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Some songs have titles that aren't used in the lyrics, and end up becoming better known for their lyrics than their title. Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is better known for the refrain "Everybody must get stoned" than it is for the title.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 959 Song Titles Not Used as Lyrics entries on the site.

Song Title
Comments & Submittor Name
Joey Vantes Lisa Frank Pokes fun of her products. - americangirlfan8998
Led Zeppelin  The Rover "If we can just join hands" and "That's all it takes" are rhe most repeated lyrics. - Rock Maninoff
Coldplay Orphans No mention of orphans in the song - Brit Boxx
Loreena McKennitt The Mummers' Dance A very beautiful song about Celtic traditions. - Lauren Tyler
Bloodrock D.O.A. The acronym is not in the lyrics. It is the dying words of the narrator whose plane crashed in a remote area far from any emergency hosptals or vehicles. - Rock Maninoff
Tones and I Dance Monkey Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh - JohnHowarth
Deftones Change (In The House Of Flies) The parenthetical part of that title is not anywhere in the lyrics. - Opie M.
Gorillaz Feel Good, Inc. The Gorillaz sing "Sha-sha ba da, sha va da, Feel Good while DeLaSoul later says "With yo' sound, you kill the Incorporated." They are never sung together. - Opie M.
Creedence Clearwater Revival Fortunate Son He sings "(something) son" several times followed shortly by "fortunate one", but never "fortunate son". - Brian Kelly
Panic At the Disco The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know He never says the title in the lyrics. - Brionna Secret
The Cranberries Sunday You're spinning me around./My feet are off the ground./I dunno where I stand./Do you have to hold my hand? - Brian Kelly
Cage The Elephant Social Cues "At least, you're on the radio" is the song's most repeated line. - Opie M.
Interpol Evil Sandy, why can't we look the other way? - Brian Kelly
Skrillex Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites He never says the title in the song. - Brionna Secret
Dan Hartman Vertigo/Relight My Fire the word "vertigo" isn't there. - mads.
Bonfire Sword and Stone I am the sword, you are the stone - Joey F.
New Order 5-8-6 Heard you calling, yes I heard you calling - JohnHowarth
Calvin Harris & R3HAB Burnin' This one's for all the bouncers - JohnHowarth
Bowling For Soup Jimmy Neutron Theme Who can we count on/Jimmy Neutron - JohnHowarth
Digimon Frontier Blader the title should've been "he's blade", i think. - mads.

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