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Brian May completed his PHD in Astronomy in 2007. This is a result of his interest in Mercury's moon.

- Submitted by: John Weaver

Brian May is watching TV in his living room when all of a sudden in a puff of smoke Freddie Mercury appears from nowhere.
Brian both shocked and startled cries 'Jesus Freddie! How did you manage that!?'
To which Freddie replies 'Well little did you know Brian but I practiced in the ancient art of voodoo for many years on the QT.'
Brian confused says 'Voodoo Freddie? What's Voodoo?'
Freddie answers 'It's a kinda magic...'

Freddie Mercury was invited to be on Celebrity Bake Off. The host says to him "So, Freddie, how many cakes will you be making for us today?" Freddie replies "I want to bake three..."

- Submitted by: Steve Somers

How did Freddy's boyfriend die?
Mercury poisoning!

- Submitted by: malcolm higgins

My friend said he hated Queen The Police still haven’t found the body...

- Submitted by: brendo the mendo

Q: What did Freddie Mercury's mother say as his coffin was being lowered into the cold ground?
A: That is the cleanest hole he's been in for a while.

- Submitted by: Billy Sloan

What did Freddie Mercury say when he didn't stop at a stop sign? Don't Stop Me Now!

- Submitted by: Alyssa

What is a ghost's favourite Queen song?
Boo-hemian Rhapsody! (groan!)

- Submitted by: Mick The Joker

Why did they bury Freddy Mercury face down?
So Elton John would recognise him.

- Submitted by: malcolm higgins

Why was Freddie Mercury sent to an insane asylum? "Cause he was Stone Cold Crazy.

- Submitted by: GlamRockNinjaLord

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