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Song Parodies -> "Come On Charlie, Light Your Fire"

Original Song Title:

"Light My Fire"

Original Performer:

The Doors

Parody Song Title:

"Come On Charlie, Light Your Fire"

Parody Written by:


The Lyrics

Tangerine Dream did just fine scoring the movie Firestarter, but I've always thought the Doors' song would make a good unofficial theme song for it. Here's an even better one:
You know his words were not quite true:
His "friendship" was all Rainbird's guile.
What if I should say to you
Cap thinks he's a pedophile?

Come on Charlie, light your fire;
Come on Charlie, light your fire;
Stop the bullet he just fired.

My time on earth is nearly through;
It's all coming down to the wire.
Sorry that I'm leaving you,
But Charlie, this is my funeral pyre.

Come on Charlie, light your fire;
Come on Charlie, light your fire;
Make those evil agents perspire, yeah!

[Abbreviated Instrumental Bridge]

The time to hesitate is through;
You just set this whole barn on fire.
Charlie, they're coming for you.
Now hear Daddy's last will and desire:

Charlie, set this place on fire!
Charlie, set this place on fire!
Show them that they are all fired, yeah!

Remember what they did to you;
Make them feel the heat of your ire!
Here's what I want you to do:
Make this place a lake of fire!

Charlie, set the Shop on fire!
Charlie, set the Shop on fire!
Charlie, set their night on fire!
Charlie, set them all on fire!
Charlie, make a lake of fire!
Send them to eternal fire!!!

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Agrimorfee - February 28, 2005 - Report this comment
Hm, a Stephen King song parody. That's gotta be a first! Give you a 444 for STARTERs. Let's see you BLAZE a trail of more FIERY songs, but make them funnier! :)
Michael Pacholek - March 01, 2005 - Report this comment
This isn't about Camilla Parker-Bowles?
Red Ant - March 02, 2005 - Report this comment
444 for you, don't know what this is a reference to but was very funny. BTW Agim, you must have forget to vote as this was rated all 111 at the time of this comment. It pisses me off to no end because someone doesn't like your parody topic or content they still rate the pacing as a 1 even though its very close if not dead on to the original. Trust me, I write alot of very non-PC stuff and see 111 all the time but guess what? I write parodies for MY OWN AMUSEMENT and could give a crap about what others think, especially when they don't have the decency to explain why a particular parody sucked( in their opinion). I only post them here so others can read something new, as I try to parody songs with few to no entries.
Dangling Chad - March 02, 2005 - Report this comment
Don't worry about Offender's poor scores, Red Ant. Even though this hasn't yet received a single 555, within a week it will magically show about a dozen of them.
Red Ant - March 03, 2005 - Report this comment
Like your handle "Dangling Chad", but I noticed another 111 here today. This may be a way off guess but it seems that any good/great band of any era whos lead singer died before his 30th birthday, especially of a drug overdose or suicide gets rated down the toilet. Case in point, Jim Morrison ( 27 ) OD on heroin/alcohol, Jimi Hendrix ( 27 ), OD, aspirated his own vomit, Brad Nowell ( Sublime),(24), OD on heroin, Kurt Cobain ( Nirvana ), (27), died of heroin/shotgun suicide/murder? and Layne Staley ( Alice In Chains),( okay died at 34 but was practically dead before 30) of heroin/cocaine/natural causes. I'm sure there are plenty more, but those were the ones I could think of of the top of my head. I hope you're right though, there should be many more 555 here, maybe some of these people are diss-lexic and think a 1 is the best score.
Offender - March 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Relax, Red Ant. As I told Dangling Chad before, the ratings around here are completely worthless. Heck, I even wrote that song about the ones guy to say as much: comments are what's important, and that's all.
Red Ant - March 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Yeah Offender, the comments are more important to me than the ratings too, but you deserve so much better than 6 111's for this.
Johnny D - March 04, 2005 - Report this comment
I like both The Doors and Tangerine Dream, Offender. You have good taste in music! Good job on the parody, too. I will abstain from voting since I'm really not into the Charlie/Chucky brand of horror-cinema. But you did a good job constructing this parody to flow along with the original song.
Agrimorfee - March 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Just a cotton picken' minute there, Mr. or Ms. Red Ant! How dare you accuse me of voting 1's---and by extension voting 6 times?! Look again, there, bucko, and you shall see a 444 existing there, plain as day. With that in mind, are you the wisenheimer who decided to vote 111 SIX TIMES for my "Dummy" parody??? You, and/or whomever has done this, have got to get your act together. If I feel a parody sucks, I WILL tell you why I think so. I might also add that your theoretical list of supposedly low-rated parodies based on songs by dead rock stars to be woefully inaccurate. Enjoy your weekend.
Red Ant - March 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Agim, read again, I said nothing about you voting 111, just that at the time I made my original post it was rated all 111, despite the fact you wrote 444. I now see that there are 2 444 ratings, one by me and one by you ( I assume). By the way, it is not possible for the same poster to rate a song more than once if its the same name used every time(and would never use multiple fake names to shit-can someone's parody). And no, I have never seen your "Dummy" parody, and even if I did, I wouldn't have rated it with 6 111's, although if I know the original song, I will rate it fairly. The worst I have ever rated anyone was a 311, and most of the time its 444 plus. And yes, my theory of low rated groups by dead rock stars maybe completely wrong, I admit that. Just pointing out that in this parody of "Light My Fire", Jim Morrison died at 27, and I have noticed also alot of low raing for Alice in Chains and Nirvana songs as well. Now to conclude this misconception you have of me, I don't want to get into a pissing contest with you, because arguing online with a stranger is like entering in the Special Olympics--even if you win you're still retarded. Yes, it's Mr. Red Ant, and I will have a great weekend. PS..Feel free to rate everything I ever submit 111 if you wish, I won't hold it against you...
Red Ant - March 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Sorry to misspell you name Agrim. I assume you you mean by extension voting,as I'm not familiar with that term, you must mean that you get your friends on this site to bag a post of an author/topic/song/group you do not like, or use multiple false names to bag a parody, neither of which I would do. I assure you that I have only met one guy here that Ive had a few friendly chat exchanges with concerning parodies. Please do post the original song and decade of your parody so I can see it, and if its really good ( as atleast 80% of the ones I've read are), I will rate it according and leave a reason why. Nobody deserves 6 111's as you said your parody was rated, even if they hate the topic but it's paced perfectly it should be a 513, minimum. Just want to clear the air and the misunderstanding. You may tell by the length of this post that I do care about your feelings, even though my parodies often convey quite the opposite, they are fictional and you are a real person. Hope you see this soon of are notified by someone else about this. Have a nice weekend too.
Red Ant - March 06, 2005 - Report this comment
Man, this is now really pissing me off. This parody now has 8 111's. Unbelievable. I am very tempted to email the system admin to see if infact someone is chain bagging this parody as there is no way in hell this ( or any other parody I've seen here ) deserves a single 111, let alone 8 of them. Offender, this is not right, even if you don't care about your score and wrote this in 15 minutes, for some reason(s) unknown you have offended people with this. This isn't even non PC, political, sexual, gross or any of the other reasons that I've heard people get 111. IMO, this should be a internet felony to do this to somebody. As you can tell by the number of comments and the length of the posts I feel strongly about this, and to be honest ( as always ) I didn't even really like The Door's nearly as much as other bands of that era, but this B.S. will stop one way or another
Dangling Chad - March 06, 2005 - Report this comment
As I said before, Red Ant, don't worry about Offender. He routinely gives piles of 555's to his own parodies. Look at this one, for just one of many examples: Chucky G had to remove 37 fake 555's from it, and it's already up to 16 more without a single positive comment. Offender cheats, plain and simple. He's probably giving this one its 111's so that people like you will feel sorry for him. Your compassion is touching, but it is definitely misplaced.
Red Ant - March 06, 2005 - Report this comment
Dangling Chad, I can't believe what I'm hearing, yes I rate my own parodies too, just once, and I don't give them all 555 either. I'll take your word on the link and I think that any parody with 16 555 with no comments is definately bogus, but I see 111 all the time with no reason given. BTW, I did email admin about this, even if offender wishes to bag his own parodies, well I'm sorry, that's still cheating, and yeah I know all about sarcasm, but he needs to realize that this doesn't deserve 111. Maybe he's already heard of my wish to become the guys here with the honor of having the worst overall rating on their posts?
Red Ant - March 06, 2005 - Report this comment
By the way Offender, if the ratings here are worthless and the comments important, why would you give 37( or 16 ) 555's on a parody you wrote as Dangling Chad has said? I know I like to see high scores on my parodies too, especially pacing, but come on man, nobody is going to fall for 16 555's with no comments.
Offender - March 06, 2005 - Report this comment
More to the point, if I were truly "hacking" the system, why not cut off comments altogether to conceal how the song is really doing (as more than a few have done)? (Out of curiosity, is that your confession to cheating a little yourself I'm hearing? Don't be ashamed of it! Cheat openly and brazenly, as I do.) Of course those eight sets of ones aren't from different people! If I were seeking wealth or fame, do you think I'd spend even five minutes of my time on these pranks? By the way, no, I've never read that post of yours, and I'm not trying to become the worst-rated guy in this ant heap any more than I'm trying to be the best. (Those guys would be Tokusou Sentai Blessranger and Guy DiRito respectively, right?) I just thought it would be pretty funny to do openly what others do more secretly. So again, relax, and don't worry about my ratings: they're traps I set for people like Dangling Chad. (The reason it was all fives the first time around was that fives were more likely to get a detractor's attention. The reason it's all ones this time around is that if I really cared about my rating average, that would be giving the ratings system more credit than it's due, just as you say.) What everyone here deserves is a system with better safeguards built in against cheating, not better ratings from this crummy system a mere child could outwit (and probably has, on numerous occasions), maybe something based on registration rather than those easily-erased cookies. As for you, Dangler, don't you ever write any parodies of your own? Or is that your "real" screen name?
Red Ant - March 07, 2005 - Report this comment
Thank you for the response, Offender. The only reasons I see people don't check the comment box ( which by the way I noticed one my very first submission ) is either A: They overlook/forget to check it, or B: They write something that will probably lead to negative comments. I always leave the comments box checked. No, I don't cheat, though I do rate my own parodies once, and not always 555 either. Matter of fact just today I had to retract a 555 into a 334, but since I don't know how to bypass the apparent inadequate safeguards here the person who rated me 111 basically did it for me. By the way TSB's parodies aren't rated/commented well or if at all because they are in a different language, and I have seen a few of GD's parodies that were ok to decent IIRC. BTW, thanks for the tip on the cookies, apparently thats the way to get around this, but I still won't use it. I do understand you better now and the point you are trying to make. To conclude: OF course I have cheated and bent/broke/shattered/disregarded/etc. the rules before, not here, but in real life. My motto used to be "Grey areas are my specialty".
Agrimorfee - March 07, 2005 - Report this comment
Red Ant--Thank you for your elucidations and candor. I aplogize for my bad assumptions. Let us be at peace.
Red Ant - March 07, 2005 - Report this comment
Agrim, I'm glad we cleared this up. I now have a few friends on this site now. We are officically at peace. I have noticed your comments on a few of my parodies and appreciate them ( even that one in Latin) , but I still don't know your "Dummy" parody, will look to see if it can be accessed by author.
Red Ant to Offender - March 11, 2005 - Report this comment
You were pretty much right all long, the rating system here is fairly worthless. BTW that parody I did of Rape Me calle Rate Me ( the worst parody in history ), I wasnt trying to set any records. Actually, YOU inspired me to cheat the system, but in a legal way, by trying to make people think I actually wanted such a thing, BUT ALL PARODIES SHOULD BE RATED ON THEIR OWN MERIT PERIOD. It should have been rated maybe 355 AT BEST ( and though I didnt rate it my self I thought more of either 253 or 254.
Offender - March 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Well, that "Rate Me" song was a pretty good joke in its own way, but then that's the very paradox of rating: things can be so bad that they're good, although that was rather contrivedly so. "Legal" is a term of rather dubious value on this site, but I do admit your reverse-psychology was, by some standards, a "fair" ploy. If I could disable the rating system altogether, that, for me, would be fair.
Red Ant - March 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Glad for a response, Offender. I too wish that sometimes I would get few ratings but alot of comments. Yeah, the term "legal" is dubious everywhere, not just here, for as many rules as there are there are many more exceptions. With Rate Me, I was intentionally trying to create a paradox of the rating system, which apparently I did. You still get credit for giving me the idea though, as I'm fairly sure that I wouldn't have come up with it on my own.
Charlie Decker - April 18, 2005 - Report this comment
There's a Steven King book (or play or something: I haven't read it) about a psycho killer named Charlie Decker. You should have taken that one on instead.

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