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Jan 29
a parody of "Theme From Simon & Simon" by NONE
This song puts lyrics to the instrumental tv theme song. (Mp3)
Dec 30
a parody of "NONE" by NONE
I was asked why I haven't written a "proper" love song, but the thing is most "proper" love songs aren't really about love at all, they're superficial, physical "I fancy you, how can I get in your pants" sorts of songs. Now, that I can handle. I would like to thank Bennett Arron and Pamela Mitchell for the inspiration behind the song: Bennett's version of the joke has been broadcast on radio and TV, so there's a fair chance that's where the idea first imprinted itself; Pamela for describing something that actually happened. (Some kind of stream)
Aug 3
a parody of "NONE" by NONE
This completes the story of what became of Mary's little lamb.
YouTube : (YouTube )
Feb 28
a parody of "NONE" by NONE
satirical reggae about weed and retro tv (mp3)
Oct 28
a parody of "NONE" by NONE
New, topical song for Halloween 2014. A bunch of scary but warm-hearted monsters from your average haunted house travel to Iraq to fight against ISIS and show the terrorists "who the real monsters are"!
YouTube: (Flash)
May 12
a parody of "NONE" by NONE
Originally published on June 12th, 2012. Not a parody SONG, just me appropriating hip hop videos and drug use. I was thinking about doing a sequel with my 'puffing on DANDELIONS'.
YouTube: (wmv)
Dec 27
a parody of "NONE" by NONE
Christmas may have come and gone in the West....but in some countries it's still over a week away! Let's go on a musical journey to Ethiopia, Russia, and all the "Old Calendar" countries that celebrate it in January.
YouTube: (YouTube)
Apr 11
a parody of "NONE" by NONE
Christmas is a special day, a time of joy and cheer; but these chipmunks would rather celebrate by spreading hate and fear!
YouTube: (YouTube)
July 10
a parody of "NONE" by NONE
Here's our latest video - a funny song about love for Katy Perry :) Enjoy, and feel free to share :)
Youtube: (online - youtube)

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