywhere else, really) ill health.
Kool Aid - June 05, 2006 - Report this comment
Obviously, Linda Terhune has been outed. The following is a book review from the Sunday, June 4 edition of the New York Daily News; does anything look familiar here? A liberal dis By JANE H. FURSE GODLESS: THE CHURCH OF LIBERALISM By Ann Coulter Crown Forum, $27.95 What a great idea, a book about liberalism as a religion. And who better to enlighten us about this phenomenon than dishy, right-wing church lady Ann Coulter? Coulter graces the cover of her latest treatise, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," wearing a simple cross above her sacred cleavage " reminding us she has made her mark by not being another fat, white GOP pundit. In fact, Coulter is a smart woman with a legitimate case to make about the religious zealotry with which liberals indulge their pagan rites. Is there anyone more pious or self-righteous than a liberal? A conservative, you say? Well, Sister Ann says shame on you. Liberals aren't just a few sheep who have strayed from the One True (Republican) God. Liberalism has "its own churches, its own high priests, its own saints …" and its followers are "physically repulsive" heathens (with lousy sex lives) who revere mass murderers, baby killers and "swarthy Muslims." This latest book hardly differs from past treatises. Coulter continues to beat dead horses (see "Greek Midget" Michael Dukakis under Chapter 3 "The Martyr: Willie Horton"). This time, however, she recasts liberalism as "a religion of hating America and hating God" " a satanic faith with abortion as its "Holiest Sacrament." Liberals even support embryonic stem cell research solely because they "warm to the idea of destroying human embryos." Liberals also lie about the theory of evolution, use dirty tricks like "sobbing, hysterical" 9/11 widows to investigate the attacks, and encourage teenage premarital sex because (here we go again) 1.3 million abortions a year "is something to celebrate." Coulter is well-churched in twisting facts and personal ridicule, work she occasionally sanctifies with a valid point, but neither the book nor its 6/6/06 release date suggest subtlety or open-mindedness are strong suits. Then again, Sister Ann has no interest in luring the heathen liberal onto the path of righteousness. As always, she preaches solely to the converted.
Robert J. Pagliaro - June 05, 2006 - Report this comment
Ah, it's much clearer now - thank you Kool Aid. It's funny, I saw that piece but didn't bother reading it. So, not only does Linda fabricate charges but she also regurgitates Sister Coulter's treatises, chapter and verse? Amazing. Linda, you have not retracted your false statements and it's now apparent that you don't have thoughts of your own. Ann Coulter should be ashamed of you.
carol - June 05, 2006 - Report this comment
Robert & IM--Loony Linda won't ever retract her lies, because she's incapable of facing up to the harsh truth about her beloved Lordship Bush and his court of jesters. You guy said it yourselves--she's demented but it's just now showing up in all its ugly stench. Paul was kind to leave a comment about her ill health(possibly terminal) and not waste another second with someone who is as far around the bend as she is. Personally, it would suit me just fine if I never had to see another post or "parody" from her ever again. It appears that this board is a lot more enjoyable without her screeching and screeds.
Immoral Liberal - June 08, 2006 - Report this comment
I think she's waiting until her leader, Ann Coulter, is finished with her book tour. Either that or Linda is busy reading Coulter's latest fascist treatise so that she'll have something to post. Wait a minute, are we sure that she made it through 6/6/6?
Kool Aid - June 08, 2006 - Report this comment
It should be noted that LInda's shepherd, Ann Coulter, may be facing a felony charge. Unlike the false attacks against Senator Clinton, this story is true; she's even hired a former US Attorney to defend her. Election officials in Palm Beach, Fla. - does anyone remember Palm Beach? - are investigating why the fascist blond voted in the wrong precinct in a local election in February - despite the attempts of a poll worker to stop her. Coulter the Cruel lives in New York City, is registered in New Canaan, CT and a different precinct in Palm Beach than the one she illegally voted in. Knowingly voting in the wrong precinct is a felony in Florida and it is illegal to be registered in two places at once. (Except if you are a republican, apparently)
Paul Robinson - June 26, 2006 - Report this comment
I think people should stop the "piling on" here. I saw the post that "Surfer" pasted here...I don't see the point of doing that, even though it was something Ms. Terhune posted on a Public site. She obviously held Mr. Reagan in deep esteem and I guess from that point forward tied her politics to her personality and for some reason attached that unwaveringly to the Republican Party, for better or worse. I suppose I can understand that, but I don't fathom the mindless, unreasoning attacks on all those disagreeing with her. But I think we would all be better served in refraining from "acting in kind" towards her. It doesn't advance whatever position you espouse and at a certain point it appears graceless and unbecoming. Geez, lookit me..."Mr. Manners"
Immoral Liberal - June 27, 2006 - Report this comment
Mr. Robinson, I hate to disagree with you because you are so often right. But Looney Linda libeled a United States Senator - this is a crime. However, the misinformation was not taken down. Instead, someone chose to violate several posters' free speech and had the posts removed. This who atrocious parody should be removed if comments are going to be removed. - June 27, 2006 - Report this comment
I'm with Paul. I disagree with Linda Terhune - both her words and her tone - and I agree with Ravyn Rant's review of the parody. Still, to whoever it is who has been trolling the web for personal information about Linda and posting it here and elsewhere: You're even creepier than she is. I'm glad Chucky removed those comments. - June 28, 2006 - Report this comment
Bob, I don't know why you or anyone else would give a crap what Linda Terhune says, let alone take it seriously, but if you want a comment removed, use the "Report Inappropriate Comment" feature.
Immoral Liberal - June 28, 2006 - Report this comment
For Linda Terhune (in case this doesn't get covered by the conservative bias in the media): "The Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out part of a Texas congressional map engineered by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, saying some of the new boundaries failed to protect minority voting rights."
UnAmerican - July 06, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, are you out of the hospital yet?
Immoral Liberal - July 07, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda: Your mentor, Ann Coulter, is being accused of plagiarism; according to today's NY Post. So, you've been plagiarizing a plagiarist? Does anyone in your party have a thought of their own? I guess this is a good way to "keep on message", huh? I'd love to see the Queen of Hate go down on this one. Hope the men in the white coats are treating you well. Is it really like being in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?
Lurker - July 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Did Linda die? Did she have a nervous breakdown? Or is she so embarrassed by being caught lying that she's never coming back? The White coats are coming, the white coats are coming.
Jerker - July 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Hey, Mr/Ms Lurker, do the words "Get A Life" mean anything to you?
Lurker - July 12, 2006 - Report this comment
Jerker - that was so profound - are you a writer or just an idiot?
Dictionary - July 12, 2006 - Report this comment
By definition, all republicans are idiots; so that would make Jerker and idiot, not a writer. As his name indicates, he also is a Jerk.
Jerker - July 12, 2006 - Report this comment
Hey, Mr/Ms Dictionary, I resemble that remark. I ain't a republican; I don't like Chick Daney or Yubble Doo or Schwarnold Ortzanegger or any of those creeps...what a lunch of boozers!

Call me a Jerk? I'd say it takes one to know one, Mr. Tapioca Head!
Dick Shaneri - July 12, 2006 - Report this comment
If you look up idiot in your f**kin' wagnalls, you'll find a picture of Geroge W. Bullsh*t.
American - July 17, 2006 - Report this comment
Two months and the loon is still unable to back up her false charges - just like the GOP - lies, lies, lies.
Immoral Liberal - July 18, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, you human killer, now that you're out of the hospital and taking your meds at home, isn't it time to admit that you lied about Mrs. Clinton?
Immoral Liberal - July 18, 2006 - Report this comment
Oh Loon? You've responded to messages left on your other poorly written parodies, how about coming clean with respect to your above lies about Hillary Clinton?
Linda - July 23, 2006 - Report this comment
Golly, you write a parody and people keep posting ... months after the fact... Something is strange, maybe (like the other I write), the sore loser losers are hating the facts - again.. ohhh... poor babies.
Immoral Liberal - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Facts? You equate lies with facts? Look you mentally incapacitated fundamentalist, you've been proven wrong. You've been given two months to back up your facts and you can't do it. There is only one loser, the one who cheats to try to win. Good riddance.

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