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1039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours album at

If Billie Joe was a dentist, what we he would be doing all day? Pulling Teeth

- Submitted by: Cameron

If Green Day were the Beatles, instead of Abbey Road what would they have instead? The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

- Submitted by: Loves_GreenDay

Q. What kind of day do you have when you recycle? A. A Green Day

- Submitted by: peace and love

What did Billie Joe do when he won the lottery? He went ON HOLIDAAAAY!

- Submitted by: Optimus Lime

What did Billie Joe say when he went to the dentist? Give me Novacaine

- Submitted by: Cameron

What do you get when you cross the Melbourne cup with the Vietnam war? Horseshoes & Handgrenades!

- Submitted by: Optimus Lime

What do you get when you put 409 in your coffeemaker? 409 in your coffeemaker!

- Submitted by: Optimus Lime

What does Billie Joe buy from the bakery every Tuesday? 21 buns!!

- Submitted by: Optimus Lime

What does Billie Joe get from the bakery every Friday? 21 Buns!

- Submitted by: Optimus Lime

What song did Billie Joe sing when his goldfish died? Ha Ha Your Dead

- Submitted by: Loves_Alesana

What's the song Billie Joe wrote dedicated to his favorite pair of tight pants?
Boulevard of Broken Seams

- Submitted by: shid

Why couldn't Billie Joe come to my birthday on September 14th? He was asleep!

- Submitted by: Optimus Lime

Why did the envelope explode in Billie Joe's hand? It was a letter bomb!

- Submitted by: Optimus Lime

Why does Mike Dirnt marry his stalkers? So he gets to know the ememy!

- Submitted by: Optimus Lime

Why wasn't green day crew feeling cold at 50`c?? Because they had *Tré Cool*

- Submitted by: Theanipunk

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