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I would give my left arm to play in Def Leppard!

- Submitted by: Grefve af Ă–ring

Q: Did you hear about Def Leppard?
A: They had a Quiet Riot!

- Submitted by: Chappell

Q: What has 7 arms and sucks?
A: Def Leppard!

- Submitted by: Geoffey

Q: What is Mother Theresa's Favorite Rock Band? A: Deaf Leper

- Submitted by: JasonK

Q: Why should you never ever hire Def Leppard to perform for family events? A: Because they will be BRINGIN ON THE HEARTBREAK

- Submitted by: JasonK

What did the Deaf Lepper say to Def Leppard?
You sound way better in braille.

- Submitted by: bvllets

What happens when a wild animal listens to rock music constantly? It becomes a deaf leopard.

- Submitted by: Abs

What happens when the Def Leppard members get in a war An Armegeddon it

- Submitted by: John

What has '9' arms and sucks?
Def Leppard.
There are 5 members of the band not 4 - the joke only works if you know how to count

- Submitted by: Charles

What's the difference between a turkey and Def Leppard? A turkey has two drumsticks.

- Submitted by: The John

You know the funniest thing about people who make fun of Def Leppard's drummer? He could probably beat them all in a fair fight.

- Submitted by: GlamRockNinjaLord

You know what's so funny about people who make fun of Def Leppard's drummer ? - They can't even play the drums, despite having twice as many arms as him !

- Submitted by: Chathothouse

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