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Singers Who Act:

Notable Acting Credits
Comments & Submitter Name
"Pure Country 2: The Gift" - William Ransom

New Band Names:

New Name
Why It's Better
Submitter Name
Katrina ElamefElam=male spelt backwards, but Katrina is a femaleCalvin Amari

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"Knocked Out," Paula Abdul"Flat On The Floor," Katrina Elam

Remove a Letter From a Song Title:

"Norma" originally "Normal"
Kayla Stewart

Change a Letter:

"Norman" originally "Normal"
Samantha Wayland
"Formal" originally "Normal"
Kayla Stewart

If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be:

Katrina Elam and the Waves
Katrina And The Waves combined with Katrina Elam
Essentially, a different Katrina (namely, a country artist, who was still a toddler when The Waves were in their heyday) replaces Ms. Leskanich.
Submitted By: Calvin Amari

Misheard Lyrics:

"No End in Sight"
Misheard Lyrics:
I'm in pains to your reds
Original Lyrics:
I'm the pinks and you're the reds

Song Lyrics That Mention Brand Name Products:

The Lyrics:
Somebody's got to wear the roller skates down at the Sonic
But that never really fit into my plans
Product Brand Name:
Sonic, a drive-in fast-food restaurant chain
Submitted by: William Ransom

Song Title Space Change:

"I Want a Cow, Boy" originally "I Want a Cowboy"
Submitted by: William Ransom

Band Name Anagrams:

An Alarm Kite Submitted by: Christie Blanchard
A Male Rat Kin Submitted by: Clara Suzette Bartilson
Lanai Market Submitted by: Newt Gingpoor
Manlike Rat Submitted by: Newt Gingpoor
Mania Talker Submitted by: Newt Gingpoor

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Song Title Anagrams:

"Marlon" originally "Normal"
Submitted by: Bud
"Lorna M." originally "Normal"
Submitted by: Bud
"Ramon L." originally "Normal"
Submitted by: Bud
"Bird Game" originally "Dream Big"
Submitted by: William Ransom
"Game Bird" originally "Dream Big"
Submitted by: William Ransom

Real Places Mentioned in Songs:

"Home Running Away"
The Lyrics:
Puerto Rico, all day on the beach
Puerto Rico
Submitted by: William Ransom
The Lyrics:
Somebody's got to wear the roller skates down at the Sonic
But that never really fit into my plans
So when I up and moved 1000 miles from Oklahoma
Nobody in that town could understand
This song also refers to the state of Oklahoma.
Submitted by: William Ransom
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