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Floyd fan 1: I wish the Floyd would do a reunion tour... Floyd fan 2: Yea right, when pigs fly!

- Submitted by: emanuele

Q: How many Pink Floyd members does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: All five of them. Syd would be too stoned to do anything, Rick would refuse to help, Nick would just get in the way, Roger would end up having to do it all by himself, and David would call him a showoff for it.

- Submitted by: Nikki

Q: What does Pink Floyd and Dale Ernhart have in common?
A: The Wall!

- Submitted by: Mina

Q: What does Pink Floyd, Princess Di and Dale Earnhardt have in common?
A: They all had a hit with the wall....

When do you think Pink Floyd will Have There reunion tour? When Pigs Fly

- Submitted by: Big Time Timmy Jim

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